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A Thomist Bishop in Suisse Romande

Father Charles Morerod, O.P., Secretary of the International Theological Commission and rector of the Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas (the Angelicum) - one of the men responsible for the reform of ecclesiastical studies of philosophy and also chosen as one of the Vatican representatives in the doctrinal dialogues with the Society of Saint Pius X - will have his name announced tomorrow by the Holy See as the new Bishop of the very important Swiss Diocese of Lausanne, Geneva, and Fribourg. The See of Fribourg will have as its bishop a respected Thomist scholar (he is considered orthodox by many) in a strategic location in Central-Western Europe. [Kipa/Apic - tip: FC]

Our best wishes to the future bishop: Félicitations, Révérend Père!


  1. Ferraiuolo11:32 PM

    Fr Morerod will anounce the Bishop or become the bishop? And I have questions as to how traditional he might be. When asked about Garrigou-Lagrange he seemed to have some reservations about him.

  2. We did not say "Traditional". He has generally been considered "orthodox" and "conservative".


  3. Is there not more than one way of being traditional?

    I should think that being orthodox in doctrine WAS being traditional.

  4. Peterman12:09 AM

    Ah beautiful Fribourg,and very kind people there as well

    I stopped by the college there in May and they were nice enough to give us the key to enter the tiny room/chapel where St Canisius is. Just my wife and I and the Doctor of the Church. What a blessing. Deo Gratias.

  5. Note: Econe is in this Diocese.

    Coincidence? I think not.

    Boom goes the dynamite!

  6. Charlesmartel12:41 AM

    Is Papabile suggesting Bishop Morerod will be some type of new liaison between SSPX and Rome?

  7. DefensorFidei12:51 AM

    Is he being positioned for the CDF?


  8. "I should think that being orthodox in doctrine WAS being traditional."

    One who is orthodox today supports Communion in the hand, altar girls, Novus Ordo liturgical novelties and encumenical and interfaith novelties approved by the Apostolic See.

    Prior to Vatican II, an orthodox Catholic would have condemned the above practices.

    Imagine the consequneces for a Catholic bishop in, say, 1950, supporting Communion in the hand or conducting an Assisi-like "interfaith" gathering.

    Perhaps there is another way today to wear the "orthodox" label as a Catholic.

    That would be to hold fast to Holy Tradition, rather than support, for example, such a Tradition-shattering practice as Communion in the hand.


  9. "He has generally been considered "orthodox" and "conservative"."

    What is the definition of a "conservative" Catholic?

    Thank you.


  10. iakovos1:31 AM

    Eco^ne is in the Diocese of Sion, Switzerland, in the Canton of Valais, not in the Diocese of Lausanne-Geneva-Fribourg.

  11. Charlesmartel: who knows. I'm not quite sure what Papabile has been blowing upwith his dynamite in his replies lately either.

  12. Curmudgeon1:56 AM

    I trust you'll understand that I can't consider anybody to be a great Catholic scholar who wants to go to the mat against SSPX, claiming that the Second Vatican cataclysm is in organic continuity with the rich patrimony of 1,900 years of Holy Traditon.

  13. John McFarland2:35 AM

    On its face, the notion that a big wheel at the ITC is a Thomist is absurd.

    Can someone give us a little more color around the notion that Fr. Morerod is a Thomist?

  14. I am crawling away with my tail between my legs. Iakovos is correct.

    I guess I experienced the backblast of my dynamite.

    Fribourg is where the original canonical authorization for the SSPX originated.

    I switched things around in my head. Mea culpa.

  15. It is true that, when first canonically established, the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X was recognized by the then-bishop of this same diocese, Bp. Charrière. However, the Seminary itself is geographically in the Diocese of Sion, Parish of Riddes - the original house itself was bought with the authorization of the then Bishop of Sion, Nestor Adam.


