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Si, there is life beyond the financial crisis - and beyond the Euro.

Contributor Francesca Romana translates and sends us this text by Paolo Deotto, of Riscossa Cristiana.

Your Eminence,

The recent developments in the Italian political situation bring to light great confusion and general disorientation. The excessive emphasis on economic problems, even if important, could cause us to lose sight of the great dangers impending over our nation, which, given the disconcerting international panorama, still manages to maintain considerable fidelity to its Christian roots. The European Union, established for economic purposes, has, over the years, become clearly anti-Catholic, which in diverse nations has translated into legislation that distorts the foundations of the family and of society, legalizing behaviours absolutely incompatible with Catholic morality and foreboding only disaster.
Abortion, euthanasia, artificial insemination, homosexual unions have all been raised to the rank of “rights” whereas they are expressions of that “culture of death” so often denounced by Blessed John Paul II.

And it is not possible to forget the numerous direct attacks on the Faith, carried out with removals, attempted, or even with success, of Crucifixes, abolition of the word ”Christmas” (Feast of Winter Lights, established by an English municipal last year), sanctions against people who wear symbols of the Faith passed off with the hypocritical “respect for other religions”, but it translates, in fact, in attacking only the Catholic Faith, in defending sexual perversions, in distorting the real meaning of the word “liberty” which is turned into unbridled licence, resulting in the serious degradation of human dignity.

This Europe born of “trusts of banks and vast capitals”, unveils itself more and more as the political workshop of Freemasonry, which can achieve its ends which are always perverse and ferociously anti-religious.

How is it possible that good can be derived from such an environment, and from dependence on it? In what way will this greatly exalted economic “salvation” proceed?
And even if we are saved economically, which is more than legitimate to doubt, the cost will be the final homologation of the politics of death, which have already corrupted other European countries of great Catholic tradition.

It is unthinkable that an ephemeral “economic salvation” can possibly be more important than the most precious and fundamental good - fidelity to Our Lord and the salvation of our souls.
Eminence, Italian Catholics do not have an identifiable and precise political guide. A political party that will accept them does not exist. A leader does not exist. Therefore they risk being lead astray by The Pied Piper, sustained by the deafening chorus of the mass-media.

But Catholics have Holy Church and Her pastors as a guide. In this dramatic moment, we would like to ask you as President of the Italian Episcopal Conference, to intervene with strong and clear words and with precise indications to the Catholic population, which will permit them to face these serious circumstances with the priorities that they have to respect well-defined.

It is no longer time for generic appeals, even if they are valid in the exercise of moral virtues. With increasing relativism, a general and generic appeal to virtue and morality can be twisted in a thousand ways. Now, for the good of souls and for the good of our Country, we ask you Eminence, with profound filial respect, for unambiguous and clear indications. We ask the President of the Episcopal Conference and our Bishops to express themselves on the concrete political facts, on the politicians and their parties. With names and surnames.

It will not be “interference” in politics. Politics must guide our everyday social life and it is no longer acceptable, with the thousands of threats against life, that the Pastors of the Church close themselves in a respectful silence. The war against the Catholic religion has been on course for some time, and in these disturbing days, the enemy is trying to win over the last positions that are missing for him, after a long march which has been favoured by the political evasion of many Catholics.

Italy is a great Catholic nation and the Italian people cannot remain crushed in a wicked culture of death, in the oblivion of the Faith, in the destruction of their Traditions and fidelity to Christ and His Church.

Eminence, Italian Catholics will be ready to follow their Pastors, but from these Pastors they must receive words of great clarity to guide them.

It is this that we beseech you, with filial devotion and respect. You are in my prayers to the only true Saviour.

Paolo Deotto
Director of Riscossa Cristiana - Catholic website of Culture and Current Affairs


  1. First of all, thanks for posting this letter :)

    Secondly: A great Thank You to Francesca Romana who seems to be translating more and more for us poor people who do not speak Italian!


  2. Brussels has all along been pressuring countries such as Ireland and Malta to capitulate and allow women to abort. Good riddance!

  3. This letter could hardly be further removed from reality. The apostasy of Catholic Europe is happening entirely independently of the EU. Even if the latter disappeared tomorrow, the circumstances for the Church would not be any more favourable than they are now. Scapegoating the EU is unjust and cowardly.

    We're facing the worst economic crisis in living memory. People are quite entitled to be (very) concerned for their livelihood and to seek measures to avoid the worst. Indeed they'd be irresponsible if they didn't. Not everyone has the luxury of knowing where their next meal is coming from.

  4. Shane, I don't scapegoat the EU for the financial trouble we're having (not that you said I did), my problem with it is moral, not financial.

