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Ongoing series: The crisis of the Church is a crisis of Bishops
1- Overturning faithful school decisions in Australia

From The Australian (tip: Canberra reader):

A SENIOR Catholic bishop has described as "absolutely appalling" the decision by a Catholic primary school in far western NSW to exclude a girl based on her parents' sexuality, and ordered the school to reverse its decision.

The girl's parents, one of whom was reportedly christened Catholic, enrolled her into kindergarten at Sacred Heart Primary School in Broken Hill for 2012, but their application was rejected because they are in a same-sex relationship.

Bishop [Emeritus] of Parramatta, Kevin Manning, who has responsibility for the Wilcannia-Forbes district covering Broken Hill, told The Australian this morning there was "no way in the world that we can persecute a child because of what their parents did".

"I've instructed (the school) to offer her the position," Bishop Manning said.

Bishop Manning said he was "absolutely appalled" by the girl's case, and that he had not been aware of it before it was reported in the media yesterday.


Bishop Manning said the Church maintained its position that homosexual relationships are wrong, but that "you can't discriminate against a child on the grounds that the parents are in a homosexual relationship".

"You are vesting the sins of the parents on the child - it's quite wrong," he said.

It was not "because of her parents' sexuality", but because her mother forms a "couple" with a person of her sex - any sensible person can easily see how this situation can create all sorts of issues in a Catholic school. By the way, there is no such thing as "parents" in this case, Your Excellency, but one mother and another woman; the parents are the mother and a father who is simply left unmentioned, as if female human beings had children through parthenogenesis.


  1. rodrigo11:30 AM

    Pity the faithful who, while attempting to defend the Church's teaching in a hostile environment, find the enemies of the Church citing their own bishops against them. A case in point.

  2. GQ Rep12:09 PM

    Unfortunatly, this headline that the crisis in the Church is one of Bishops is probably true. That goes for the top Bishop of the Church too.

    But we also must not forget the aged liberal priests, nuns, and armies of lay faithful who likewise have contributed to the crisis of Faith since Vatican II. Fifty years of it.

    The only good thing in all of this is that for the most part, the Bishops, priests, nuns, and laity who continue this destruction of the Catholic Faith are very aged people. Their terms in office are almost at an end with regards to Bishops. With regards to priests and nuns, their Orders are dead institutions which are disappearing perhaps not as quickly as many traditional Catholics would like...but they soon will be gone.

    Remember the Apostolic Visitation of USA nuns which was supposed to finish it's work in 2011? We have not heard much about this for months, not since Pope Benny caved in and replaced the courageous Cardinal Rode with 2 radical liberals in the Congregation for Religious. But it doesn't really matter. Only 1 Order of liberal USA nuns has more than 1,000 members (compared to close to 100 before Vatican II). Most Orders of USA nuns have 350 or less members. Their average age is 76. There are many Orders with less than 100 members. Soon they will be gone. And with them, the radical liberal femminist dissenting agenda they fostered.

    Likewise with Orders of priests....and individual Bishops.

    It's only a matter of afew years before these people are gone.

    Perhaps in afew years, if we are lucky, we might get a Pope in the mold of Pope St. Pius X, or Venerable Pope Pius XII, rathern that one in the mold of more recent well meaning but ineffective and weak Popes.

    It's possible.

  3. " way in the world that we can persecute a child because of what their parents did".

    There are other opinions

    Exodus 20:5 – “You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me.”

  4. Of course in a few years her "parents" will be suing the school for failing to present "gay marriage" as an equally fulfilling lifestyle, with grinning Bishop sportscoat by their side.

  5. Ecclesia Militans12:59 PM

    This is not only a crisis of bishops but of the whole hierachy.
    Let me remind you that hundreds of traditionalist bishops, for example the entire Spanish episcopacy, in Vatican II signed the documents only after the Pope signed them, because they belived that the Pope would not lead them astray. How mistaken were they...

