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New-New Translation, Same Rotten Fruits: A Personal Experience

Last week I traveled to the American Midwest for the funeral of my aunt. Roughly one year ago, I was in the same region for the death of another aunt, which prompted me to start the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society. Why? Because my aunt was "canonized" from the pulpit -- even after I pleaded with the priest in private not to -- and robbed of the prayers she deserved.

But this year would be different. So drastically different than before because of the new-new translation of the Novus Ordo, which has been so hailed by conservative Catholics, that I probably wouldn't even recognize the disastrous Mass of my youth.

If you believe all the hype of the new-new translation, then you must believe that my aunt's Requiem Mass would be very different from the last one. Gone, I was sure, would be all abuses that made me more sad than her death itself.

Gone would be the priest turning his back on Christ and now facing liturgical east; gone would be the tabernacle hidden off to the side; gone would be the "Eucharistic Ministers" and women holding their hands up on stage, I mean, the altar, telling us how to sing; for that matter, gone would be On Eagle's Wings, Here I am Lord and Amazing Grace and back would be the classical settings Requiem Mass, or the graceful silence of a low Mass; gone would be the abomination of Communion in the hand; gone would be women in the sanctuary and girl altar boys; gone would be married deacons sermonizing; gone would be the priest as mere presider and back as an Alter Christus; gone would be talking and laughing in the church before and after Mass; gone would be men in sneakers and jeans and women in miniskirts and uncovered heads; gone would be the long lines for Communion by those same Catholics who do not go to confession; gone would be the heresy of proclaiming the dead in Heaven simply because they died.

Back would be the priest facing the altar of sacrifice and the true Holy Sacrifice on Calvary; back would be Communion on the tongue while kneeling; back would be incense and bells and the Real Presence believed by all; back would be lines for confession before and during Mass; back would be the masculine sanctuary where altar boys are acolytes and vocations in the making; back would be the faithful kneeling during the Sanctus and the Angus Dei; back would be the tabernacle in the middle of the sanctuary because back would be the high altar that was torn out during the dark days when Vatican II was simply "misunderstood"; back would be the priest denying Communion to those at Mass whom he knew for sure to be Protestant; and, thankfully, back would be the priest instructing those at the Mass to pray for my aunt, because back would be the authentic theology believed by all, the teaching on the Four Last Things and the possibility she is in Purgatory.

But, alas, back was the same old Novus Ordo with so little change that I could barely notice a difference from when I was a child well over 30 years ago. Because this new-new translation is so utterly worthless, and because changing a few words here and there do nothing to re-form a poorly formed priest possibly preaching heresy from the pulpit, another member of my family was robbed of her right for prayers to be said upon her death.

We wrote here a while back that the new-new translation of the Novus Ordo was "irrelevant." Now that I've witnessed it in person, and have seen first-hand the rotten fruits that come from it, I'd use another word for it, for deceiving many of our friends into believing things have really changed: dangerous.

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Unknown said...

New - Novelty - Novus Ordo - New Evangelisation - Renew - New translation - New Changes etc ad nauseam.....

Whichever "new" comes out of modernist Rome we can guarantee it will soon chnage because the original will fail.

Is this not the nature of human fabrication?

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Sung to the tune of Old Little Town of Bethlehem:

O lil' licit liturgy, are you noisy? Oh yes, my;
Despite the latest brand new words distractions flash on by;
But in some Traditional Chapel the everlasting Light
Shines in our solemn Traditional Mass which hasn't given-up the fight.

Doc said...

Here's the thing though: if you were to give these same old priests the text of the TLM instead, nothing would change either. Mass texts are not a magic bullet that will instantly eliminate bad habits, lax attitudes, and bad formation. They are only one element of a greater whole--in the short term a better Mass text only improves that one element.

Anonymous said...

For the Anon who posted on the need to bring back Low Masses, please post that again, with a name. See notes on how to do that above the comms box.

