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Events: North and South

Two events worthy of your attention and patronage:

Up North:
In the Detroit area we are blessed to have Father Perrone and his parish Assumption Grotto. Put as briefly as possible Father Perrone is kind of good and pious priest that traditional Catholics pray for. And he is a composer and conductor!

His orchestral mass is debuting this Christmas season. The following is a quote from Fr. Perrone on it:

"Let me say first that composing an orchestral Mass is a daunting project in view of the illustrious composers who have written in this form. I decided to have a hand at it for two reasons: from the encouragement given by some people and by my desire to give something to honor the Mother of God, like the offering made by the juggler before the image of Notre Dame. It’s my belief that the Virgin Mary is the most beautiful of all God’s creatures in view of the fact that God chose Her for the Incarnation of His Son. All created beauty, in my view, must then be a participation in Her unparalleled beauty which is reflected in the many great works of art which Her beauty has inspired. I wanted therefore to make my own contribution, however small, to this vast cultural treasure. For this reason I dedicated it to Her under the title Fountain of Beauty."

Story on Orchestral Mass

Down South:
Prince of Peace Catholic Church in Taylors, S.C., will be host to a Solemn High Midnight Mass Dec. 25. The celebrant will be Fr. Richard Tomlinson with Fr. Christopher Smith as deacon and seminarian Renaurd West serving as subdeacon.

This will be the first Solemn High Mass in the Piedmont Deanery and the entire Upstate of South Carolina in more than 50 years.


JTLiuzza said...

If I could get in a "plug." At St. Patrick's in New Orleans we will also offer the Solemn High Mass at Midnight, as we do every year.

A blessed Christmas to you all here on Rorate, my favorite site.

Dixie Forever said...

The South will be the first region in these united States to restore Christ as King and one day the Faith of our Fathers will flourish here. Lord, let it happen soon! JMJ

Kathleen said...

Thank you all at Rorate for posting on the Grotto Masses!

May God bless you this Christmas season!

Henry Edwards said...

At Holy Ghost Church in Knoxville (TN) we will have a Solemn High Mass of Christmas at 1:30 pm Sunday, with three young diocesan priests as the sacred ministers and a seminarian of the diocese as MC. The Knoxville Latin Mass Schola will sing Orlando di Lasso's Missa Octavi Toni for the ordinary, and Victoria's motet O Magnum Mysterium. This will be the second solemn high Mass--and the first solemn high Mass of Christmas--in Knoxville in recent decades.

Torkay said...

Assumption Grotto, cleverly disguised as Our Lady of Fatima parish, plays a central role in the new novel being circulated by Father Gruner's Apostolate, , by Dr. Bruce Walters. Sounds like a truly beautiful place.

Father Anthony Cekada said...

Father Perrone's description of the movements of his orchestral Mass are intriguing. I assume a recording will be put on the Internet in due course, and that the setting is intended for use at the traditional Latin Mass.

If not, as a former Novus Ordo legalist and church musician, I have to point out that the grinch-like principles of the General Instruction that were designed to destroy traditional forms of church music and enforce "participation" require that the celebrating assembly bark out inane responses to the Kyrie, Creed and Sanctus.

This ruled out the integral use of thousands and thousands of magnificent polyphonic and orchestral Mass settings from the Church's musical treasury — unless for the Sparrow Mass your congregation can sing with the sparrows!

James Hahn II said...

I attended Midnight Mass at Assumption Grotto and came away thinking I just attended The Mass of Stephen Sondheim. It was beyond horrendous. My wife and I felt like we were on the set of a 1960's Broadway play the whole time. It was overly dramatic, modern drivel that in no way matched the dignity of the Mass or even the building in which it was taking place. I never thought I would say this, but we would have been better off attending the NO. It was the most audaciously distracting offence ever perpetrated against the Holy Mass. In fact, it was so distracting, in the end, we didn't even feel like we attended Mass. Had I payed to get in, I would have asked for a refund. As it stands, I'll never get that Christmas Eve back. Kyrie Eleison!

Diane M. Korzeniewski, OCDS said...

I'm late getting here to thank Rorate Caeli for featuring the Mass info for Assumption Grotto. Many thanks.

To James Hahn II,

Full disclosure, I am a member of Assumption Grotto and in the choir.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but I think a little more charity would be appropriate.

First, I have sung Mozart, Haydn, Schubert and among these are my favorite Masses. I have also sung Stravinsky and I do not care for it. However, Conversely, I know people who cannot stand Mozart, et al and love Stravinsky. The latter does absolutely nothing for me, if not somewhat make my skin crawl. There are a few other classical composers whose Masses I similarly do not care for, mostly more modern era composers. I tend to like the older stuff.

With this in mind, I know people who were deeply moved by Fr. Perrone's "Fountain of Beauty" Mass. I also know the priest well enough to say that he put every ounce of his being into the work and every note was composed out of pure love for God and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

It's true that not everyone will necessarily be moved by it; it might even be annoying to some. There's nothing wrong with voicing your dislike of the style. But to say, "it was the most audaciously distracting offence ever perpetrated against the Holy Mass", is particularly hurtful, especially if you have any knowledge whatsoever for the love Fr. Perrone has for the liturgy and all he has done to bring us good liturgy 365 days a year.

While it may have been offensive to you, only glory was meant for God. I don't think He will be nearly as harsh in His judgment because God not only reads the music, but he reads the heart of the man who wrote it.

Further, if you think that is the worst offense against the Mass, you haven't been to 99% of parishes where folk tunes, some of them downright heretical, rule.

Steve C said...

Prince of Peace is having a Solemn High Mass for Our Lady's Assumption :) my brother, who is the only seminarian ever from South Carolina to be enrolled at the FSSP will help in altar serving