Rorate Caeli

Because it is a Friday in January

Bohemian Master (?) [c. 1400]
January [detail]
Castello del Buonconsiglio, Trent, Italy

Bedřich Smetana
Má vlast (Vltava)


jasoncpetty said...

You think those are snowballs, but that's really bread. This is a rare image of a late 14th-c. Neocatechumenal Way offertory procession.

Cranky Old Man said...

Too funny!

Now seriously, if only it would get cold enough for snow!

Tradfly said...

Excellent selection NC.
It's one of my favourite pieces, The Moldau.

@ JasoncPetty: ROTFL!!!

Picard said...



Vin said...

possibly pettyjason, but it was obviously before their women took to wearing sweatshirts, smoking profusely and wearing sweaty training shoes to meet the Supreme Pontiff!