For Doc, you make a great point, one that a traditional priest just made to me a week ago. The priests aren't formed right, don't know Latin, don't know the meaning of the TLM, etc.

However, I would say that if they were forced to say it, and people saw it, they would demand more from the priests, and the seminarians as well. So, the fruits of the TLM forced back, would be better priests. It would take a while, but I believe it would be inevitable.

New Catholic said...

The Traditional Rite is an exoskeleton: it shapes things, it is not shaped by them. It contains change, it does not encourage them. It grows organically, it is not in permanent destruction and reconstruction. It is not, thus, a "mere text", otherwise it would not have been the object of intense modification (from 1964) and complete "abolition" (in 1968-70) by its enemies, and the post-Conciliar revolution could have proceeded peacefully making use of it. It is a break, a norm (a "Canon"...), a "shackle", which the new "free" spirit had to destroy. It it had been a "mere" text, no change would have been needed. But it is not: it is a powerful thing.

PEH said...

What struck me most about your post, Adfero, is the emphasis on what your Aunt was robbed of, the solemn prayers of the Requiem Mass, the Dies Irae, etc. The "robber barons" in Rome have done this and it is to their shame that it is foisted upon the unsuspecting souls in the pews denying them the opportunity to possibly rescue a dearly-beloved soul from Purgatory. But, we can still do our part by offering requiem masses for them when available and, of course, by our rosaries. Anyone who would like to have a requiem mass celebrated for a deceased loved one can do so by contacting one of the priests at and be assured that it will be done correctly. God bless you and may your aunt rest in peace, Amen.

mike said...

Very well said; these recent text changes were much ado about nothing.

PreVat2 said...

As a typical Anglican convert, who went from conservative "Scott Hahn" style Novus Ordo Catholicism, to finally coming home to Tradition, my heart breaks when I read such things.

Having served a few Requiem Masses at my local SSPX chapel, I most certainly know the difference.

I thank God every day for the Society!

Semper Fi

spero said...

Yes, the new translation will not fix the way the new Mass is said in most places. Yes, there are problems even in the Latin. However, as a recently ordained diocesan priest, I have to say that the new translation is not nothing. It may be nothing in terms of forcing an real end to the liturgical debacle. However, at our parish's small daily Masses, where we never have extraordinary ministers, where I rarely look up toward the people outside of the homily, where nothing is sung except the hymn I pick for the recessional, and at which I use the Roman Canon daily, omit the general intercessions, and always use the Confiteor and the entrance and communion antiphons, it has made a difference to me.
You are right, it has not changed the way I say Mass. I used the same "options" with the old translation. You are right, it is still the Novus Ordo with all the issues that that entails. However, I have found that sacrificial language of the new translation of the Roman Canon very edifying. I am able to say each day and my parishioners hear at each of my Masses, "and bless these gifts, these offerings the holy and unblemished sacrifices," "bless, acknowledge and approve this offering in every respect," "accept this oblation of our service," "we...offer to your glorious majesty...this pure victim, this holy victim, this spotless victim, the holy Bread of eternal life and the Chalice of everlasting salvation; Be pleased to look upon these offerings with a serene and kindly countenance and accept them...and the offering of your high priest Melchizedek, a holy sacrifice, a spotless victim."
In addition, the orations are translated far more accurately. I have many times found orations which are identical to those found in the TLM. With the new translation it is much easier to preach on these texts. The old translation mangled them so badly that even where the Novus Ordo made us of traditional orations, the translation made them unrecognizable and often altered their theology.
So no, the new translation will not fix our liturgical crisis. Yes, most people will find the mess at their parishes to be more or less the same. However, the new translation is still not nothing. I became a diocesan priest, rather than joining the FSSP or another community (which I seriously considered), because I believe that this is where God is asking me to be. Being where I am, I have found the new translation to be a real help in making that best of a bizarre historical situation.

spero said...

