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Intolerable! - 2

An image worthy of the persecution in Mexico or Spain in the first half of the last century - but no, this is Rome on Saturday, October 15, 2011. The Parish Church of Saints Marcellinus and Peter at the Lateran, in via Merulana, very close to both the Lateran and the Liberian Basilicas, was invaded by some "anti-everything" protesters: they seized the statue of the Most Blessed Virgin of Lourdes and smashed it on the ground. Other objects of the church were equally vandalized.

We must support the Bishop of Rome, our most Holy Father, in our prayers, and do our best for spiritual reparation for this sad event in the heart of Christendom. [Image source; news source: Corriere della Sera.]


  1. Unfortunately, in what was the heart of Christendom or what's left of it. Kyrie Eleison!

  2. "...An image worthy of the persecution in Mexico or Spain in the first half of the last century..."


    In Mexico, the Freemasons had the Padres shot by firing squad, but they pretty much left the religious articles alone.

    The destruction pictured is reminiscent of what the Novus Ordos did to many of our beautiful Churches, Monasteries, Convents, Seminaries, and their religious objects.

    I own a side altar crucifix that was sent to the garbage by an unknown to me person.

    It was one of two thrown in the trash to be chopped up as scrap metal.

    A Traditional Priest would have followed Catholic ritual for disposing of religious articles.


  3. Anonymous2:11 AM

    What an insult this is to our holy religion where a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary was lifted off from the church by a masked man, smashed on the street and stamped upon. Rome Rome...
    And our Holy Father is going to carry on with oecumenical meetings with God-knows-what "prayers" on 26oct 2011 for peace, which coincidentally or not, is the day where Hindus celebrate Deepavali. :'(

  4. Anonymous2:53 AM

    From the article in Italian it seems that the intolerable act happend because of an anti-new world order manifestation of a group of protesters that are called "the hooded ones". The act as reported by the priest that were in the church at the time was done by one single person who entered the area where catechism classrooms are held and took a crucifix and the statue of the Madonna and smashed outside on the street whare other protesters called the perpetrator a few choice words audible in the short segment! It was not stemmed from an anti-catholic demonstration per se'. Keep in mind that many of these people are not even Romans! But are 'guests' that like to come and smash thing sand create havoc.
    So the correlation in regard to Spain and Mexico persecution of religion of the last century in not appropriate! Do not forget that the Blessed Mother here at home is not so treated with so much respect either!
    Julia of Arc

  5. M. A.3:02 AM

    Canon Formigao regarding the message of Fatima:

    “…Our Lord is profoundly displeased with the offenses made against His Most Holy Mother, and He can no longer tolerate them. Because of these sins, because of these outrages and blasphemies, which cause so much suffering to the most loving Heart of the Son, many souls have fallen into hell and many others are in danger of being lost..."

    Very public reparation must be made. What else can I say? This is so sad.

  6. Anonymous3:27 AM

    NC, thank you for posting this. Pure evil. It hurts my heart to see this picture.

  7. Gratias4:10 AM

    These are the same "99%"or "Occupy Wall Street" Anarchist/Communists that have been organized and agitated by and our President right here. From NYC they spread to Boston, Denver, Los Angeles and other major American cities. From there to London (with a guest appearance by anti-American Julian Assange of Wikileaks), Madrid, Sydney and Rome.

    I will never forget this desecration. Please watch the horrific movie in the article and especially the photo gallery. There is in particular a picture of the broken Madonna with cars on fire in the background that is worth saving. The 99%ters also tried to destroy the main door of the targeted Parish but failed.

  8. Anonymous5:22 AM

    This 99% is nothing new, just the same old communists and we can see their real, inevitable, or rather same old agenda displayed in the picture.

    Chastisement, and extremely painful times ahead for Italy. Prayer and reparation may not even be able to help them at this point even if it were done.

  9. J. G. ratkaj7:08 AM

    There also other photos in the web where you can see this so called "indignants" passing the smashed statue of the Holy virgin with mere indifference. In our parish we will sing today the mass for reparation.

  10. Anonymous3:01 PM

    As others have noted, this regrettable and sacrilegious act is not linked to the "99%" or their grievances, but are the result of hooded thugs/anarchists who use any public demonstration as a ruse to create and wreak general havoc.


  11. Look For The Enemy Within6:22 PM

    Some years ago I was told about an incident in a seminary in Scotland. Some seminarians found a statue of Our Lady and made a small grotto in the grounds. Soon afterwards it was removed but they found it hidden in a room somewhere in the college. They put it back in the grotto but it disappeared again and this time it was found in pieces. There are no more seminaries in Scotland - all have been closed because of lack of vocations. I wonder why?

    In the north of England, the bishops decided to close Ushaw College, a seminary of some 200 years of existence. A petition was launched to save the college. One priest commented, describing it as a bastion of liberalism and made this comment. "Any student who expressed any fervent devotion to the Blessed Sacrament or Our Lady was a suspect. I remember hearing one of the professors referring to a statue of Our Lady as a blow-up doll." This seminary is now closed because of a lack of seminarians. I wonder why?

    The real concern is not those from the outside attacking the Church, but the cancer within that needs to be surgically removed as soon as possible for any kind of recovery to take place.

  12. What else do you expect? In social unrest they always go after the Church.

  13. Anonymous2:05 AM

    Sorry Anon but I have to call BS on this not being linked with the 99%. Everything I've read about the 99 protests this past weekend showed them to be left leaning events. They lure people in with "lets fight corporate greed" Yeah sure, who doesn't want to end corporate greed? But in reality the 99% is EXACTLY the group that smashed the statue of our lady. The thing the large naive protesters forget is that unchecked capitalism/materialism AND communism are evil.

    The 99$ rallies have quickly be adopted and supported by the current US adminstration if that doesn't tell us everything we need to know about tham I don't know what does.

  14. Anonymous7:33 PM

    The problems we face will never be solved politically. We are facing dark times indeed. Protect yourselves in any way possible. The Holy Father is of no help. He cannot solve what has happened to the Church since he was one of the main proponents of the changes; thus he has no reason to want to solve anything. God is leaving it up to the individual.


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