Rorate Caeli

Celebrating Assisi in Arras with the Koran on the Altar

In the Church of the Holy Savior (Saint-Sauveur), in the Diocese of Arras (Pas-de-Calais, France), an "Interreligious prayer vigil" was held on October 26, 2011, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the first Assisi interreligious meeting:

Icons, a prayerbook - and the Koran in the center of the table/altar.

The procession of "interreligious gifts". 
(By the way, why are all processions ad orientem? That is so reactionary! Should not processions be versus populum, with its participants walking backwards?)


Genty said...

Unless this is the sum of the congregation it seems that most voted with their feet - backwards.

Brian said...

It is difficult to see how the Holy Father could possibly denounce this sacrilege.

Lee Lovelock-Jemmott said...

excommunicate the whole lot of them, just like St Charles Borromeo done when some of his flock thought they would by trying to assault him whilst he was trying to discharge his episcopal functions. People who clearly hate Christ do such things like this and thus should be excommunicated for their own good lest they become consumed even more by their own moral sin !

scotju said...

Why not the Koran on the altar? They had a Voodoo priest say prayers at Assisi! Equal oppurtunity heresy!

Bernonensis said...

My my, Muhammad's dream journal seems to be everywhere these days.

I have been amusing myself for some time now by interrupting "Catholic" clergy who refer to "the prophet Muhammad" or the "Holy Qur'an" to ask whether they mean the false prophet Muhammad, and "Holy Qur'an? Is that what you said, Father?" Now my pastor gets nervous when he sees me on any occasion that the bishop is visiting.

Jack said...

I wonder of people are aware that according to Sharia, this automatically turns the church into a mosque?

BTW--the Church of the Holy Wisdom in Nicea, where the 7th Ecumenical Council met, is officially being turned into a mosque by the Turkish government.

Where's the world's outrage?

Most holy Theotokos, save us!

Long-Skirts said...

"Pontifical High Mass in Amsterdam"
"- and the Koran in the center of the table/altar."

Today EVERYthing seems to go and that's the problem. Yes, a Pontifical High Mass in Amsterdam is good but "other" types of worship are allowed in Holy Mother Church and that's why Bishop Fellay has to be so careful for someday he must answer to God and be asked, "Dear Bishop you were allowed to say the True Mass but did you ever speak out against the false worship in other Catholic Churches?"

The boys are back!!
Sunday, December 12, 2010
Gaudete Sunday


If you received
A Christmas gift,
And only kept
The wrappings,

The giver might
Become quite miffed,
That you just liked
The trappings.

For though the wrapping
Paper’s pretty,
Sparkles, glitters
And glows,

It’s what’s inside,
The nitty-gritty,
Truth’s pink
Gaudete rose.
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Sunday, November 28, 2010


The condom
In the Light
Of The World

Could leave one’s

But the Light
Of the world
His Blood
He did shed

For even the Pope
Who said
What he

And even
The men
And ladies
Of night

That the Pope
Did address
Being ever

To say
“Go and sin
No more”

The whore

But the Light
Of the world
His Blood
He did shed

Pray for the Pope
Who said
What he
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Friday, November 12, 2010
SSPX ASIA & the little world

Mis - sion - AIR - y

In our countries
We must fly
Mis - sion - AIR - y
Of the sky.
Like the twelve
Who preached, went forth
We must fly south, west,
East, north.

Years ago
Priests came by sea
Alter Christus
Mis - sion - AIR - y.

Some by land
But all for Thee
Alter Christus
Mis - sion - AIR - y.

Mis - sion - AIR - y
Syllable three
Alter Christus

Third of word
Sounds like air
Unhidden truth
Of God's planned care.
Predicting next
How 12 would preach
When Mitred men
Would squelch their reach.

Still by land
Stll by sea
Alter Christus
Mis - sion - AIR - y.

Now by air
Infinity --
Alter Christus
Mis - sion - AIR - y!

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Saturday, November 6, 2010
Autumn ending

A lilac eve
A purple sky
Misty yellow
Leaves up high
Perfume scented
Rain on breeze
Swirling through
The sleepy trees
Roots tucked in
Harvest done
Waiting for
White winter's sun.

