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You report: Pontifical Mass in Kentucky

A reader sends us the following report from the Diocese of Lexington, Kentucky:

On Gaudete Sunday, Dec. 11, 2011, Bishop Ronald W. Gainer of Lexington, Kentucky, offered a Pontifical Low Mass with Some Solemnity at St. Peter's Church in downtown Lexington. The Mass was offered for Regina Pacis Chaplaincy, the apostolate of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter in the diocese. Bishop Gainer was assisted by Fr. John Rickert, FSSP, the chaplain of the apostolate, and Fr. Noel Zamora of the diocese of Lexington. Over 140 people attended, including the Bishop's mother, and Bishop Gainer generously met and spoke with many people at the dinner held after the Mass. This was the second time the Bishop has offered Mass for the chaplaincy, the previous occasion being for the conferring of Confirmation about two years ago.


Gratias said...

Bravo Bishop Ronald Gainer! We need many more like you.

I suggest that the Pope should only appoint as bishops priests that have offered both forms of the one Latin Rite. Only then he can be considered a Priest in Full.

This is something the Pope has done himself in the past. Google "Cardinal Ratzinger's Mass in Weimar" to see his 1999 Pontifical Solemn Mass recounted by Michael Davies. Cardinal Burke is now following in Ratzinger's footsteps.

Tom said...

A Mass steeped in Holy Tradition.

A God-centered Mass that made clear that humble humans must kneel and bow frequently to The Almighty.

A Mass that made clear the Church's belief that She possessed the True Religion — a Religion not watered-down via ecumenism.

Please, Holy Father, return to the Mass that you were ordained to offer.