As I newly ordained priest, I also must say, that having said both the TLM and NOM on All Souls Day, I remember feeling a little horrified at what the NO did to the Masses for the dead. It is not that they are erroneous or lack supplication for the dead, but they struck me as VERY watered down from what I experienced in the TLM. This was using the old translation, but I really cannot imagine that the new translation would make any significant difference.

Anonymous said...

No, Fred, the new translation is not responsible for miniskirts and Eucharistic ministers. Where did I say that it was?

What I said was that all these problems that we had in the Novus Ordo before the new-new translation still persist, and I would say have the opportunity to grow, in the new-new translation of the NO.

They may grow because all the neocons have their guards down even more than normal now. Now, they believe, there's even less of a reason to restore the Mass, which of course is ridiculous. This is also the No. 1 reason to oppose a hybrid Mass: complacency.

A Mom said...

Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her. May her soul and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace.

Sorry for both the loss of your Aunt and your painful experience at her funeral Mass.

Anonymous said...

A mom: thank you, you are very kind.

SkinnyBaldGuy said...

Even if they went ad orientem, full latin text, no EM's, no altar babes, re-installed the communion rails etc.. it would still be the novus ordo and would finally be up to par to the one that Cardinal Ottaviani criticized as being a departure from the canons of the council of Trent.

The N.O. is and will always be the Novus Ordo - it will never be the TLM. The TLM is the product of organic growth and development; the work of the Saints and the saintly. The N.O. is the exact opposite; liturgical rupture- a liturgy of committee designed for assembly and less concerned with Faith in favor of community.

Gratias said...

We attend TLM and NO about equally, forced by the great distance we must travel to reach the traditional Mass. The new translation has brought some improvement. The Confiteor was never said in our liberal parish, now it is. The Gloria is sung, with a little refrain in Latin. The Dominum non sum dignus is an accurate translation, instead of I am not worthy to receive you. The whole mass is more reverent. There still are women in the sanctuary and altar girls, but there has been an improvement even here in the ultra liberal Los Angeles Archdiocese.

I hope that many watched the Christmas Eve Mass by the Holy Father. That was quite reverent and still NO. Improving the Mass even partially for the vast numbers of Catholics is most important. Remember we traditionalists are a small remnant.

Anonymous said...

"Remember we traditionalists are a small remnant."

And as long as we patronize the Novus Ordo, and suspend disbelief in ordo to find some glimmer of hope in it, then we will remain just that: a remnant.

sjgmore said...

The reason I converted to Catholicism - or rather, the catalyst that pushed me away from Protestantism, leading to my reception into the Catholic Church - is because when my grandmother died, my Baptist pastor, with whom my mother had scheduled some kind of therapy sessions for us children, told me I couldn't pray for her soul because she was already in heaven and if I didn't believe that than my faith was insufficient and then he told me to pray for myself.

Even when I was 11 I intuited that anyone who claimed to believe in sin couldn't just say that sin is something you struggle with while you're alive and then magically God ignores all that sin and repentance and forgiveness stuff just goes by the wayside and suddenly you're a saint the second you die.

So I understand wholeheartedly where you're coming from, and I'll pray for your aunt who was robbed of her privilege as a Catholic to prayers and mourning for the repose of her soul.

That being said, I must say that we ought at least to be grateful for the fact that the Catholic Church retains some semblance of concern for the repose of the souls of the dead. I know a man who killed himself on Christmas day in front of his family, apparently as much to insult his wife as to end his life, and the minister at his Protestant funeral made almost no reference to the circumstance of his death, and he made sure to balance it by again chiding any of us who would pray for Leon's soul, telling us (as I was told at my grandmother's death) that we must pray for ourselves and not at all for the deceased.

Sadly, the Roman Catholic Church seems to have decided, in the years since Vatican II, that the best way to combat such wicked heresies is to meet them somewhere in the middle, as your post demonstrates, Adfero.

Anonymous said...

