Rorate Caeli

Can we get Gregorio de Falco named a Bishop?

And created a Cardinal? Right now? Subito? Command Master Chief de Falco, of the Italian Coast Guard command in Leghorn, Italy: this is the kind of leadership we must have in the Church - not a boatful of Schettinos, abandoning the damaged Barque of Peter and the faithful to the freezing waters of January.

[Warning regarding two foul words and one use of the Lord's name - but please consider the dramatic circumstances involved in the rescue of almost 4,300 people from the abandoned cruise ship Concordia.]

Schettinos of the Church: the Barque of Peter is damaged, but it will not go down!  At the last count, eleven fatal victims (may they rest in peace).


Long-Skirts said...

I think Gregorio de Falco should have dialoged a bit more with the other crew members.

Rorate Caeli said:

"Can we get Gregorio de Falco named Bishop?"

Bishop?!! How about POPE!!!!!

Tradfly said...

"Bishop?!! How about POPE!!!!!"
I'll second that!

GQ Rep said...

With all these horrible appointments and decisions from the Vatican recently, I'd like not to think it's the Pope's doing.

Does anyone else but me think that because he is really such a wimpish Pope, that the liberals-sensing that he might not be around for many more years-are forcing him to do everything they want.

I think Bertone and pals have set him up to make a fool of him many times. And he's too maive to know.

Bill Phelan said...

I served as an officer in the U.S. Army years ago and that video brought me back. MEN speak clearly and with force because fsilure to achieve the order being carried out would be a disaster. Now in the Church, there IS NOTHING BUT TIME. It waits for Its enemies to retire or die. That is why so many MEN can't take the institutional parts of the Church seriously. When reminded that millions of souls face Hell because of their fecklessness, Church leaders respond that while we have to believe Hell exists, we do not have to believe there are any souls there.

Barbara said...

GQ Rep.

What a cheerful and uplifting post...

Lord have mercy on us - the Church is a Divine reality or not?

I don't like the slightest insult to the Vicar of Christ. He is: His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, the Supreme Roman Pontiff, Visible Head of the Mystical Body of Christ. We can be perplexed and confused and even question some of our Holy Father's actions and words without offending him. I shall be eternally grateful and loyal to him.
It is because of Pope Benedict that we are now having the open discussions about the present painful situation in the post-conciliar Church easily the good actions of people can be forgotten...

God bless our Holy Father!

IM said...

Well said, Barbara!

Savio said...

God bless our Pope!
The great
The good!

Miles Dei said...

Let us come to your colleagues and coadjutors at the Lateran. They are busy on your behalf: they are the inner circle of your friends. It follows that if they are good, you more than any one else reap the benefit ; if they are bad, you more than any one else bear the loss. Do not say you are well if you have a pain in your side ; what I mean is, do not say you are good if you rely on bad men. To put it differently, suppose you are good, what fruit (as I remember saying in a former book) can your goodness, the goodness of an individual man, bear? What profit does your individual righteous ness bring to the churches of God, when the prevalent views are those of men otherwise disposed? The truth is that not even your own goodness beset by bad men is safer than bodily health would be with a serpent hard by. There
is no escaping from this internal mischief. And on the other hand, if you have good men about you, the oftener they assist you the better. But whether your colleagues relieve or aggravate your cares, who deserves the credit of it more than yourself for either choosing or admitting such men? I do not speak of all ; for there are some whom you have not chosen ; they have chosen you. But they have no power except what you have either given or allowed them. So we come back to the same point. Blame yourself for whatever you have to suffer at the hands of him who has no more power than what you have given him. As to the rest, with these exceptions, the men for the work of this ministry, as you perceive, are not to be elected or collected without due consideration.

(Saint Berbard, De Consideratione to Eugene Pope)

Anabel said...

"Pray for me that I may not flee for fear of the wolves...."

Pope Benedict

JMJ Ora Pro Nobis said...

@Miles Dei
Just wanted to say I am saving your quote, I spent ages looking for it on various blogs as I couldn't remember where I found it, its very relevant!

Savio said...

God bless our Pope!
The great
The good!

Miles Dei said...

You have the english text of De consideratione here