Rorate Caeli

Doctrinal Preamble "temporary"; will be published in case of final agreement

From La Croix, the semi-official daily of the French Church:

"If an agreement with the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X (FSSPX) is found, the Holy See intends to publish the Doctrinal Preamble upon which this agreement on the return to full communion with Rome of the Integrist [sic] fraternity, separated since 1988, would take place. This is what authorized sources indicated to Roman agency I.Media on Thursday, October 6.

" 'We have nothing to hide,' sources close to the matter affirm in the Vatican, before adding, 'It is clear that, once the text is conclusive, we will publish it.' At the Pontifical Commission 'Eccesia Dei', in charge of the dialogue with the Lefebvrists [sic], it is also mentioned that the door is open for 'clarifications', if necessary, and it is added that it was therefore 'a temporary text' that was delivered to Bp. Bernard Fellay, superior of the FSSPX, and his collaborators at the time of their visit to the Vatican on September 14."