    And was it not the Pope who initiated and carried through the scandalous Assisi gathering in 1984?
    Was it not the Pope who visited mosques, synagogues and other unholy buildings, making an example for the bishops, an example they now vigorously follow?
    Was it not the Pope who signed what the modernists thought was the death warrant of the Mass of All times, when he "promulgated" the new rite?
    And let's not even get started on the countless scandals of the cardinals.

    I believe Sister Anne Catherine Emmerich described this new church using the following adjectives:
    strange, new, extravagant, heterodox, false, counterfeit,
    ...a church of human creation, following the latest fashion,

    "I saw again the strange big church that was being built there (in Rome). There was nothing holy in it. I saw this just as I saw a movement led by Ecclesiastics to which contributed angels, saints and other Christians. But there (in the strange big church) all the work was being done mechanically (i.e. according to set rules and formulae). Everything was being done according to human reason. . .
    I saw all sorts of people, things, doctrines, and opinions. There was something proud, presumptuous, and violent about it, and they seemed to be very successful. I did not see a single Angel nor a single saint helping in the work. But far away in the background, I saw the seat of a cruel people armed with spears, and I saw a laughing figure which said: 'Do build it as solid as you can; we will pull it to the ground.'"

  6. Bishop Manning! No bishop wanted this diocese as it is really a vast empty area of desert and aridity. Bishop Manning is a well meaning liberal and it is no secret he is weak. Please look at the Diocese of Parramatta where Bishop Manning was last and wreaked his cathedral. The new Bishop Anthony Fisher is fine and is stuck with the legacy of Bishop Manning. I have met him and basiaclly he ahs lost his identity and spine!

  7. There are ways to solve this matter without using "discrimination" language that is essentially anti-Catholic.

    And, of course, Brian is right: this matter only advances, through "anti-discrimination" legislation that encroaches on the Church's rights and prerogatives further and further.

  8. A Loyal Reader3:50 PM

    Michael Voris has a short video addressing this very topic of BAD Bishops. It Is titled, "A Disaster"! Worth a look!

  9. Jerry4:23 PM

    There is a disaster because the V2 documents love relativism and disown intellectual certainty of reason.(Iota Unum).
    The old liberals will pass away but the new crop is taught the same thing. Pope Benedict has a huge task at hand and I fear he is not the man for the job.


  10. I feel sorry for the child, but letting her into the school is a mistake. SShe will bring her 'parents' Anti-Christian beliefs, attitudes, and God forbid, their behaviours into the school in the years to come.

  11. martyjude5:17 PM

    While I am sick and tired of the liberal, dare I say evil 'bishops' in The Church today and what they and their predecessors, including recent Popes, have done/are doing to Our Faith, there are limits.

    Why should a child be denied the chance to a Catholic education because his/her parents are gay and living an open/honest life? Would it be better to lie and say that the father had disappeared and the female parents are just good friends?

    That's appalling. What would Our Lord say? Isn't it bad enough that we are born with Original sin and have the potential to commit mortal sin, which can deny us Heaven? What has that child done to be treated in this way? Aren't there Protestants, Muslims, Hindus, children of divorced parents, children whose parents use contraception, parents who have had abortions. parents who have had/are having extra marital affairs, children born of unmarried heterosexual parents attending Catholic schools? Shall we have them banned too? Perhaps the schools would be empty...and what about those poor mites being subjected to a far worse education in secular schools, with less chance of them continuing a Catholic Faith, albeit watered down faith?

    How hypocritical is all this? Her parents will have struggled through their lives against adversity and hatred to be where they are today. Yes, against Church Teaching, but why should they be denied love because they don't fit into the wonderful heterosexual 'perfect world' where nobody sins? God bless the child and her parents. On this occasion I would support the Bishop.

    It's easy to spit flames because of our revulsion of certain aspects of peoples lives...where is the christian charity,at least in respect of the child?!

    God bless and save us all - members of the Church of Sinners !!!

  12. Delphina6:06 PM

    I stopped adding that oh-so-nice descriptive phrase "well meaning" before the word "liberal" a long time ago.

  13. May I ask where that quote from Bl Catherine Emmerich comes from? Is it published anywhere? I'm thinking of getting some of the books which contain her visions hence the question.