    When I studied the EU at Trinity College, Dublin, it irked me as to how much pressure Brussels puts on Ireland to legalize abortion (Irish women just jump the puddle to England to get them anyway).

    Actually, the EU created the "Irish Tiger", and unprecedented prosperity. When I was there, cranes could be seen as far as the eye could see in Dublin, and rural areas had brand-new roads all over Ireland.

    But with such an influx of wealth came a commensurate loss in faith. I know there have been many wealthy faithful who have had strong faith, so I'm not criticizing faith, per se; but the way the EU jammed onto the Irish (think Maastrich Treaty), was not healthy.

    But, ultimately, the Eurozone Crisis is not the result of the EU, you are right there. It is a problem of Avarice and Greed...

  5. Europe is still, mostly, one of the most prosperous and comfortable places, and probably the safest (except for unborn children) place, in all of human existence. People in the recent past were just too unaccustomed to the permanent human fixture of instability: this has not been particularly good - instability and uncertainty, supported by Faith, helped give Europe the spiritual fortitude to shape the whole world. What the letter simply wishes to convey is the notion that there are things that are more relevant, things that transcend financial solutions whose efficacy is at best unknown.

    Maybe the solution to European problems will indeed be a completely unified fiscal union supported by a technocratic unified government that changes local national governments at will: will that improve the situation of the Church and Christian principles, or solve the impending demographic problems of the next decades? One can only hope, right?...


    P.S. The text reflects the position of its author; Rorate does not necessarily agree with it.

  6. Knight of Malta, the faith was collapsing here long before the Celtic Tiger (even if Mass attendance figures remained fairly stable). As a young Irish Catholic, and a 'cub' of the Celtic Tiger myself, I find the mass apostasy (no pun intended) among my generation more attributable to a lack of proper catechesis and boring liturgy than the effects of past prosperity. People can't believe in the Catholic faith when they know nothing of it.

    New Catholic, I know many, many ordinary working-class people for whom basic essentials account for a very significant part of the family budget. (Though clearly you move in classier circles than I do...) I don't regard it as being in any way selfish for them to be worried about their financial circumstances. Indeed I think it's a perfectly rational concern.

  7. Shane,

    Europeans must stop speaking of this crisis as if, in the worst-case scenario, their nations would face an Ethiopian-famine future. People's fears are disproportionate in Western Europe, and the actual living standards of the whole world must not be forgotten by those whose primary concern is maintaining a society that, perhaps, was just not sustainable as it was. Preserving Christian principles can always be a primary motivator of political concern - that is the main point of the author. And it is not correct to present it as an either/or situation, that is, either I believe in the infusion of Christian principles in politics, or I have to vote for those who will fix (will they?) the economy. And that should be what the bishops should say - the whole point of addressing the letter to the Shepherd and not to the voters.


  8. D. Morgan12:01 AM

    I applaud this letter, and its asertions as to the forces behind the E.U., namely masonic influences. These same hidden forces have been denounced since the time of +Pope Pius IX and +Pope Leo XIII. The warnings were given and ignored. Now we are paying the price.
    And as to replacing our concern for the faith with concerns over or individual economy "For what doth it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his own soul? Or what exchange shall a man give for his soul?"
    Pax Christi

  9. New Catholic, I don't disagree with anything you say in that comment. But I would just like to reiterate that while Europe is a comfortable place for many of its inhabitants, that is far from universally true. There are many millions of people throughout this continent suffering really acute financial pain as a result of the economic crisis --- which they were not responsible for creating --- and are deeply uncertain of the future. As always, it is ordinary working class people who are really feeling the pinch; accusations of materialism and selfishness would be more deservedly directed at the privileged few. To see this manifested at its most extreme, one need only visit the many soup-kitchens and charity centres in Greece and Italy, which are reportedly unable to cope with all the extra demand. Those people deserve more sympathy and consideration than the seeming indifference exhibited by the author of this letter --- no doubt in a financially comfortable position himself --- who inadvertently gives us all a useful reminder of one of the main reasons why the Church lost the working-class in the 19th century.

  10. RogerThat1:10 AM

    I wouldn't expect anything from the men in curias. I would ask the heavens for help instead.

    Imagine if his his Eminence answers Mr Paolo call with the wrong answer...Sad but true.

  11. Shane: "I find the mass apostasy (no pun intended) among my generation more attributable to a lack of proper catechesis and boring liturgy than the effects of past prosperity."

    Couldn't agree more, my friend!

    We are in shit well over our heels. Of course, the best response is prayer, and more prayer!

    I'm a convert with five smiling kids/babies because of my conversion! When I was an atheist I used to roil at the injustice in the world.

    I've come to this simple conclusion: without free will, free love is impossible. Thus, and despite pain, God gives us perfect free will so we can love Him freely.

