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Desacralization - II. The Augustinian church in Würzburg, Germany

The Augustinerkirche before World War II:

Post- WWII reconstruction
with further changes after 1970:


The Augustinian church of Würzburg after a 15-month renovation which cost 1.7 million euros. Mass is now celebrated on the table in the middle. That table, the "ambo" and the chairs around these are all moveable. The restructuring of the church allows for "the celebration of the Holy Supper at eye-level".

A contemporary painting ("The Heavenly Jerusalem") now covers the painting over the high altar. The latter depicts the Battle of Lepanto and is the only painting in the church that was saved from the flames of World War II. (Refer to the 2nd picture.)

Note: this church was originally built in 1266.

Source: Kreuz.Net (with more pictures of this abomination) via Messa in Latino

[New Catholic note: Novus Ordo: more destructive than carpet bombing.]


  1. It's Jansenist-Calvinistic austerity and iconoclastisicm all combined!

    As St. Athanasius said: "they can can take our worship spaces, but they can't take our faith."!

  2. It's just heartbreaking. Not even Protestants would vandalise a church like this. Such decor and "art" cannot arise from a Catholic aesthetic sensibility.

  3. I am dumbfounded. It is really heartbreaking. The new CDW group with "power to act" regarding liturgical art and architecture cannot come soon enough and start acting soon enough.

  4. Celebration of the Mass at "eye-level"... isn't it that we should look up to God and not as though He were equal to man?


  5. Here are also two examples from Munich:

  6. Thorin4:19 AM

    This is astonishing. What an appalling desecration.

  7. Are you serious?! Even the most militant atheist would agree that they've destroyed centuries of beautiful artwork and architecture.

    What an awful, awful shame. Very Protestant.

  8. Gratias4:44 AM

    I visited this church in the Spring. The devastation was terrible. At that time the main altar painting, which suvived WWII, was not covered by a multicolored cloth. The German bishops are determined to destroy the Church, even in Catholic regions where the Baroque once blossomed. Vatican II succeeded where the Protestants failed.

    Preserving the Latin Mass is essential. I can see now that Lefevre had the right general idea. We must rebuild His Church. Summorum Pontificum gives us a legal platform, but convincing other Catholics is a different story.

  9. Hideous! The smoke of Satan has not only entered the Augustinian church, it has remodeled.

    Was the "artist" (I use the term loosely) on LSD? It certainly appears that way.

  10. Tom the Milkman5:38 AM

    As barren as the ecclesiology that is its father.

    If Catholics would refuse this nihilism, it would end. But plenty of Catholics are willing to subsidize a monstrous and deformed church, because they accept the modernist manipulation of the Faith. A worship space like this Augustinian church far better expresses their religion than do the churches in the first two photos. Ask them, they will tell you. I've traveled the world and seen the most remarkable abominations called Catholic by lifelong Catholic people! The eye-level 'Holy Supper'?
    The better to worship themselves.

  11. Not even Protestants would vandalise a church like this.

    I agree. This is beyond "protestantizing". I actually see it as demonic, and I do not exaggerate. That black table surrounded by an elliptical circle of black chairs strikes me as a setting for satanic worship. There is absolutely nothing about this "worship" space that is recognizably Catholic. It reminds me of the bizarre underground temple where a group of mutants worshiped a nuclear missile in the second Planet of the Apes movie.

  12. EVIL!!!




  13. This can only be motivated by a pathological hatred of the Catholic Church, and a desire to destroy the faith.

  14. "Not even Protestants would vandalise a church like this."

    Isn't it ironic that some Anglicans are becoming Catholic, and at the same time some Catholics have become Protestant (or worse).

    There is a schism in the visible church, not between traditionalists and mainstream Catholics, but between believers and unbelievers, traditionalist or not.

  15. I don't want - I refuse! - to be in "full communion" with these things!

  16. Having destroyed one of the supreme spiritual, cultural and musical treasures of the Church and of all humanity in the Latin Mass, those who hold the reins of power are now hell-bent on destroying the spiritual, cultural, and architectural heritage as well. What gives these barbarians the right? The treasures of the Church, which have taken hundreds of years to build up, are not their playthings to do with as they please, but are the rightful patrimony of millions of faithful, an heirloom to be bestowed upon them as a pearl of great price.