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In the ballroom
In hotel
Souls aligned
'Gainst gates of Hell

Souls aligned
For forty years
'Gainst diabolical
Hierarchical tiers

'Gainst the novel
'Gainst the grain
'Gainst the Rhine
Who sought to reign

'Gainst the draining
Of the Tibre
'Gainst the wolves
In sheepskin fibre

'Gainst anathema
'Gainst authentic

'Gainst pale priests
'Gainst mad mitres
Mother's militant
Church fierce fighters

In the ballroom
In hotel
Souls aligned
To thank Marcel

Souls aligned
For forty years
Way of the Cross
Way of the tears

Way of the Cross
Forty days of fast
Forty years in the desert
The die was cast

The die was cast
You and me or for any?
A traditional-forty
Not for all but for many!!

laudator temporis acti said...

'Welcome to the new church where life is always beautiful, we all get along and Jesus loves us!'

Is this not what the Church is supposed to be, a means by which people can know they are loved by God and so get along with each other? Mohammed and the Koran are very respectful towards Christ. I doubt if he would exclude them from his altar. The sectarianism, exclusivity and heresy-hunting of those who claim to speak for him are what stops the Church being what it should be. God save the Church from Catholics.

MKT said...

Reinforces the situation ...


Septumbler of Bumblers said...

Look at that 1960s granola crowd.

Jonvilas said...

Well, since this is just a wooden table, that sometimes is used as a sort of altar during some most likely still kind of Christian (catholic?) celebrations, why there cannot be any book placed on it?
One positive point, however, is that it appears that Mohamedans are going to teach some essentials to the post-Christian nice catholics about the orientation in prayer. The next step will be about the decent posture during prayer, I suppose. :)

Patrick said...

Blessed JP II the Great kissed the Koran and we have no higher authority than the Papacy. Stop the mumbling and salute.

Ligusticus said...

"There's a New Star in the Russian Sky. His Name Is Aleksandr

He led the delegation from the patriarchate of Moscow in Assisi. Together with Metropolitan Hilarion, he is an emerging leader of the new generation. In great harmony with the Church of Pope Benedict

by Sandro Magister"

P.K.T.P. said...

This demonstrates why John Paul the Small was dead wrong to convoke Assisi in 1986. This is what it leads to. You will not find the Muslims coming to Catholic churches to pray. This will not bring the Gospels into the synagogues or the ashrams. It only brings the abominable Qu'ran and the sacriligious Bhagavad Gita into Catholic churches.

I think, however, that Benedict XVI has tried to contain the damage the slow way, so as to keep the Barque of Peter together. Hence, rather than cancel the Assisi commemoration at a time when liberals are preparing to abandon Holy Church in Austria and in Ireland, he is trying to reduce the significance of Assisi so that, in time, in can be discontinued and forgotten.

John Paul II make a very great prudential error in 1986. But he also did some very good things to protect the Church against the world. The smoke of Satan did indeed penetrate the Church in the 1960s, just as Paul VI admitted directly. That decade ushered in a period of social and political and cultural and, yes, ecclesiastical revolution. The question is this: how should this be reversed? Frankly, I'd go for a purge here and now, using a flamethrower rather than a firehose, but I don't fault the Pope for taking the other approach as long as he is acting honestly and doing what he thinks to be best. He knows more than we do and is acting in accordance with better information. Griping about the situation can only do so much. In situations like this, like it or not, prayer is the correct recourse, supported, of course, with some pleas to the Holy See to stop this abuse.


Jusztinián G. Ratkaj said...

It is appalling how far masonic evils have become common mindset, even inside the church.

Brian said...

BTW--the Church of the Holy Wisdom in Nicea, where the 7th Ecumenical Council met, is officially being turned into a mosque by the Turkish government.

Where's the world's outrage?

Where is the Church's outrage?

Patrick said...

Brian, could you give a link for this? Thanks.

Tom said...

"Where is the Church's outrage?"

How can the Church protest when high-ranking Churchmen have visited and applauded the construction of mosques — in other words, the spread of Islam throughout — the world?


Long-Skirts said...

So sorry, I only meant my poem FORTY to show not all the others.

Tom said...

"I end this exhortation, suggested to me by experience: do not allow the Muslim to ever use a Catholic Church for their cult, because this would be, in their eyes, the certain proof of our apostasy."

— Archbishop Giuseppe Germano Bernardini, Izmir, Turkey, 1999.

