Rorate Caeli

They also speak aggresively of the Pope

From the Q&A session of Pope Benedict XVI in the Rebbibia correctional facility, Rome:

Q. My name is Federico. ... What can sick and HIV-positive prisoners ask of the Pope? ... We are barely mentioned, but only in aggressive terms, as if seeking to have us eliminated from society. This makes us feel subhuman.

A. "We have to endure the fact that people speak about us 'aggressively'. They also speak 'aggressively' about the Pope, yet nonetheless we move on. I think it is important to encourage everyone to think positively, to understand your sufferings, to understand the need to help you rise again. I will do my part, inviting everyone to think in the right way, not abusively but humanly, understanding that anyone can fall, but God wants everyone to reach Him. We must cooperate in a spirit of fraternity recognising our own fragility so that people can truly rise up and move forward with dignity, so that they may grow and thus find happiness in life, because life is granted to us by the Lord ... . The Lord will help you and we are close to you."


Long-Skirts said...

Pope Benedict said:

"...understanding that anyone can fall, but God wants everyone to reach Him"

at the

Sorrowful mother
Do not weep
When children's faith
They do not keep.

With prayers to God
They're not compliant?
Then time for mother
To be defiant!

Get on your knees
Where you adore
He who made
Each babe you bore

Out of love
So tangled-tight
Burst their souls
Of promise bright.

And if the brightness
Starts to dull
Think not that he
Is just a cull

He's here to make
You ever holy
We all need help,
Can't do it soley.

That's why we suffer
To imbue
Prodigals others
Our cry and hue.

So they can see
On knees we drop
If unto death
Our prayers won't stop.

And by His heart
So sacred tender
In grace you'll die
A suffering-splendor

Where in the fields
Of Heaven's Granger…
Sainted mothers pray
For your death at the manger.

authoressaurus said...

God Bless, save, and prosper Pope Benedict XVI. Our Lady of Victories, intercede for him.

IM said...

He even finds time to visit these sheep!! Wonderful!

And for a personal reason, this really came at exactly the right moment! Deo gratias! Please say an extra ave for a good intention, and may our Mother in Heaven recompense you eternally for it!

Gratias said...

Our Pope has strong shoulders. Benedict XVI is the Catholic Church's blessing. To many more years.