    How dare these vandals, who yet are in good standing with the Church as we are so monotonously reminded, deprive catholics of the means of sustaining their faith,
    means that have stood the test of time and have nourished saints? Their deeds truly cry to Heaven for vengeance. It makes me want to weep to see this wholesale devastation of the Church by such savages, for that is what they are in reality.

    How I wish that Jesus would once more drive them from the Sanctuary. They have been exposed most recently for the moneylenders that they are by the scandal of
    running the most vile - but extremely profitable - book business. This scandal is only
    one in an extremely long litany of grave scandals. And these are the men who have been entrusted with the formation of countless souls, souls created in the image of God, no less. It makes one's blood boil.

    Yet we are reminded with monotonous regularity that there is no state of emergency in the Church. How much worse does it have to get? On the one hand the barbarians and their ilk continue to wield power from positions of righteousness, respectability and authority.

    On the other hand those who have fought the longest and hardest against the barbarity and brutality perpetrated upon the Church and her perennial teachings have been stripped of honour and have been banished beyond the pale of righteousness to a no-man's land of disenfranchisement and nebulous indictment.

    Lord, have mercy on us!
    Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

  17. OREOMAN1:14 PM


  18. Does anyone know the year the post-war reconstruction began?

  19. In Ireland and the UK architect and church furnishers have made a financial killing out of Vatican II [excused] re-orderings - even a specialist publication was published.

  20. Tradfly3:10 PM

    Würzburg is only 200mi from BXVI's home town. One thinks he should have taken a particular interest in this, especially being St. Augustine's.

    Perhaps he did.

  21. NO at "eye-level" befits the liberal modernist horizontalist socio-political perspective. Collegiality and interreligious post-conciliar politics by The Vatican completes this single level view of human society. The fact that the current pontiff hails from this deconstructist movement from within the church should demonstrate to everyone that he has no intention ever of raising The Latin Mass of All Times to the focal point of litugical restoration. There is superabundant evidence on this site alone over the last few weeks to corroborate this. The condition of the church worsens as the liturgical situation becomes more chaotic and as declining Sunday attendance yields to more church closures. Of course, they close - why would Our Blessed Lord wish to be associated with protestant anthropocentism? The price of deconstruction and ecclesiastical liberalsim is desolation and destruction.

  22. "It's Jansenist-Calvinistic austerity and iconoclastisicm all combined!"

    Even Calvin would have had better taste than out up that monstrosity of a painting.

    And even the heresiarch would have been appalled at the gloopy therapeutic universalism that's masquerading as Christianity on display here.

    But no doubt the depicting of Lepanto was unsettling to some of the local Turkish citizenry. We mustn't offend, you know.

  23. 'But no doubt the depicting of Lepanto was unsettling to some of the local Turkish citizenry.'

    I would be very surprised if there had been even one complaint from the Turkish community about the Lepanto depiction. It's more likely that Lepanto is upsetting to the people responsible for this monstrosity. The very idea of a miracle that helped Catholics in battle is enough to get their heads spinning and the green pea soup flying.

    I've met Turks who have visited Croatia for the annual 'alka' competition. That, too, commemorates a miraculous victory against the Ottomans. Turkish-Croatian relations are fine, in spite of the fact that every second Croat festival mixes Catholic faith and battles against the Ottomans.

  24. Didn't Vatican II Council demand that Churches in existance which contain valuable arts are supposed to be left alone? Careful, and I mean carful removal of some objects may have been allowed but this is a total desecration of all that was before to the great expense of the parish. I am sure more than one person in this parish is crying in his/her soul for what has been done, again, in the name of Vatican II. This just has to stop. Those arts were, I am sure, paid with donations from parish supporters. The hierarchy and planning commissions had no right to destroy what people gave to support these beautiful arts that supported this Church for centuries. The way it looks now inspires nothing in the soul. There is nothing to marvel at and impel one to ponder the mysteries of the Faith. It is devoid of the arts that take us through our spritual journey, year after year while attending Mass. With all the money that has been spent on the abuse scandal payouts and building mega monstrosity Churches an immdeiate moratorium should be issued by the Vatican to conserve funds, help out the poor with part of the monies that were to be spent on these wreckovations, and deeply reflect on the Churches (the way we inherited them) where many thousands were nourished by the Faith and why, today, we want to rip it to shreds. These geniuses with construction plans just want your money. That is all it is about for them. Don't play into it. When you hear of these plans in your parish, organize, plan, and with all that you have, defend your Sanctuaries and Churches. Long after the liturcial space replanners have gone and leave the mess another will have to come back in 20 years and restore what has been destroyed. Don't pay for it again. Don't allow it in the first place. So sad these pictures..