  16. Gratias6:23 AM

    Seems Bishop Morerod will be a much better leader than our own Roger Cardinal Mahoney ever was. I do hope he has publicly offered the TLM already, as should all future bishop candidates. May he warm the cold heart of Calvinism. Bonne chance Eveque!

  17. P.K.T.P.7:21 AM

    So, someone has engineered Fr. Morerod out of the curia, where he had the greatest effect, and off to a small Swiss diocese. Remind me again: why are we supposed to be celebrating this?

    As for the D. of Geneva, Lausanne & Fribourg, it currently has one of the greatest number of every-Sunday T.L.M.s of any see in the world. There are something like ten or fifteen of them there. The F.S.S.P. is present to offer many of these.


  18. DefensorFidei7:28 AM

    "I do hope he has publicly offered the TLM already"

    No, he hasn't. Hopefully he will, once consecrated.

  19. "Note: Econe is in this Diocese.

    Coincidence? I think not.

    Boom goes the dynamite"

    If this means, even as a joke..the end of Econe or the SSPX, think again.

    Econe will outlast this Bishop and stand proundly as the only Catholic seminary in the whole of the Swiss nation.

  20. Curmudgeon10:57 AM

    Every Latin rite priest or bishop who hasn't offered TLM should be required to do so. Just once. It's just a 'sign', you know. Good for the goose and gander and all that stuff.

  21. Thorin11:57 AM

    Thanks for posting this. May the Lord bless Bishop Morerod.

  22. "So, someone has engineered Fr. Morerod out of the curia, where he had the greatest effect, and off to a small Swiss diocese. Remind me again: why are we supposed to be celebrating this? "

    I doubt if he was engineered out of the Curia, although Benedict XVI had better watch the cabal of losers in the Secretariat of State, which has tried to undercut, water down, and even sabotage each and every action of Pope Benedict XVI, and pressure him to do things or appoint people to high posts he would rather not.
    It is common knowledge that Benedict XVI did not want to commemorate the 25th anniversary of JP II's Assisi circus with yet another one. He was pressured to by those die=hard JP II cheerleaders in the Curia, and particularly in the Secretariate of State, the Council for Inter-Religious Dialog, and the Coiuncil for Justice and Peace.

    Scary as it is, there is a troika of truely evil men in the Vatican, 2 now retired and 1 soon to be, that are so deeply entrenched that they are still pulling the strings about how things go in the Vatican. They are Cardinals Sodano,84, Re,77, and Bertone,77...along with supporters on the fringe, Cardinals Arinze,79, Martino,78, Kasper,78, Levada,75,Tauran,68, and Sandri,68.
    They also have a small legion of lesser rank Bishops only alittle younger than themselves who also are influential in the wrong way.
    Together, they make a formidable obsticle to any traditionalist leanings of Benedict XVI and younger Curial prelates.

    Perhaps, with the Grace of God , Benedict XVI will outlast these people (to use polite language) so that all of the above mentioned Cardinals will be too old to participate in a conclave to elect a new Pope. Which means, Pope Benedict XVI needs to live at least 3 more years in office to have alot of the old JP II rot cleaned out and relegated to the sidelines.
    Let us pray for the Pope. He is stuck with an aging, shrinking crowd of dissidents in the Curia who have opposed him from day 1 of his pontificate.
    Let us pray he can outlast them!

  23. GQRep,

    Econe shouldn't be pround to be the only Catholic seminary left--it means their mission is failing. The whole goal of the SSPX should be to become irrelevant and unnecessary, or at least one amongst many. Their goal is to strengthen the local and universal Church and cause it to flourish, not to out live it.

  24. GQRep1:30 PM

    "May he warm the cold heart of Calvinism. Bonne chance Eveque!"

    Calvinism is dead in Switzerland. My father was there on business a few years ago. He said the only people who go to Church in Switzerland are the Catholics...and that doesn't say much with only 20# or less going to Mass each Sunday.