"We Will Dominate You"
Middle East Quarterly
December 1999

In a blunt statement that attracted some attention in Europe, Giuseppe Germano Bernardini, a 72-year-old Italian who is archbishop of Izmir, Turkey, wrote the Synod of European Bishops on October 13, 1999, that Muslims have a "clear program of expansion and re-conquest" of Europe.

I have been living for the past forty-two years in Turkey, a country 99.9 percent Muslim, and I am the Archbishop of Izmir—Asia Minor—for the past sixteen years.

My intervention is to make a humble request of the Holy Father, above all. To be brief and clear, first I will mention three cases that, due to their provenance, I believe to be true.

1. During an official meeting on Islamic-Christian dialogue, an authoritative Muslim person, speaking to the Christians participating, at one point said very calmly and assuredly:

"Thanks to your democratic laws we will invade you; thanks to our religious laws we will dominate you."

This is to be believed because the "dominion" has already begun with the "petrol-dollars," used not to create work in the poor North African or Middle Eastern countries, but to build mosques and cultural centers in Christian countries with Islamic immigration, including Rome, the center of Christianity.

2. During another Islamic-Christian meeting, always organized by Christians, a Christian participant publicly asked the Muslims present why they did not organize at least once a meeting of this kind.

The Muslim authority present answered the following words:

"Why should we? You have nothing to teach us and we have nothing to learn."

A dialogue among deaf persons?

It is a fact that terms such as "dialogue," "justice," "reciprocity," or concepts such as "rights of man," "democracy," have a completely different meaning for the Muslim than for us.

3. In a Catholic monastery in Jerusalem there was and perhaps still is a Muslim Arab servant.

An honest and gentle person, he was respected greatly by the religious who in turn were respected by him. One day, he sadly told them:

"Our chiefs have met and have decided that all the ‘infidels' must be killed, but do not fear because I will kill you without making you suffer."

It would be naive to underestimate or, worse yet, smile on the three cases I have referred to; I feel that their dramatic teaching must be reflected upon.

I end this exhortation, suggested to me by experience: do not allow the Muslim to ever use a Catholic Church for their cult, because this would be, in their eyes, the certain proof of our apostasy.

1 For example, see Philip Pullella, "Bishop at Vatican synod in broadside against Islam," Reuters, Oct. 13., 1999, and "Bishop: Islam Expanding Conquests," Associated Press, Oct. 13, 1999.

Brian said...

Patrick, I was quoting and briefly commening on a post above (11/7; 15:31) by Jack.

Tom, exactly

MKT said...

When bishops in France call faithful Catholics "useful idiots" for protesting the sacrilege of blaspheming the Holy Face of Jesus with faeces night after night ...

[would any Muslim cleric get caught dead flinging dung at his 'prophet's' face?]

When bishops in Germany are caught promoting pornographic erotica and sue Catholics who are upset for calling it 'porn' ...

[would any Muslim cleric survive his congregation if he threatened them for calling out immodest representation of women?]

When Canadian bishops and priests sue a dinky little pro-life news service for half a million dollars simply for protesting an ex-gay prostitute priest's pro-'choice to have an abortion' stance ...

[Would any Muslim crowd tolerate an ex-gay prostitute being their imam?]

When 400 priests in Austria call out in writing for outright disobedience against the Holy Father on issues of women priests and other heretical notions ...

Can any faithful Catholic imagine that the *global* Church is not undergoing a STATE OF EMERGENCY?

I am not an SSPXer. I used to condemn the SSPX. Now I see that Archbp Lefebvre was on to something that I was too stupid to realize 25 years ago. But slowly I have come to see it too.

Holy Father - please clean up the episcopacy. Please defrock these wicked priests and bishops. Please show the love of truth and the faithful remnant by declaring anathema on heresy and saying simply yes, yes and no, no that no more of Christ's sheep will be lost to the ravenous wolves.

How much longer are we to suffer our precious Lord's body to bleed profusely to death?


Matthew said...

In honor of this blasphemy I will be burning a Koran after spitting in it.

Im a Travelin Man said...

I was just in Paris a few days ago, and strugglingwith these dang keyboards with the W, Z, and M not where Americans are used to them.

Anywho, got to meet with an SSPX priest in Paris. He said the church in France, Germany, and Switzerland is a wholesale catastrophe. The USA, he said, is somewhat better by comparison.

Enjoying the sun and Muslims in Tunis for the next few days.