  14. Assuming that the school teaches sound Catholic doctrine, wouldn't it be an act of charity to enroll the girl and teach her the Truth? The school has the opportunity to counter the evil to which the poor girl is exposed at "home". What will she be taught now? It certainly won't be the Truth.

  15. Further to my last comment, I agree that the bishop did a bad thing in overruling the school's decision, especially since he did it for all the wrong reasons. I'm only suggesting that the school could have decided differently. It's a complex situation, and the bishop has opted for a typically liberal and simplistic solution.

  16. Maynardus6:44 PM

    When someone asks: "Why should a child be denied a Catholic education [for the aforementioned reason]?", I usually ask them the same two questions in response:

    1.) Why do you believe the child is entitled to a "Catholic education"?

    2.) Do you personally believe that the Catholic Church is the only means by which this child can achieve eternal salvation?

    Warning: this approach has been known to intiate animated and even heated discussions... especially with bishops!

  17. Martyjude, they are not her "parents". At least both cannot be.

    There might be reasonable grounds for this - however, should the school be undermined when it takes a decision that is morally correct? And, even if we feel sorry for the child, are we not to think of the many moral rights of the other children - many of whom might not even be aware that there are such things as "same sex couples"? Is the girl supposed to be under a gag order in school, so that other children are not exposed to this complex reality? Would this work, knowing that children are very curious and talkative?... etc.

    What we have here, then, is a Catholic school doing a rare thing these days (caring for the different aspects involved in the moral environment in which most of the enrolled children live), but being undermined by a bishop not based on Catholic doctrine, but on ideological grounds.

  18. Anonymous7:15 PM

    New Catholic hit the nail on the head -- you cannot do what's best for one student at the peril of the other students.

    Would it be great to take this one child, de-brainwash her, and set her straight? Sure. But you'd also be exposing the other students to an evil way of life and robbing them of their innocence. Archbishop Chaput, last year while still in Denver, banned a student for the same thing, because her pretend parents were homosexuals.

    Also, what's the chances you can really turn this student's beliefs around, when the two homosexuals who feed her, cloth her, put a roof over her head, and spend all free time with her are telling her something else?

    Last, this wouldn't be the end of it. Once they started -- if they still teach this in the typical Catholic school -- teaching about the evil of homosexuality, do you not believe the "parents" will protest, and cause yet more distraction at the school, disrupting studies and causing mass scandal? Of course they will. Again, you must take into account the welfare of all students, not just one.

  19. While I think it would be great if the school accepted her AND SUCCEEDED IN CHANGING HER BELIEFS AND THAT OF HER PARENTS (keep that in mind so I am not torn apart), it would 99% of the time end in no such result. Oramus pro eam.

  20. Ivan K7:45 PM

    Another triumph of 'full communion' Catholicism. How much better off we are without the disobedient SSPX!

    I know, I know: it's a melody with one note. On the other hand, repetitio est mater studiorum.

  21. Margaret8:55 PM

    When Archbishop Timothy Dolan was in Milwaukee, he allowed one of his priests to write three articles in the diocesan paper and lecture in the diocese againt an ammendment that would define marriage as between a man and a woman. That priest has since gone on to take a position teaching at Marquette University, thus infecting even more people. Dolan has gone onto New York and is president of the Conference of Bishops, thus quietly spreading this kind of dissent.

  22. Delphina8:55 PM


    Quite right.

    Whatever happened to their latest mantra "the common good"?

  23. Ecclesia Militans9:07 PM

    JMJ Ora Pro Nobis,

    The quotes are from "Catholic Prophecy" by Yves Dupont, but as far as I know they originally come from the book "The Life of Anne Catherine Emmerich" by Rev. Carl Schmoeger, C.SS.R. It was first published in English in 1870.

    As I wrote somewhere before, I would recommend Dupont's book. It is not perfect, it has either one or two errors (the quote on page 116, beginning with "People were kneading bread in the crypt but it would not rise..." is a compound from several completely different pages in her book and therefore not at all a true quote) and it presents also the abhorrent false prophecies of Nostradamus, which you are better off tearing out of the book straight away, but, taking into account the reservations, it is a short compendium of relevant Catholic Prophecy concerning the Last Times.