Sjgmore, thanks for your comments. While the Church has come to a middle ground (still officially teaching Purgatory but basically ignoring it), then Novus Ordo priests who put the Church's teachings into practice are, for the most part, no better than that Baptist preacher.

When they proclaim someone in Heaven from the pulpit, during an already illicit eulogy during Mass, then they're Protestant in spirit and, on this matter, heretics.

Knight of Malta said...

Msgr. Domenico Bartolucci, master of the Sistine Chapel at the time, states that the Novus Ordo “was born without music, I would even say with a poorly concealed aversion to music,” rife with “amateurism, to poor taste, to superficiality…. "

Msgr. Gherardinin, Canon of St. Peter’s Basilica, secretary for the Pontifical Academy of Theology, and professor emeritus at the Pontifical Lateran University:

"There will soon be available a new translation of the various texts [of the Mass], certainly improved regarding some verses, but I will not marvel at all if for other passages there will be more problems than in the first edition resulting from certain exegetical or historical-theological eccentricities….”

The Nervous Disorder mass will never be anything other than an anthropocentric aberration.

Saints Bugnini and Paulus Sixtus ORA PRO NOBIS; highly doubtful, but does hurt to try!

Православный физик said...

New translation didn't improve a thing for the Liturgical Praxis other than the ad-libs have been minimized to just the opening speech. There's still Pouring of the Precious Blood after the Consecration, option 4 is always used for music (aka hymns)....reminded me of why I avoid the NO whenever possible. However, this is on vacation in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles...which has its own rite "LA Religious Education Rite"

Unfortunately, it's back to Idaho, where the nearest TLM is 3 hours away...and on what little salary I make it's not practical to get to the TLM.

Anonymous said...

Fr. Spero,
Perhaps the next new translation will be even more edifying (sic).
For my salvation I flew to the TLM and beg you the same.
I believe our Holy Mother Church needs her sons to leave the deficient NO. Fight with us in the TLM. More priests in the TLM are needed. Let the NO die.

Be assured of my prayers,
Mr. Charo.

Anonymous said...

Michael, no, it wasn't. But it was nearly destroyed overnight. And this does nothing to advance its rebuilding.

Long-Skirts said...

Mom said...

"Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her. May her soul and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace."


Five a.m. my coffee
Rosary in my hands
All upon my lap-desk
My soul inhales expands.

And then I spy the HOLY card
Upon my desk it lay
A relic token, keepsake
Memento for the day

From those who’ve gone before us
We hope decked out in grace
And yet, so often, leave their cards
Sometimes in strangest place.

One side…their names and dates
The other, Christ or Saint,
Prayers to persevere for them
Make sacrifice don’t faint.

So when you spot such HOLY cards
Behind it is a story,
That you’ve been chosen, asked to help,
Free souls from Purgatory!

Long-Skirts said...

Gratias said:

"Remember we traditionalists are a small remnant."

Oh, no we're not!!


(The martyrs were bound, imprisoned, scourged, racked, burnt, rent, butchered —and they multiplied." St. Augustine)












Delphina said...


I attend the novus ordo Mass. The "new" translations are more than a few words here and there. It is a vast improvement over the ICEL trashy mistranslations.

Since the first Sunday of Advent, I have been evaluating these changes. Yesterday, it finally hit me...they are out of place in your typical new style churches. The old and banal and base translations fit in better.

Personally, I am ready to give up on my brave attempt at "sticking with the Church". I no longer have the stamina for any of it.

The reason I returned to the novus ordo is because I couldn't grasp all of the theological issues of our crisis, but now I no longer care. I just want to find myself a little Catholic corner where I have the Mass and the untarnished Faith. Come get me when it is all over...if I am still in this vale of tears.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Delphina, you lost me. You say it makes a difference yet you're ready to leave your NO parish? For what?

Xavier Rynne said...

