Rorate Caeli

Yes, Autumn is here...

...with its "moving barricades" of polar air...

François Couperin
Second Livre [clavecin] - 6e ordre - "Les baricades mystérieuses"

And warm and gentle vernal wishes to our friends in the Southern Hemisphere!


Long-Skirts said...



A man's best friend,
If you please,
Is not a dog
But cheddar cheese.

A cheese whose taste
Runs sharp or mellow,
Why, cheese with beer
Can help a fellow!

And make him look,
Like a handsome hunk,
When he passes some
To a girl that's drunk

In the local pub,
If truth be told,
When the girls get silly
Then cheese is gold.

Where drafts of beer
Make you look better
As she gulps them down
With a side of cheddar!

Alex said...

Thanks for the good music! Spring is here and the summer is approaching the Shouthern hemisphere. Warm greetings from Brazil!
Alex Fontes.

mariaimmaculata said...

thanks for this nice music!

johnf said...

Nice music, yes
But what's the picture?
Reminds me of Cezanne.

New Catholic said...

It is the depiction of a church in Autumn by French Fauvist painter Maurice de Vlaminck (we were actually just looking for a nice image of a Continental Catholic Church in Autumn).

johnf said...

New Catholic


It has a mysteriousness about it - La France Profonde!