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Brazilian Bishops to faithful: avoid communicatio in sacris

A highly surprising and encouraging note of the Brazilian Episcopal Conference, the largest Conference in the world, in a nation where the Church has been under the siege of wealthy Evangelical sects and strange pseudo-Catholic groups for decades (source and tip: Fratres in Unum).

Pastoral Note of the Presidency of the CNBB [Brazilian National Bishops' Conference] on certain questions related to the improper use of the words "Catholic", "Catholic Church", "Clergy", and others

The Brazilian National Bishops' Conference - CNBB, in the defense of truth and freedom, has considered appropriate to make public this Pastoral Note, destined to the members of the Episcopate, of the clergy, to the religious, and to all the lay faithful.

The use of names, titles, symbols, and institutions proper to the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church by other religious denominations different from it, can create mistakes and confusion among the Catholic faithful. In these cases, the use of the words "Catholic", "Diocesan Bishop", "Episcopal vicar", "diocese", "clergy", "cathedral", "parish", "Priest" ["Father"/padre], "Deacon", "Friar" ["Brother"/ frei] may lead to mistake and error. People of good will may be led to attend these religious buildings, believing that they are communities of the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church, when, in fact, they are not. For this reason, the Church has the duty of clarifying and alerting the People of God in order to avoid probable harm of a spiritual and pastoral nature.

Therefore, we are bound to alert the Catholic faithful to the existence of some religious groups, such as the self-entitled "Catholic charismatic church of Belém", and other similar denominations, that, despite defining themselves as "Catholic", are not in communion with the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, and are not part of the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church. For this reason, all religious rites and ceremonies celebrated by them are illicit for the Catholic faihful. It is thus eagerly recommended to the faithful not to attend the buildings where they assemble, nor to collaborate or participate of any celebration promoted by these groups. Let us pray that the unity willed by Jesus Christ may fully take place.

Brasilia, DF, November 30, 2011
Cardinal Raymundo Damasceno de Assis
Archbishop of Aparecida
President of the CNBB
Abp. José Belisário da Silva
Archbishop of São Luis
Vice-President of the CNBB
Bp. Leonardo Ulrich Steiner
Auxiliary Bishop of Braslia
General Secretary of the CNBB


  1. Te Deum laudamus,
    et supplices deprecamur
    ut expellere ab Sancta Romana et Apostolica Ecclesia
    omnem fornicationis spiritum digneris, O Salvator Mundi!

  2. GQ Rep1:07 AM

    There is nothing good about this if it increases the persecution on the SSPX or other traditionalist Catholic Groups.

  3. GQ: This is nothing to do with SSPX/etc. All throughout Brazil there are inumerous scammers that present themselves as Catholic priests and bishops, but in fact are or schismatics ("Catholic Charismatic Church", "Brazilian Catholic Church", "Brazilian Apostolic Church" "Brazilian Catholic Orthodox Church" and other many creative names) or simply robbers that want to lead simple into error by faking that they are in communion with the Church and collecting their money. Most of them are pure simony. A good part of them is made by former Catholic seminarians that were expelled for grave and unorthodox reasons or because they had no vocation.

  4. Prof. Basto2:44 AM


    As you can see, that is not the focus of the document; it even mentions by name a "Catholic charismatic Church" that is not actually part of the Catholic Church.

  5. Gratias7:36 AM

    Brazil and more generally Latin America is where the large numbers of Catholics are. And they even have the Campos Latin Mass permission. It is very important to protect them. Only 30 years ago Bp. Helder Camera was preaching Marxist revolution with great success there.

  6. GQ Rep12:48 PM

    Thanks for the clarifications!

    I didn't know there are so many fake "Catholic Churches" in Brazil.

    I knew only of one group actually outside the Catholic Church, but claims to be the real Catholic Church. They are in Mexico, and even have small towns and villages all loyal to them, their own handful of Bishops, about 150 priests, an equal or larger number of friars/monks, and close to 500 nuns. They have gone their own way, but do claim to be "Roman Catholics". They are true sede-vacantists...but the good they are doing the people outweighs their error regarding canonical status.

    Without them, these hill towns and villages would be overrun by the malignant spread of evangelical/Pentecostal/charismatic "Christians", largely financed from huge "churches" of the same kind in the USA.

    Good for the Brazilian Bishops for exposing these fakes. Now if only they would go after the Pentecostalists, and expose them for the poisonous influence to the Soul that they really are. All they're really out for is money. But people are so naive!

  7. GQ Rep, there are many Pentecostals who are not merely out for money.

    an ex-Protestant

  8. If these groups were claiming to be ‘Roman’ Catholic I could understand the Brazilian Bishops comments. However, to try and claim they are doing something in ‘defense of truth and freedom.’ Surely the Brazlian bishops are doing something to defend ‘Roman Catholicism’ and limit the freedom of anyone who understands the term catholic in a universal understanding. The entire tone of the letter sounds neurotic ! Surely the Brazilian faithful can make up their own mind. They fail to mention that although celebrations of the Eucharist are illicit they should also be considered valid ! Back to the days of pray, pay an obey ! Jesus had harsh words for those religious authorities who tried to limit religious freedom : Matthew 23. All sounds like a desperate measure by a desperate hierarchy.

  9. GQ Rep12:12 AM

    I think it's a case of the Vatican II bishops running scared.

    I did alittle research when we had the enthronement of our new Archbishop Chaput here in Philadelphia. I thought, "who would want to be a Catholic bishop these days!"
    I thought I'd compare what it's like to become the Vatican II bishop of Philadelphia, compared to a pre-Vatican II Archbishop. The stats were shocking!

    1951 at time of enthronement of Cardinal John O'Hara, C.S.C. (1951-60)
    Priests: 1,304 (diosecean)
    Religious priests: 590
    Seminarians (diosecean): 525
    Religious Seminarians: 559
    Religious Sisters (total): 6,994
    Novices(for the 4 major Orders of teaching Sisters in the Archdiocese): 402
    Parishes: 313
    Parochial School Students: 196,411
    Highschool Enrollments (56,299)
    Mass Attendence: 86.2%

    2011 enthronement of Archbishop Charles Chaput, OFM. Cap. (2011--)
    Priests (diosecean) 660
    Religious Priests: 201
    Seminarians (Archdiosecean): 38
    Religious Seminarians: 9
    Religious Sisters: 2,044
    Novices for Religious Orders of Sisters (4 major teaching Orders-5 novices for 1 Order)
    Parishes: 272
    Parochial School Students: 27,000
    Highschool Students: 9,000
    Mass Attendence: 17.9%

    Like I was thinking "Who would want to be a Vatican II Bishop?" !!!!


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