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A Bishop cherishes blasphemy - and now he may go to the Roman Curia?
[UPDATE] Bishop condemns play

[Updated - see end of post.]

A couple of months ago, we mentioned the brave stance of some young French Catholics in defense of the honor of Our Lord:

Each day of this past week has seen a resurgence of hundreds of traditionalist youth using all means, short of violence, to upset the play of Romeo Castellucci (called On the Concept of the Face of the Son of God). It presents an old man whose feces are spread over a huge portrait of Christ. This portrait becomes the target of grenades thrown by children whose last message is “You are not my shepherd.”
All in all, the feces lovers’ feast turned out a flop.

The blasphemous play by Castellucci is coming to his nation, Italy, where it will be staged in Milan in late January. However, already in November, as a response to the brave attitude of the Catholics of France, the Archbishop of Oristano (Sardinia, Italy), Ignazio Sanna, did not actually see anything bad in the blasphemous work of Castelucci - he actually praised its intent:

Even if the actors of the play "On the Concept of the Face of the Son of God" turn to the majestic image of Christ by Antonello da Messina with the sorrowful question, "Why have you forsaken me?", its director [Castellucci] stresses that, "we are nourished by the image of Christ." [November 2, 2011. Source and tip: Francesco Colafemmina. These words by Castellucci are not in his play, but were rather pronounced by him in an interview published by Italian secular daily La Repubblica at the time of the Paris protests, in which he also said that he would not "retreat before the obscurantists."]

No, Your Excellency: they throw feces and grenades on the Holy Face. They proclaim that "He is not their shepherd". Could you at least acknowledge that?

Now, what will Archbishop Sanna get in return for his support and disingenuous defense of blasphemy? According to yesterday's edition of local newspaper La Nuova Sardegna, he could be named the next Secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) or of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints.

Could it be true? A man like him is just what the Roman Curia needs!...

P.S. La Nuova Sardegna is also one of several Italian sources mentioning the possible nomination of Cardinal Amato, current Prefect of Saints and former Secretary of CDF as the more probable replacement of Cardinal Levada as Prefect of CDF.


[Update (Jan 12, 0200 GMT):] In an e-mail message sent to Francesco Colafemmina, Archbishop Ignazio Sanna denies any attempt to cherish the work, and condemns it explicitly, saying he merely used the words of the interview. In a text with what is probably in reference to Colafemmina's great Fides et Forma blog, the Archdiocesan press office states the following:

"Solidarity to the Archbishop for the indecent attack, through the web, by a Traditionalist blog:
In order to erase, in any event, any sign of misinterpretation, the Archbishop declares that he openly and decisively condemns every theatrical representation that violates the image of Jesus and wounds the sensibility of the faithful. ...""


Genevieve said...

You know those traditionalist Catholic youth are SSPX.

JMJ Ora Pro Nobis said...

Our lady of Sorrows pray for us!

Tom the Milkman said...

Indeed, Genevieve! &what a magnificent tribute those young people are to the saintly Archbishop who stood up and defended the Roman Church and the Roman Mass against its enemies, even those secreted within the Church herself!

Imagine his courage, and his faith!

I can scarcely look at that ridiculous photo of Sanna!

God help us!

Steve said...

Many Bishops are rogues. We are enduring the promised spiritual chastisement. Fatima watchers forget about Russia, they are not the bad guys. Forget the pictures of mushroom clouds on the horizon. Pray and make sacrifices for the poor Holy Father. We are in a spiritual battle!!!

Long-Skirts said...


Took a glance
In October
Paris France

Not from other
Stange-gods' creeds
But Catholic young
With Rosary beads

Took a glance
In October
Paris France

Not from mousy
Mitred men
But youth for Truth
Tradition again

Took a glance
In October
Paris France

And though these men
Are faintheart craven
It's "Nevermore!
Quote the raven."

Took a glance
In October
Paris France

You've had the best
You show your worst
The Catholic Faith
Is still the first

In October
Paris France
Still have a chance... Christ!

IRISH said...

I fully agree with you Steve but at the same time it is the Holy Father himself who is promoting these very same bishops to high positions in the Vatican while good and holy traditional bishops are overlooked.
Why! Why! Why?

Hughie said...

I wouldn't worry about his former Schoenstatt father. He is a respected theologian, but quite simply there is no vacancy at either the CDF or at the Causes of Saints.

At the former, Archbishop Ladaria Ferrer SJ was appointed Secretary on July 9, 2008, and will be 68 on April 19. At the latter, Archbishop Bartolucci, appointed Secretary on December 29, 2010, will be 68 on April 9. So neither prelate is anywhere near the end of their initial five year term of appointment never mind their official retiral age (75, same as diocesan bishops).