    My brother-in-law has a PhD from Calvin College, and we debate this endlessly; but I can hold my own against him! How can love--true love--be "unfree"??

  12. Peterman4:14 AM

    Europe has thrown away with both hands the faith that gave her everything and which made Europe and the west the most (by far, lets be honest) advanced civilization on the planet.

    Our lady at La Salette, Lourdes, Fatima, and other places warned Catholics to repent. This never happened and in fact just the opposite. Now we are indeed likely to see war, famine, pestilence, etc. Just because today we have Polo, lacoste, McDonalds, bmw's and iphones doesn't mean this won't be taken away in the blink of an eye. It likely will be, and then we can go back to being the same simple, God fearing peasants who put the Church first in their lives.

  13. Sobieski4:50 AM

    Here's an interesting discussion on Ireland's economic problems. Sounds like the "Celtic Tiger" was basically a "looting expedition."

    Ireland's Economic Problems, Pt. 1

    Ireland's Economic Problems, Pt. 2

    Ireland's Economic Problems, Pt. 3

    Ireland's Economic Problems, Pt. 4

    The Plutocrats are running their game plan, and the average Joe doesn't even realize what's going on. Until society returns to Christ the King and His Church, such domination will continue.


  14. I will not repeat myself, Shane: poverty in Western Europe is not the same as poverty in most places. There is still a wide protection net that practically prevents any kind of what is generically called "food insecurity" in the continent. There must be proportion and a global view of what poverty actually is - and even though you say you agree with me, I really do not think you get the author or myself: if Church leaders promote Christian principles in every political situation, they will also be promoting the welfare of all citizens, particularly of those in need. Every life is precious precisely because every life is understood as precious.

    As for how you know the current standard of living of someone by simply reading his words, I can only congratulate you on this mighty feat of reading comprehension...


  15. Barbara5:45 PM

    “To see this manifested at its most extreme, one need only visit the many soup-kitchens and charity centres in Greece and Italy, which are reportedly unable to cope with all the extra demand.”

    I was wondering Shane, where you got your information on the spilling-over numbers that frequent the soup kitchens in Italy? I live in Italy and I am unaware of it – of course that doesn’t mean that it is not true but that they are filled to overflowing because of the present economic crisis is real news to me.

    I don’t think the writer is using the European Union as a scapegoat. He is just stating the true nature of its identity, the reason it was formed and how it operates, which is very often not in the best interests of the countries and peoples that are part of it.

    I rather liked the author’s thought that Italy has still maintained somewhat its Catholic identity ( far from perfect) because it coincides with what I sense, despite the incoherencies in many ecclesial fronts. There is still something decisively Catholic about Italy, even at the level of legislation regarding those life issues mentioned in the letter (I add again – far from perfect).

    I agree with New Catholic: “Europeans must stop speaking of this crisis as if, in the worst case scenario“ What an odd economic crisis when the commercial centres are milling, ordinary people still have vacations and shops that sell electronic equipment are jammed etc., etc., etc.,


  16. Europe is done for and the US is galloping into an unavoidable Depression. Many of us will not make it through the unpleasantness but on the other side of the tunnel there may be something better. God's will be done.

  17. Peterman1:50 AM


    On the other side of the tunnel there is definitely something better (the the Age of Peace or Age of Mary) but you are correct, many may not make it to see those days.

    I pray to our Lord daily that we do. Deo Gratias.

  18. Gratias9:32 AM

    In this essay Paolo Deotto says that the European Union "unveils itself more and more as the political workshop of Freemasonry, which can achieve its ends which are always perverse and ferociously anti-religious."

    It was Christian (Catholic) Democrats who saved Italy and Western Europe from Communist victories at the ballot box. Italians are unhappy with the national replacement experiment. When I visit there always someone complains that the Euro doubled the prices but did not change the salaries. So the author raises good points.

    As for the Freemasons within, all you need to do is Google "Obama and Freemason".

  19. Ligusticus9:28 PM

    “Il momento di difficoltà che attraversa l’Europa sollecita una nuova assunzione di responsabilità e un rinnovato impegno comune. Le attuali difficoltà fanno meglio percepire quanto sia necessario ritrovare quello spirito che ha guidato la fase iniziale della costruzione dell’unità europea, caratterizzata dall’attenzione all’anima profonda dei nostri popoli e al loro futuro, senza rimanere prigionieri delle sole logiche dell’economia e dei rapporti di forza”.

    (Angelo Cardinale Bagnasco, today, Nov 16th, talking to other Bishops)

  20. Maybe he read the letter, Ligusticus! :)

    Now, what exactly did you mean by Sant'Egidio and Trinità in the other post?... You may e-mail us as well.



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