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Upcoming event: Messa Prelatizia in St. Peter's Basilica

For the second time this year, and for the third time since Summorum Pontificum came into effect (not counting private Masses), Mass according to the 1962 Missal will be offered by a bishop in St. Peter's Basilica.

His Eminence Darío Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos will offer the opening Mass -- a Messa Prelatizia -- for the General Assembly of the Fœderatio Internationalis Una Voce on the morning of Saturday, November 5, 2011. The Mass will be held in the Chapel of the Most Holy Sacrament of the Vatican Basilica.

The first publicly-offered TLM of a bishop in St. Peter's after the liturgical reform of Paul VI was held in the same chapel on October 18, 2009, with then-Archbishop Raymond Burke as celebrant. This was followed by the TLM of Walter Cardinal Brandmuller at the Altar of the Chair on May 15, 2011.


Gratias said...

Three Latin Masses in Saint Peters' Basilica. Brick by brick we will overcome decades of anticlericalism because the Truth is on Christ's side.

Anonymous said...

It's great another Tridentine Mass is going to be offered in the Basilica, but is the Holy Father going to there at least In Choro? His continued absence at such Masses lends itself to a much larger issue.



Long-Skirts said...

"...since Summorum Pontificum came into effect"

On Pilgrimage to Starkenburg, 2011...

For those who went on the Starkenburg Pilgrimage, you knew it was a day of obstruction by Jefferson City diocese, Jefferson City, Missouri. Starkenburg Shrine had chains with locks to keep us out, beefy, aggressive female guards at 8:00am in the morning, you know, the usual makings of a sedate, conflict-avoidant group of traditional catholics. After a variety of obfuscations, nonetheless, after 12 miles of penance after being told that we could not have Mass at the Shrine for the first time in 13 years, we did have Mass. The boys from St. Mary's, the Knights of Immaculata, led by Fr. Borbeau, after praying outside the gate, went past the macho but female-gendered, well-prepared guards who were not going to let a few hundred traditional catholics desecrate the the Starkenburg Shrine, dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows, by, gasp- having a Latin Mass by 600 faithful who have just walked 12 miles and 5 hrs praying and doing penance. A full afternoon of civil disobediance resulted in young men walking past the uber-scary guards, followed shortly thereafter, by the civilized boys of LaSallette. Oh, so much more could be said, the bottom line is that Mass was said, despite every effort before hand and during to prevent it. The sherrif, a county trooper, and a police SUV, there may have been more, were not enought to prevent what had been done for the previous 13 years.

Is that not enough for you Catholics, simply observing traditional practices, going back centuries- penance, pilgrimage, prayer, Rosaries, Mass, it happens despite modern attempts to prevent it? How could this happen? By law abiding citizens who would never break the law?

However, there is a coda. Most had left the shrine except for some Francisican sisters, including the Mother Superior who is arthritic and elderly. Cars were not allowed to park on the grounds, but only, illegally by Highway P. She could not walk that far, so a minivan, illegally drove onto the lot, to be stopped by the thin, blond official obstructionist, who stopped the minivan by standing in front of it and screaming at the driver. My daughter was asked to go ask the state trooper if he could help in this situation: elderly and incapacitated, unable to walk, but don't let the minivan drive up to get her. She went and talked to him who said, "get in my car". he drove up, picked up the Mother Superior, drove her to the van, in front of the blond, strict constructionist who would allow no trespassing, and let her out right by the door of the minivan, an illegal intruder into the sacrosanct grounds of Starkenburg, defiled by the hundreds of feet of Catholics praying, kneeling, and singing at a Catholic shrine. I realize that this should be more appropriatedly titled "Occupy Starkenburg".


The Holy Mass, that cannot die
Was said amidst the oaks
While pin-oak leaves came floating down
Around the simple folks

Who knelt upon the acorn floor
All dotted nutty brown
The acorns cracked and old knees snapped
Yet still there was no sound...