  25. Whoever authorized this should be defrocked. Period.

    Until Rome enforces her own rules we have nothing to look forward to but destruction such as this.

  26. Peterman3:35 AM

    "with further changes after 1970"

    I have often wondered, of all the years in the history of the Church, why I was born during the very year of great destruction of the Churches and the Mass? Every time one one of these ancient landmark Cathedrals or churches were vandalized it was during my year of birth.

    I feel called as in that Apple commercial from years ago to run into the theater and wing the sledge hammer up to the screen exploding it.

  27. GQRep1:20 PM

    How many of these nutjob liberal Augustinians are there left in Germany, 5 or so? LOL
    The Order's gone from slightly over 900 in the USA prior to Vatican II, to less than 275.
    The Villanova Province of St. Thomas of Villanova which is the East coast of the USA went from about 450 priests and 300 in training and perhaps 50 brothers in 1962, to 169 priests, 2 seminarians, 0 novices, and 5 brothers today.
    Their average age is about 73.
    This scenario can be duplicated across the board.

    Augustinians 1962: 4,782 ww
    Augustinians 2011: 2,602 ww

    Another "blessed" fruit from the Spirit of Vatican II. It just doesn't stop givin'.

  28. GQ Rep4:38 PM

    Just another quick note to show the scope of the collapse of the Augustinians in the USA:

    I live 3 miles away from Villanova University, in the suburbs of Philadelphia. It was (and technically still is), an Augustinian institution, but in reality it isn't even's secular for all intents and purposes. Catholicism isn't emphasized or even visible anymore. There's a Campus Ministry office which sphews out the liberal Vatican II junk, but the campus Masses are poorly attended...even the holydays. There may be (and I'm being generous), 10 Augustinians left on a faculty of probably around 500 (tenured professors, adjunct professors, junior staff etc.).
    IN the 1950's, there were about 60 Augustinians on staff, and a faculty of maybe 120. When the school went co-ed(it was all male until about 1963) and basically secular, course offerings and faculty exploded.
    The huge Augustinian seminary which was built on campus in the late 1950's to house the 250 seminarians (who had been crammed into the old 1890's monastery and in a dorm), was consecrated in 1960 with great hopes.
    Immediatly after Vatican II ended, the Order world wide and in the USA collapsed. The seminary which housed 250 seminarians in 1960, and 50 in 1972, 20 by 1974, and 2 today.
    The Augustinians used to staff 6 parishes in the Archdiocese, 1 private and 1 diosecean highschool, 1 huge seminary, and Villanova University. Today they have 2 parishes, 1 private school, and Villanova University.
    Their average age is 73. In afew years, they will probably be gone from everything in the Archdiocese, except for Villanova.
    They have been as liberal as these German Augustinians for 50 years.

    The sorry state they are in now is the fruit of it all.

  29. Even that allies of Satan, the allied bomber crews failed to do more destruction!

    Oliver Cromwell, the puritans and John Knox would be proud! This satanic desecration must be undone!

    May God's wrath be poured out in its fullest measure on the modernists!

    If I was a bishop, I would jackhammer the sci-fi "altars" and burn the modern, polyester "vestments" and sell videos to raise money for the exhaustive restoration of historic sacred places!

  30. Alfred Temple7:54 PM


  31. Brent Anthony Egan3:35 AM

    I remember singing in this cathedral in 1982 with St. Mary's Cathedral Choir, Sydney. I was aware that Wuerzburg had had suffered huge devastation during Word War II, but to see it perpetrated by members of the Augustinian Order itself, made my pain immensely more intense. I come from Sydney, Australia and we have very little of the great beauty that Roman Catholicism has bestowed on the world in our own country, so to to see it destroyed in a peaceful Germany was heartbreaking.
    Brent Anthony Egan
    Sydney, AUSTRALIA


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