I'm finding that constant high masses in the tridentine form are almost as bad as the guitar masses of the n.o. we have a young pastor in Connecticut who has brought back the tridentine form, but every single mass is a 1.5 hour high mass, every word is sung, and the choir while good would not sell any CDs. can't we just have a latin low mass somewhere? where the only emphasis is on quiet and Jesus's sacrifice? The constant rocking back and forth liturgically is making people tempted to quit the Church as one commenter noted.

Anonymous said...

Xavier: I'm finding that constant high masses in the tridentine form are almost as bad as the guitar masses of the n.o.

Oh, please! That's absurd.

While I appreciate the Low Mass, I went to many before leaving the Novus Ordo, after my i first Solemn High Mass. Many have the same experience,

If you want constant silence, go to a monastery.

Delphina said...

Adfero, there is a disconnect. It is almost too Catholic for the novus ordo church. Do you understand what I am trying to say? I don't know how better to explain myself.

It would be like going to a Lutheran Church and saying the TLM.

Anonymous said...

Delphina, I do now. But I totally disagree.

I hope you find what you need.

New Catholic said...

Friends, I am re-opening this for comments.

Please, notice two things:

(1) This was based on an actual experience; please, remember Adfero's aunt in your prayers;

(2) The author of this post assumed that nothing truly relevant would change with the new-new translation; he could confirm it by actually attending a new-new translation mass, but he aims at all the hype with which some news sources and church authorities tried to present the new-new translation, that is, as much, much more, and much more relevant, than it actually is.

So, please, no comment in the line of, "I'm ooooutraged you do not see the skies open and the earth overflow with milk and honey whenever the new translation is used!!!" You would be just missing the whole point.


docknoils said...

First, Kyrie eleison for your aunt. R.I.P.
I understand your anger, but, remember unless the priest changed the wording - and thus did not use the new and more accurate translation - then your aunt was not "robbed." She may have been robbed of individual prayers of people who would pray for her. But she was not robbed of the efficacy of the Mass which is worth more, even poorly offered, than a trillion trillion of your personal prayers. Traditional Catholic doctrine is that a valid Mass - even with illicit abuses - has its effect ex opere operato. The question is what next? Will you just stew in your anger and vent on this website? Or will you write to that priest? Let him know how you feel. Maybe it will have an impression on him.

Dan said...

I think what Xavier may be referring to is the natural tendency of some well-intentioned priests to go overboard the other way after years of N.O. banality. Don't misunderstand me: I love a High Mass, especially when sung by a choir that knows its business. But there is something unmistakably lovely about the deathly silence of a Low Mass, too.

Both have their place.

Tradical said...

Hi All,

Adfero: I just said an Ave for your Aunt.

As my Aunts and Uncles age, I have been to a number of Novus Ordo funerals. Always a trying experience.

I also (inadvertantly) attended the Novus Ordo Midnight Mass (at 8pm) on Christmas Eve. I tried to pay attention and aside from the conflict between the congregation and choir over 'with your spirit' I wasn't able to pickout any difference.

Even if the new words were there, the effect appeared to be lost on the congregation.

The road back for the Church from this crisis will be long and hard.

The reality is good, it has tempered my optimism.

Tradical said...

Hi Adfero,

Just noticed this:
"... I would say that if they were forced to say it, and people saw it..."

I finally convinced a Conservative Catholic to come to a funeral at which I sang the propers.

His perspective is so altered by a lifetime of the Novus Ordo that he didn't "Get it". He saw that it was more reverant but didn't see any problem with a Novus Order Funeral Mass.

I'm beginning to come to the conclusion that focusing on doctrine and re-educating the Conservatives (if they'll listen) is the only way to alter their perspective.

A long hard road, please pray that I make some progress. I had setup a meeting for more discussions this Thursday.

HSE said...

Thank you Long-Skirts for THE HOLY CARD! Beautiful and True!

The Poor Souls often remind us to pray for them. God is merciful!

Xavier Rynne said...