But the tinkling of the golden bells
As the White Host Son rose high
On priestly limbs like mighty oaks
They branched up to the sky

And in that wood I laughed with joy
Amongst the souls bowed down
For the mighty oak was once a nut
That merely held it's ground.

So Christian souls like acorn nuts
Must burrow all around
And be the seed that sprouts new oaks
On consecrated ground...

Where the Holy Mass, that cannot die
Is said around the oaks
While pin-oak leaves come floating down
Amidst the mighty folks!

Ferraiuolo said...

Keep em comin' baby!

Gratias said...

Long-Skirts, pray tell us the story of the NO matrons in full detail.

Long-Skirts said...

Gratias said...
Long-Skirts, pray tell us the story of the NO matrons in full detail.

It was very ugly. As I was walking up to the Shrine one of the women came after me and screeched, "Look how you're dressed, you're so pathetic, why don't you get your own Shrine!" It was difficult as I thought my clothes were bought at a very rich woman's garage sale. She continued screaming at me that we "were all pathetic"...I just looked at her and said we're merely Catholics honoring our Blessed Mother at this Shrine that boasts on it's entrance sign, "Open daily for the public" it was rough, really rough, and what is truly "pathetic"the Jefferson City, Missouri Diocese had only women stanging guard and no men. No matter, our priest confected the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and then we left all very peacefully. I have to commend the State Patrol Police who helped my daughter get the Mother of an Order of Traditional Franciscan Nuns. The State Trooper was magnificent as he drove my daughter up to the Shrine to pick up the Mother Superior and drive her back to her van so they could drive home. The Diocese of Jeffeson City, Missouri is unbelievable leaving only women to do their dirty work.

Gratias said...

It is good to see that the Foederatio Internationalis Una Voce is held in high esteem by the Curia. Una Voce is a great institution that has helped us keep the Latin Mass. In their website - - they have a Michael Davis Dossier with many of his books and articles freely available.

Una Voce America - - and the many local worldwide Una Voce websites provide very effective vehicles for the propagation of the traditional Catholic faith. Supporting your local Una Voce is very important for the TLM.

Vincent said...

Does anyone know what time the Mass will be? I'm in Rome and would like to go.

Leo Darroch. said...

May I clarify something for the readers of Rorate Caeli. This year the International Federation Una Voce is celebrating its 20th Biennial General Assembly. Every two years for the past 40 years the members of the Federation have travelled to Rome to hold their conferences and plead the cause for the restoration of the traditional liturgy of the Church.
In order to mark this special occasion I have been negotiating for some months with the appropriate authorities in the basilica, and His Eminence Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos readily agreed to celebrate Mass for our delegates. So, the Mass is essentially for the delegates of the various Una Voce associations who are travelling to Rome to attend our General Assembly.
I can understand people wishing to attend, and I have already received several enquiries, but the priority has to be for the delegates for whom the Mass has been arranged, and who are travelling from such places as Russia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada and South America for the General Assembly.
Those who have visited the Blessed Sacrament Chapel will know that space is limited so it may necessary to issue some form of identification to our delegates to ensure that those for whom the Mass been arranged gain admittance. I am sure there will be many photographs and reports after the event that will fill the blogs.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! But why won't Benedict do this? I'm very confused.

Gratias said...

Leo Darrochs is President of Fed. Int. Una Voce! Thank you for your service. Hopefully your reward will be in Heaven.

It is right to give preference to your delegates, but squeezing them a bit may avoid closing this memorable event to traditional Catholics visiting Rome at the time. We are the Una Voce membership.

Acreator said...

I was at the Holy Mass in May 15 in S. Peter, with Walter Cardinal Brandmüller celebrating, and I had the grace to see the legendary Cardinal Bartolucci (chosen by Pius XII) lead the choir through the Mass. Afterwards there were some hundred friends of the Tradition, many young priests in cassock, waiting for the Pope to pray Angelus and greet people. But the Holy Father did not mention those groups nor the Conference "Summorum: Una esperanza per tutta la Chiesa" or the historical Mass at the Altar of the Holy See...That was a silence that was heard.