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Report: Catholic bishop in Nigeria approved the request of one of his priests to join the SSPX

This year's 3rd edition of the SSPX newsletter Catholic Tradition in Africa has the story in its 3rd page (emphasis mine):

Before the arrival of Fr. Duverger we had already visited the faithful in Asaba (109 Kilometers from Enugu). On Wednesday, 18th May we were in Owerri where Fr. Duverger offered mass in the home of Mr. Mike Iheboro. About 35 faithful were present. Owerri is 174 Kilometers from Enugu. On Thursday, we were in the parish of Fr. Samuel Abah, a priest of Otukpo diocese who had decided to join us in the battle for Catholic tradition. This was 150 Kilometers from Enugu. The district superior offered mass for over 200 faithful in Nwedoga, an outstation of Fr. Samuel Abah's parish. On the evening of Friday, 20th we met with his bishop who gave his verbal approval for Fr. Abah to join the Society. This was in addition to welcoming us warmly and having us lodged in his cathedral. Sunday the 22nd was the turn of the Enugu faithful to have the district superior offer a sung mass at 10.00am followed by a conference, and a question and answer session.

The second and current bishop of Otukpo is Michael Ekwoy Apochi, 51 years old, born on August 6, 1960 and consecrated bishop on Feb. 23, 2003 at the age of 42.


Cruise the Groove. said...

So apparently the SSPX is licit in Nigeria, just not the rest of the world.

Knight of Malta said...

I hope and pray the Pope, unilaterally, just declares that the priests of the SSPX are not suspened a divinis. He could also declare that the SSPX is still in an "irregular" position to save face. Couldn't he do that under Canon Law?

John said...

I always wondered about the possibility of a bishop granting faculties to an SSPX priest in his local diocese - isn't that well within his jurisdiction as a bishop to do this if he sees fit?

Cruise the Groove. said...

I have contacted my Ordinary with the request that he grant the SSPX in my diocese at least faculties to hear confessions.
He said no as the Vatican has not declared them canonically regular.
This was two months ago.

So many of still go to priests who say things like "Masturbation is at worst a venial sin".
But they are canonically regular.

dolorosa said...

I have no doubt the SSPX is licit with our Lord and God, Jesus Christ because they preserved the faith and didn't change it. God bless this Bishop! The new church of VII is a new religion. The evidence of communist, Freemason, protestant, feminist, and homosexual infiltration is available for all to see. This is why there are so many prophecies such as Our Lady of Akita, etc. We need to return to Catholic Tradition and reject the illicit Novus Ordo! We need to pray for the Pope to obey Our Lady of Fatima and consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart with all the bishops as She requested. Only She can help us now!

Elizabeth said...

Well, I hope that the SSPX get regularized soon. Otherwise, seems like not a great idea.

My pastor has been praying (Novus Ordo) intercessions that sound like he is trying to pray for full Communion for SSPX without mentioning them explicitly.