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Messire Dieu, premier servi!

All honor to the good Catholic men and women of Paris! They have been the first to protest, every day with stronger numbers, against an odious play that had been blaspheming, unopposed and in several countries and cities, the Name, the image, and the honor of the Lord King of the Universe, whose feast we will celebrate this Sunday.

There is a fine explanation of this movement in defense of the honor of the Lord here:
Each day of this past week has seen a resurgence of hundreds of traditionalist youth using all means, short of violence, to upset the play of Romeo Castellucci (called On the Concept of the Face, Regarding the Son of God). It presents an old man whose feces are spread over a huge portrait of Christ. This portrait becomes the target of grenades thrown by children whose last message is “You are not my shepherd.” [In English, because blaspheming in English is "très chic", we guess...]
All in all, the feces lovers’ feast turned outa flop. On another day, 300 youths gathered together to pray before the same Theatre de Ville, including the parish priest of St. Nicholas du Chardonnet, Fr. Beauvais, who came disguised as a sheik, crying “Praised be Jesus Christ” before he dropped the djellaba and held the megaphone.

Civitas is offering a free juridical assistance to anyone harassed by the civil authorities. It is also reacting to the so-called “undeclared demonstration” by declaring that for five days in early November, they will demonstrate in front of another theater which will show also the blasphemous play. They are organizing a mega demonstration against Christianophobia this coming Saturday.

The media for once are bringing the affair under the spotlight. The daily L’Express mentions that “there is developing in France a new barbarism, which endeavors to deny the judeo-Christian heritage, the basis of our civilization.” And Bishop Aillet (let there be at least one!) is congratulating the action of Civitas: “The present christianophobia, prepared by secret offices, does not seem to disturb the morale of our political authorities. Are we about to return to a period of persecution which would tell its name?”

But do not think that this has been limited to people close to the SSPX or to some political movement - not at all. This has been a glorious moment of unity of all Traditional-minded Catholics of the Paris region: it is "Trad-ecumenism" in practice and deed. (This Saturday protest, in particular, that is being unceasingly advertised by Le Forum Catholique, may well turn out to be the most "Trad-ecumenical" event in years.)

For far too long, Christians have been afraid of even using the world "Christianophobia"; some are too lukewarm for protesting against it; many good Christians have feared being accused of self-victimization. The honor of our Lord and King may often mean the need to overcome one's weakness and embarrassment. As we gear up to the year of the Sixth Centennial of the birth of Saint Joan of Arc (1412-1431), let us proclaim with her, in Paris and all over the world: Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!


  1. "Christianophobia"

    Noo, the use of that the right to be heard" etc! Stop it! It has been adopted in the same trend as "homophobia" and "islamophobia" and the identification is obvious! "We are all the same, we are the victim, you should not discriminate, we all have a right to be heard" and "don't you see, when you throw stuff on us it's just like when we throw stuff at sodomites and perverts!" Do you see? It is not! Awful! Just say "hatred of Christianity" instead and don't adopt to their language, then we have already lost!

  2. We also despise the name, aw. It is unpleasant, and we use it guardedly. But such words HAVE worked, have they not? Can their political and sociological EFFECTIVENESS be denied? And, while true hatred of Islam and the effeminate is hard to find, hatred of Christianity is quite common - so the use of the word is not even inherently incorrect.


  3. Public blasphemy against Our Lord and Divine Savior Jesus Christ is a sure sign that the End of the World is not far off.

  4. Something that interests me incredibly here - and I would be grateful for any comments, any relevant links, anything ...

    Is that this happens in PARIS.

    Paris where the French faith has been weakest for centuries, etc etc ...

    There are signs ... faint ... are they more than faint?

    That the faith in France recovers?

    As liberal as extremely secular as France is, it would seem undeniable that it still remains the world centre for TLM etc.

    A request: does anyone have recent news - last 2-3 years especially - how the Traditional Faith progresses in France.

    A comment, a link - in English or French which speaks to the overall situation in the last few years in France ...

    I should be very grateful.

    A grateful note to P.T. K. P.

    Someone here suggested you had too much time on your hands.

    May I say I suspect the opposite is true - you do not have enough time to do the brilliant work you have done analysing the progress or not of the Tradition across the world?

    Should your no doubt precious time permit, I would love updates - for all the world, but France and Quebec most of all

  5. Vincent Segni1:11 PM

    For heaven’ s sake, let’s not quibble about under what name these noble protests are mounted!

    Let us look to ourselves, especially in America, where Larry David, the comedian, urinated on an image of Our Lord on HBO TV and little was done about it (non-violent protest? almost none). The name of Jesus is taken in vain every day in movies.

    The French defense of His name and image is unassailable. Only barbarians could speak against it.

    To the Catholic youth of France I say well done and may God bless you for your courage and intelligence.

  6. Roger Buck said:

    "Paris where the French faith has been weakest for centuries, etc etc ..."

    Not where the SSPX Chapels, convents, monasteries and schools are!!

    "On the other hand, in Paris, Catholic youth, many of them from the S.S.P.X-affiliated Civitas Institute, are heroically opposing a blasphemous play by Romeo Castelluci where an old man who has to have his excrement cleaned up by his son in front of an enormous portrait of Our Lord Jesus Christ, on which the exrement is then thrown. There is also reportedly a scene where children throw hand-grenades at the same portrait proclaiming "you are not our shepherd!"

    Last week I wrote about how the women tried to stop our SSPX Pilgrimage to Starkenburg and it was shockingly ugly but - what some of these young adults had to do was so much harder. God bless their bravery and trust in Our Lord, the Blessed Mother and Holy Mother Church.


  7. Gratias3:49 PM

    In modern France, if you say you are a Catholic they regard you as some kind of freak.

    The USA still respects church attendance and not surprisingly it is here that traditional Catholicism finds a fertile ground.

  8. Anonymous7:55 PM

    I have to agree with aw...
    It is detrimental to use the same liberal/victim terminology. We should refer to these people as other Catholics have referred to them in the past...devils, heretics, pagans, and so on.


  9. I salute the fearless Catholics who have risen to the occasion to prevent public blasphemy against Our Lord. God bless them.... Christus Vincit, Christus Regnat, Christus Imperat

  10. Renjith Leen said...

    "I salute the fearless Catholics who have risen to the occasion to prevent public blasphemy against Our Lord. God bless them.... Christus Vincit, Christus Regnat, Christus Imperat"


    Took a glance
    In October
    Paris France

    Not from other
    Stange-gods' creeds
    But Catholic young
    With Rosary beads

    Took a glance
    In October
    Paris France

    Not from mousy
    Mitred men
    But youth for Truth
    Tradition again

    Took a glance
    In October
    Paris France

    And though these men
    Are faintheart craven
    It's "Nevermore!
    Quote the raven."

    Took a glance
    In October
    Paris France

    You've had the best
    You show your worst
    The Catholic Faith
    Is still the first

    In October
    Paris France
    Still have a chance... Christ!


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