    But despite all the cold monuments to Calvin and other Protestant "reformers" set up in Geneva, the old Calvinist stronghold, not many of them go to Church. And those that do are very old.

    Reminds me of the stats for the Episcopalians here in the USA.

  25. Econe is not in the Diocese of Fribourg. Econe is located in the Diocese of Sion.

    The SSPX was erected in the Diocese of Fribourg in 1970 and the headquarters for the Society was in that Diocese until it moved to its currently location in Menzingen in the Diocese of Basel.

  26. "It is common knowledge that Benedict XVI did not want to commemorate the 25th anniversary of JP II's Assisi circus with yet another one. He was pressured to by those die=hard JP II cheerleaders in the Curia, and particularly in the Secretariate of State, the Council for Inter-Religious Dialog, and the Coiuncil for Justice and Peace."

    It is common knowledge that His Holiness has refused to bow to pressure from any group.

    In Traditional Catholic circles, Hus Holiness was under tremendous pressure to have preserved the Traditional Good Friday prayer for the Jews.

    His Holiness ignored that pressure.

    In regard again to Traditional Catholics, His Holiness is under tremendous "pressure" to offer the TLM.

    His Holiness has refused to offer the TLM.

    Among liberal Catholics and, for that matter, non-Catholic liberals, His Holiness was under fierce pressure to continue the farce that the TLM had been abrogated.

    His Holiness igonored said pressure.

    Liberal Catholics and non-Catholics pressured His Holiness to maintain the excommunications against the SSPX bishops.

    Liberals were enraged when His Holiness authorized discussion with the SSPX.

    Liberals are enraged that His Holiness administers Communion on the tongue to worshipers who also kneel as they receive Holy Communion.

    Sorry, but I don't buy that His Holiness was pressured into the Assisi III gathering.

    His Holiness has declared that the Church will not change Her course in regard to Her acceptance of ecumenism and so-called "interfaith dialogue."

    The bottom line is that Pope Benedict XVI has adhered to his agenda in the face of "pressure" from Traditionalists and liberals.


  27. Tom, obviously we have different defintions of what means "orthodox".

    PKTP, I thought the Church was episcopal and hierarchical in structure, not curial with everything micromanaged from Rome. A bishop has more influence in his own diocese than a curial official.

    Most holy Theotokos, save us.

  28. Anonymous4:59 PM

    With everyone obsessed with the Society of Pius X they missed an important point. The FSSP General House is located in Fribourg and the FSSP has been shut out for years from having a parish in Fribourg. Perhaps this new appointment will allow the FSSP to have a greater freedom in the area.

  29. P.K.T.P.5:34 PM


    Your analysis is mostly right but you give too little importance to the malign influence of Cardinal Levada. He and his Maltese lawyer, Msgr. Scicluna, watered down the effect of U.E. in three clauses, eight others showing the good effect of the right sort of men. U.E. is mostly good, not bad, and yet the three clauses in question have, to a large extent, attracted most of the attention, and they have harmed the implementation of S.P. This year, there has been a NET LOSS of five U.S. dioceses having the T.L.M. every Sunday and, little improvement elsewhere, including in France. Canada is an exception, gaining the T.L.M. every Sunday in the Archdioceses of Winnipeg and Moncton.

    Levada has also been a negative influence regarding the Anglican ordinariates. Thanks to saboteurs in the C.D.F., no sound liturgy has been approved for them. As a result, in England, they get the New Roman Mass FOR THE NEXT THREE YEARS, by the admission of Msgr. Burnham, and then MAYBE something better after that. Anglicans coming into ordinariates elsewhere have essentially given up and resigned themselves to the fact that it's the Novus Ordo for the foreseeable future. Why have such structures if their Mass must be the N.O. that is normative in the territorial dioceses? It's sabotage.

    One must wonder why Benedict XVI put this man in charge of the high post of Prefect in the C.D.F., the Pope's old job. That makes Levada the man in charge in the negotiatios with the S.S.P.X. Guess who likely penned the Preamble the Society cannot sign?

