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For the record: Assisi III preparatory prayers

The paraliturgical prayer ceremony that is to be held in St.Peter's Square tomorrow, in preparation of Assisi III, which will take place on Thursday, begins with the Tu es Petrus and ends with the Salve Regina (there are readings, a papal homily, and new-rite-style "Intercessory Prayers" in between).

(PDF booklet file available in several languages, including English, with Italian translations, in the Vatican website).


  1. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Yeah...a lot of horrible syncretism going on in that blasphemous prayer service I see!

  2. Reading the pdf, it is the common Liturgy of the Word that will be celebrated.

  3. Anonymous3:36 AM

    For the chinese prayer, it's worse. If it is meant for chinese catholics, fine.
    Can you imagine chinese heathens praying this: "Merciful Father, we pray that you continue to guide and draw us, until the day the church becomes the new Jerusalem, the peaceful city, becoming the Lamb's wedding feast's gloriously adorned bride?"
    I want to see a shrink, pronto. LOL!

  4. Anonymous4:19 AM

    Wouldn't it be great if the Salve Regina was sung at the end of the Assisi meeting? I can but hope...

    God bless the Pope - and all of us!


  5. Gratias6:05 AM

    Maybe the prayer service could have waited until the SSPX accepts to rejoin. Then we could have enjoyed a Solemn Pontifical Latin Mass led by Benedict XVI with Bp. Fellay as Deacon and Fr. Berg as Subdeacon, in the baldocchino altar over the tomb of St. Peter.

  6. Does it usually begin with the Tu es Petrus and end with the Salve?...

    Since these stand-alone things were created after the Council, we really think that all its variations are simply made up on the spot...


  7. Alsaticus2:49 PM

    A very encouraging decision made by pope Benedict XVI.
    Anonymous 21:06 opening this thread is totally wrong and obviously has not read the "preparatory" prayers of today.

    In fact, Benedict XVI is in a strange way negating Assisi a day before it starts.
    Not only the Tu es Petrus and Salve Regina are excluding all the non Catholics but moreover the initial "Preghiera" recited by the Pontiff is a brief declaration of Catholic doctrine on the REAL peace under God and the Holy Trinity through the Lord Jesus only.

    See by yourselves :

    O Dio, creatore dell'universo,
    che guidi a una mèta di salvezza le vicende della storia,
    concedi all'umanità inquieta il dono della vera pace,
    perché possa riconoscere in una gioià senza ombre
    il segno della tua misericordia.
    Per il nostro Signore Gesù Cristo, tuo Figlio, che è Dio,
    e vive e regna con te, nell'unità dello Spirito Santo,
    per tutti i secoli dei secoli.
    R. AMEN

    Does it mean that the bizarre meeting of Assisi 2011 bears no religious signification ? That it is nothing more than a "social" gathering of people of good will ? If so, it would be a real progress compared to 1986 and 2002.

  8. Alsaticus2:54 PM

    Does it usually begin with the Tu es Petrus and end with the Salve?...

    Since these stand-alone things were created after the Council, we really think that all its variations are simply made up on the spot...


    I think it is indeed tailored for the occasion and very WELL so.
    The initial Preghiera is definitely exposing what the "real" peace of God is and means.

    These prayers are for TODAY and it's a kind of religious "reparations" celebrated in advance by the Holy Father. Very interesting and these prayers should be advertised broadly.

  9. I am not critical of the content this ceremony, which took place earlier today, Alsaticus, not at all. My comment was directed at "Liturgical cow"'s assertion that it was a common Liturgy of the Word, when it was rather a modified specific paraliturgical rite.

  10. Well, the content of the Liturgy of the Word, is just that, start with the sign of the Cross, the readings, homily, and prayer of intercessions, Our Father and closing prayer.
    The introit and recessional can be anything, since those are not part of the Liturgy of the Word per-se.

    As for Papal celebration, it is very traditional to start it with Tu Est Petrus and end it with antiphon to the Virgin according to season.

  11. Anyway, it was a special event, and it was curious that the pre-Assisi prayers began with Tu es Petrus - that is surprising. It is quite unusual, even when Tu es Petrus is played, to include it in the official liturgical or paraliturgical text. And, since it seems that the Pope wishes all these things related to Assisi III to be symbolic, it would not be too much to read something into it.



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