As for a replacement for Cardinal Levada at the CDF. He is known to want to go soon, but there is a question of whether His Holiness will be able to persuade him to stay in Rome as a Cardinal Bishop and, hopefully Dean. His replacement? I think Cardinal Turkson is a much more likely possibility from within the ranks of cardinals in curia. On an intellectual level Cardinal Amato simply isn't in the same league. Archbishop Gus Di Noia would be my second favourite. And ditto.

Knight of Malta said...

These Modernists have their Praxis so turned that their Axis is upside-down!

Athanasius said...

You know those traditionalist Catholic youth are SSPX.

I love the irony. Those held to be formally disobedient to the Church are faithful to Christ, and those held to be "obedient" to the Church yet deny Christ, are not only permitted, but promoted!

MarvinDante33 said...

May God forbid that such a seemingly world-drunk prelate be raised beyond his current post! Just out of curiosity: how old is Bp. Sanna?

Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz said...

All these blasphemers are going straight to hell.

Gratias said...

According to Messa in Latino, Bp. Ignazio Sanna is known as "The Destroyer" because he had the ancient altar of his Cathedral demolished. In one of his homilies the Modernist Bishop found justification for Castelluci's smearing feces on the portrait of Christ in sacred scripture. We do not need Ignazio Sanna promoted. He should have been in Milano protesting this blasphemous fecal matter play.

Barbara said...

"But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven"

Had to write that - as it was the first thing that came to mind...

Shame on all those Church leaders who cause such scandal and create such confusion and worst of all continue to crucify Our Lord with their peoplle-pleasing, out of human respect cowardly behaviour.

This makes me angy and I'm getting tired of this kind of comportment from leaders in the Church. And as is usually the case,(there are exceptions)according to churchmen, type Archbishop Sanna, everyone, practising Catholic or not, can do anything they want except perhaps, no wait a minute - attend frequently and naturally the most Catholic "thing " in the world. - the Traditional Latin Mass - then, you can be sure, they dig their heels in with the usual excuse that "these traditionalist are troublemakers etc., etc.," And it's the same story here.

Who would want to follow their kind of secular- religion masquerading as Catholicism? Me, no!I've had enough of it! There is a type of madness...

Still I can pray that they might wake up some day, that someone might hit them over the head with a very hard-backed volume by St. Alphonsus Liguori or his like! He doesn't mince words when he talks about hell...

Frank said...

You know those traditionalist Catholic youth are SSPX.

If I understand correctly only a priest can be in SSPX as by definition this is a society of priests. Thus those young men in question are simply catholics.

Cunjo said...

It is most certanly an uncomfortable position when it seems that you must choose between Christ and the Church. You actually choose both of them and defend both of them but it seems to others as if you are turning protestant and leaving the Church behind with the sloppy excuse that you chose Christ instead of the Church....sad...this is just sad...

Disputator said...

If this isn't a crisis, what is?

poeta said...

The SSPX does have a third order, but I don't think it's known whether those young people were members.

Katie said...

I'd like to say it's unbelievable, but it's not.

Alsaticus said...

We had far worse in France : cardinal Vingt-Trois endorsed the play, Bp Wintzer in charge of culture did the same and the rotten cherry on this dubious cake, Abp d'Ornellas - once a right hand of cardinal Lustiger - published a flabbergasting interpretation of the sh*tty diarrhea (litterally) to be guess what ... a metaphor of the Passion of Christ !

For those reading French, go search on the diocesan website of Rennes : it's an official statement, and a long one, from the Archbishop himself.

Abp d'Ornellas was elected a couple of weeks later as ... president of the Catechesis commission of FrenChurch !!!

Maybe he could be picked up for CDF ??? For pope Martini Ier or Weakland Ier this would be ideal.

Steve said...

"Why, why, why?"

God wishes to establish in the world, devotion to My Immaculate Heart. -Our Lady of the Rosary at Fatima

The Holy Father needs to forget about ecumenism and grant God's wish.

Cesare Baronio said...

The comment of Baronius is here:

LeonG said...

Interestingly & significantly, french mahometans turned out on one occasion in a show of solidarity with the traditional french Society Roman Catholics to "defend the honour of our Prophet Issa" as one of the spokespeople quoted. This really places in even poorer light all those so-called catholics, episcopal, presbyterial and lay who imagine blasphemous performaing arts are quite normal and artistically meritworthy. I know who I would demonstrate next to when the opportunity arises.

Supplex said...

"You know those traditionalist Catholic youth are SSPX.

If I understand correctly only a priest can be in SSPX as by definition this is a society of priests. Thus those young men in question are simply catholics. "

Okay, so they're SSPXers :).

The point is they attend SSPX masses and they are a shining inspiration to the rest of us.

Ligusticus said...

Dear NC and Alsaticus,
today (Jan 13th) , guess who was appointed as Archbishop of Poitiers??

The very same....Mgr. Wintzer (till now Auxiliary of the same Archdiocese, and president of the "Observatoire Foi et Culture").

Kick by kick.

Nothing more to add..

New Catholic said...

Incroyable, Ligusticus... We seem alone at sea at times...