Rorate Caeli

First Vespers of the First Sunday in Advent

The very first canonical hour of the new liturgical year is a wonderful moment ... to begin praying the Office, the Roman Breviary (or the traditional Breviaries of different orders and uses of the Latin Church).

Do you have a Breviarium Romanum published between 1912 and 1960, but are not sure of how to use it according to the 1960 rubrics? The Variationes, published together with the 1960 Codex Rubricarum, make your life quite easy: we make them available to you in  a printable version of the original Latin text (provided by Mr. Laszlo Kiss, R.I.P.). The changes are available in English from page 118 of the excellent translation and commentary by Fr. Patrick Murphy, made public by the FSSP Sydney Latin Mass Community. And do not forget this particular source: Divinum Officium, which may be of great help.


Pater, O.S.B. said...

Thank you!

Ferraiuolo said...

Rorate cæli désuper, et nubes pluant justum!

Knight of the Immaculata said...

I would highly recommend Father E.J. Quigley's book: "The Divine Office: a study of the Roman Breviary" (1920). It is rather informative and can be found for free here:

May you all have a most blessed Advent!

Long-Skirts said...


Purple purple
Purple pink
In evergreen
The candles sink.

Candle's age?
One thousand yeared
With four four-thousand
'Fore He appeared.

Each Sunday four
In front of Yule
When she arrived
Upon a mule.

A revolution
Round the stall
Till suddenly
On knees were all.

Like priest incensing
Hallowed altar
To bear her Son
All kneel none falter.

Firm determined
With veins of gold
Great stubborn priest!