    When Levada was Apb. of San Franciso, he was the only one of twelve residential diocesan bishops in California who refused to allow the Traditional Latin Mass on any basis whatsoever. (S.F. is one of only two metropolitan archdioceses in that group.) This makes him an implacable enemy of the T.L.M. So then the Pope puts him in charge of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei? Wake up, bloggers. The facts do not match your fantasies.

    No, I don't think that the Pope is on the side of the liberals. The preponderance of the evidence suggests that he wants to 'balance' liberal and 'conservative' influence (with even a bit of traditionalism thrown in for good measure) to keep the Barque of Peter united, to prevent schisms in any direction. He likely thinks that this is needed to fulfil his commission to save souls. It is a noble motivation but its workability is at least questionable: can one keep fire and water in the same hearth? What you get is a confusing smoke that chokes all the residence of the house and, sooner or later, the fire must evaporate the water or the water must put out the fire. Traditionalism and liberalism are fundamentally incompatible, and conservatism is only the futile attempt to lead the latter partially towards the former.

    Before this Council, there was only one Church and, in the Latin Church of the West, mainly one Mass (the Ambrosian and Mozarabic Rites being similar to it in charism). There can be diversity in unity but only one spirit, for God is one.


  30. P.K.T.P.5:39 PM

    Anon. 6.59:

    What are you blathering about? The F.S.S.P. offers every-Sunday Masses all over the Diocese of G., L. & Fribourg. Check the facts on Pro Missa Tridentina or Wikimissa. I will accept your claim that they have not been given a good house there but they certainly do have a wide freedom of movement. There are more every-Sunday Traditional Latin Masses in that Diocese than in any other in the world, save Versailles and perhaps New York and Chicago.


  31. P.K.T.P.5:42 PM


    You don't get it. We traditionalists reject the collegiality of Vatican II. The Church is an hierarchical monarchy. Moreover, Fr. Morerod was in a position of influence where it mattered at this time, as the Pope is considering reforms both to NewMass and the the Traditional Rite of Mass. Lastly, when you have heterdoxy spreading throughout the Church like a disease, what is needed is orthodoxy and firmness at the centre, to LAY DOWN THE LAW.


  32. P.K.T.P.5:56 PM

    Jack writes:

    "I should think that being orthodox in doctrine WAS being traditional."

    No, wrong. If you are not orthodox, you are not Catholic. Period. Traditionalism, conservatism and liberalism refer to ways of expressing the faith (as does charismaticism, or so its adherents claim). Liberalism is unCatholic in its orientation but it might be possible for some liberals not to realise this, making them Catholic materially but hardly in spirit.


  33. P.K.T.P.6:01 PM

    The facts on the F.S.S.P. in Geneva, Lausanne & Fribourg:

    There are five every-Sunday T.L.M.s offered by the Fraternity of St. Peter, one in each of the following places:

    Lausanne, Geneva, Bulle, Fribourg, Neuchâtel.

    The F.S.S.P. also offers the Traditional Latin Mass daily at Lausanne and on other bases elsewhere in the Diocese.

    Five Fraternity priests say Masses in the Diocese, Fathers Evrat, Bïcker, Duhram, Wyler and du Fay [add deux points to the y but I can't find it in my Symbols].

    Very few dioceses on this particuclar planet have more Traditional Latin Masses than has this Swiss one.


  34. Joseph9:20 PM

    I think it is more important to have good diocesan bishops than good curial officials. The formation of good priests, formation of the laity, the restoration of tradition, and, ultimately, the salvation of souls are done at the diocesan level.

  35. Gratias6:03 AM

    Monsieur Perkins, P.K.T.P., has done excellent work at helping us understand that what really counts, deep down, is to have every-Sunday masses. Thank you.

  36. William5:39 AM

    "...the Pope is considering reforms both to NewMass..."

    Such as?



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