  24. David said: "Assuming that the school teaches sound Catholic doctrine, wouldn't it be an act of charity to enroll the girl and teach her the Truth? The school has the opportunity to counter the evil to which the poor girl is exposed at "home". What will she be taught now? It certainly won't be the Truth."

    What are the odds in this fight? On the one hand a lone, rare Catholic school that in the name of Truth still maintains a serious approach to morality and provides an environment protective of that most fragile, most delicate and most beautiful flower, the innocence of children; on the other hand a pair of adults flaunting their vice as if in a personal 'gay pride', and having all the weight of the homosexual lobby of the whole world behind them, a lobby that tramples all that is most holy, most sublime and most honourable underfoot - what do they care about innocence? - and seek to impose their filth and vileness on society by each and every cunning means at their
    well-organised and well-financed disposal. There are numerous known cases where homosexuals have deliberately targetted Catholic institutions to put them in a no-win situation - damned if they do and damned if they don't.

    It is the duty of the shepherds to protect the lambs. In this case a pair of wolves are not only *not* protecting a lamb that they have at their disposal, but are using it as a decoy in order to destroy other lambs. God help the poor parents, because those ordained by the Church to protect are doing the exact opposite.

    Be sober and watch: because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, goeth about seeking whom he may devour. 1 Peter 5:8

  25. Anonymous11:04 PM

    Once again, the Bishop not behaving as a bishop insists in - see photo - not being seen as one.

    In a way, they are right, as they have abdicated to their function and chosen worldly slogans instead.

    Thank goodness, these people are old aging nincompoops. One day we'll be rid of them. Not one day too soon.


  26. Fr Paul McDonald11:44 PM

    May I ask apropos of this topic, if anyone has read Jean Madiran's, L'Heresie du 20me siècle: l'herésie des évêques?

    Does it have something to contribute to this discussion?

  27. Patrick12:44 AM

    "It's possible."
    But it's not probable. Every candidate to the episcopacy has to first have some pope's permission to be consecrated. From Pius XII down to Benedict XVI a whole army of incompetent bishops has been loosed among the flock doing untold damage to souls. I don't see this stopping.

  28. Joe B1:38 AM

    So which side of this issue do you think the Vatican would come down?

    The most likely answer: neither. They are overwhelmed with dissent, conflicted over justice, and inefficient at enforcement.

    Just stay with our traditions. They're infallible. All should be required to give assent to them.

  29. Lopes3:40 AM

    'Why should a child be denied the chance to a Catholic education because his/her parents are gay and living an open/honest life? Would it be better to lie and say that the father had disappeared and the female parents are just good friends?'

    Are you kidding me?!! Honest life??

    But, hey, as long as these bishops are in full communion and the people in the pew attend the NO mess (with the new, new, new translation), all is well.

  30. Why should a child be denied the chance to a Catholic education because his/her parents are gay and living an open/honest life? Would it be better to lie and say that the father had disappeared and the female parents are just good friends?

    It is impossible to be in a sodomitic relationship and live an open and honest life.

    It obviously is not better to lie about the sodomitic relationship of this poor child's mother. The child and the mother and the mother's homosexual paramour should be told the honest truth: that sodomy is a grievous sin and that same-sex sexual relationships are seriously disordered.

    I say, let the child go to Catholic school -- but only if the mother and her homosexual paramour agree to have the child taught the truth about what her mother and her mother's paramour are doing. If they find that offensive, let them find a school more to their own liking.

  31. and now the same-sex mafia are agitating to change the laws here in relation to exemptions for religious schools:

  32. If they are accepting children from de-facto relationships then my mind tells me they have a duty to do the same from children from un-natural relationships. Same thing to me.

  33. SPWang has a point. The Catholic system in Australia has been enrolling children from non-Catholic backgrounds and irregular family situations for some time.

    That makes it easy for this progression to happen. Not right but it does open the door.

    And the Catholic system is significantly funded by government, so ultimately they are over a barrel. Maybe the time is coming to say the cost of taking the funds is too high.


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