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Resistance pays off

A tiny church in a tiny village - but just a couple of miles southwest of his old parish church. Father Francis Michel, the hero of Thiberville, will become the rector of the smallest church in his diocese, in Le Planquay (5 km from Thiberville, Eure/27, Normandy). His resistance paid off - though it was far from a perfect solution, the direct intervention of the Congregation for the Clergy, through its designated mediator (Bp. Boulanger, of Bayeux/Lisieux), assured that the local ordinary, Bp. Nourrichard, would not be able to keep Father Michel more than a short distance away from his dear flock. 

It is easier said than done, we know it, but we still believe that priests who have nothing to hide should not fear reprisals for standing up for Tradition - there is only so much harm that a hostile bishop can do. (Source: Perepiscopus.)


  1. Beryl7:22 PM

    Praise God that there has been a satisfactory solution to this unjust intervention.

  2. Ivo K7:22 PM

    May this be the first of many such examples of a modernist bishop being overruled! Right now, there are many such bishops, abusing their authority, depriving traditionalist Catholics of their basic rights. They'd sooner make peace with protestants than with those catholics who affirm all of catholic tradition, and not just the last 40 disasterous years.

  3. I went back and watched the movie- it was in French (obviously), but judging by the people's reaction to the bishop, the bishop is not well-liked. Not to mention the rainbow. God Bless Fr. Michel!

  4. More power to Fr Michel. God bless him and his work.

  5. Richard, this news tells us that God has already blessed, and will continue to bless, Fr Michel and his work. Thanks be to Him.

  6. Do Bishops realize how much they hurt the Church? Good Lord we deserve a better bunch. More action to protect Priest who offer the Traditional Mass ae needed. I pray for strength for the Holy Father that he learns of these things and is able to protect Priests from abusive, vindictive Bishops.

  7. "... there is only so much harm that a hostile bishop can do."

    But remember who supports these evil men - pure evil himself, and he can do much more harm to this priest than the bishop acting alone. We may not even recognize the acts of revenge as such. And if this is the final battle for the soul of the church, Satan will throw everything he has at good men like this who score public victories over him.

    We need the Vatican to be just as engaged in our defense as the enemy is in attacking us, and so far it is difficult to even tell which side they are on, save for a small handful including the Holy Father.

    God bless Fr. Michell, and I recommend his parishioners invoke Saint Michael the Archangel's defense specifically for him after every mass.

  8. Peterman1:10 AM

    We should all say a prayer of thanks to Ven. LeFebvre. Without him, rien.

  9. John L1:52 AM

    Well, this is an improvement on the previous situation, but not a real solution; the real solution is removing the bishop, who is a determined enemy of the Catholic faith. What about the other parishes in the diocese and their faithful? The grudging and enforced toleration of a priest who is Catholic will not do them much good.

  10. OutsideObserver4:00 AM

    This solution happened because practically the entire Thiberville parish deserted the parish church and the new parish priest in order to attend the Abbe Michel's Masses (which were according to the 1962 AND 1970 Missals; he's not a "TLM-only" priest).

    Furthermore, the Thiberville parish was practically the last parish in the whole diocese that still had high levels of attendance.

  11. Gratias7:22 AM

    The Curé de Thiberville served his parish for 20 years. The bishop was whistled to when he came to evict Abbé Michel from his parish. A new parish 2 Km from Thiberville is perfect. We travel 75 miles for the TLM and consider ourselves lucky. Here in California our TLM Diocesan Pastor was transferred about 150 miles away. These priests that offer both forms of the Latin Rite should be made bishops, not exiles. God Bless them. Our best support is to attend their TLMs as frequently as possible. There is a lack of faithful, not only priests. Every time we attend the TLM we are making a difference to the survival of the Church.

  12. Gratias8:01 AM

    Sorry, the new parish is 5 Km away.

    One silver lining is that the mayor of the new village of only 140 inhabitants is the wife of the mayor of Thiberville, so is it is a friendly atmosphere.

    Keep the good work Abbé Michel. Vôtre récompense será au Ciel.

  13. P.K.T.P.8:54 AM

    Next Stop: Angoulême.

    I offer a rotten egg to the Bishop of that place. It seems that the I.C.R. has had to withdraw from that Diocese, leaving the people there will no approved T.L.M.

    Please note the situation, P.C.E.D.


  14. Well done, Congregation for the Clergy! Well don, Rome!

  15. Is full Justice for traditional priests and their flocks just a step away? As I have said many times before, one stroke of Pope Benedict's pen would serve to guarantee freedom (worldwide apostolic administration encompassing all traditional orders including the SSPX) for Tradition. But, alas, God has not decided to motivate him to this action in defense of all that Holy Mother church has proclaimed through the ages. We must ask ourselves why God is so displeased with us. Still, He has provided us with priests like Fr. Michel who carry on the fight for us. Lord have Mercy.

  16. Alsaticus12:11 AM

    Indeed the conclusion of New Catholic is right on the money.

    The Church crisis is deeply rooted in a crisis in the episcopacy.
    And litlle has been done since 2005 to change that, though cardinal Ratzinger as soon as 1998 reckoned it was the major trouble along with liturgy.

    We can remind Bp Nourrichard has been appointed by pope Benedict XVI.
    We have now a new Nuncio, a new cardinal-prefect, the French minutanti in the Curia have changed but the episcopal appointments are staying as disastrous, apart a few exceptions, as they were before.

    Fr. Michel is probably the most Ratzingerian parish pastor in France.

  17. Anonymous1:44 PM

    The major problem is that the Pope refuses to rule while local ordinaries rule like tyrants. If the Pope is the boss - and he is - he must exercise his authority for the good of souls. I am fed up with people stating that he does what he can under the circs etc. etc. A large part of the reason the Church is floundering is due to the popes refusal to discipline bishops who very often are material heretics. In Ireland there are no bishops resident who are not.


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