Dan is correct. I made my point a little inartfully (nothing is as bad as a guitar mass), but I would like to see the Low Mass make a return and the younger priests bringing the tridentine form back not make the form of the Mass the sole or surpassing focus of parish and Christian life.

I agree with the post in general re being underwhelmed by the changes. They're nice but as I witnessed a parishioner sit through midnight mass with deer antlers on, I realized that the new additions weren't having the massive impact that some have suggested.

A Canberra Observer said...

I'm sorry about your aunt.

But really you set up your own straw man with what you say were your expectations from the new translation alone. The implementation of the new translation won't deliver ad orientem worship or getting the tabernacle back to the centre.

And for the record I attend the extraordinary form almost exclusively so I'm not a 'conservative'.

Mike said...

Tradico has it right: there is such an absence of Doctrine, that many in the NO land are simply tabula rasa.

Anonymous said...

Everyone who prayed for my aunt, thank you!

Docknoils, yes, the problem is that priest effectively said to her family, "go home and forget about her, she's in heaven. No need for rosaries, Masses, etc. she's fine." he robbed her. What will I do? Nothing. The Novus Ordo is beyond repair and I hope it dies a quick death.

Observer, read New Catholic's note, and lighten up. I knew I wouldn't find all of that. I was making a point going to the extreme, as many neocons have done in their wholly unwarranted praise of these nominal changes.

Brian said...

Thank you for starting the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society. May it bless your Aunt as it has done for my deceased family members.

Due to complicated family issues, rather than travel my usual four-hour round trip for Mass, I attended the Novus Ordo on Christmas.

The new English Chant Ordinary, while better than Marty Haughen, was a poor substitute for the Gregorian Kyrie, Sanctus, and Agnus Dei (whose translations any six-year-old can understand). Given that Vatican II called for preservation of Latin and the primacy of Gregorian Chant, why go to all the trouble to introduce these dumbed-down English substitutes for these simple ancient chants? In fact, in the past, the Church that I attended on Christmas day used to use at least one or two simple Gregorian Ordinary Chants. This year, however, all was in the new English chant. Brick by brick?

The sloppy attire, usual holding hands at the Our Father, and superficial grinning handshakes at the sign of "we're all wonderful" left no doubt that I never want to go to one of these things again.

I was surprised by how few people were at Mass. Christmas Masses used to be packed out as even non-practicing Catholics would attend on Christmas. At the Ten O'clock Mass which I attended, there were significantly fewer people than one expect to find on an average Sunday.

Is decreasing Church attendance a trend in Novus Ordo parishes?

Torkay said...


Just said a prayer for your aunt's soul, may God grant her Eternal Rest. And may God grant a nearby SSPX chapel to your other family members.

This sentence struck me:

However, I would say that if they were forced to say it [the TLM], and people saw it, they would demand more from the priests, and the seminarians as well.

Now that VII has opened the Pandora's Box of Protestantism (private interpretation of everything, no internal discipline, worship of man instead of God), and maintained it for over 40 years, I have a feeling that forcing priests to say the TLM would backfire. I think the Church as a whole, clergy and laity both, has to thirst for it, in the same way that a Catholic has to thirst for holiness, to thirst to hear those precious words of Our Lord: "Come, ye blessed."

Sadly, I don't see much of that thirst at all, except on a few blogs.

Long-Skirts said...

Tradical said:

"The road back for the Church from this crisis will be long and hard."

Tis true. My Mother's funeral Mass was confected by an elderly Priest who used to say the Indult down the street from my SSPX Chapel. He now says a Latin Mass in another part of town and one of my siblings asked him to say a Requiem Mass for our Mother's funeral and I was at least happy to have a solemn Latin Mass with purple and black vestments...but when Father gave Holy Communion he gently placed the Body and Blood on most of our tongues but also gave the Blessed Sacrament for those who stuck out their hands. Our Seminarian son sat at the back of the Church for this reason and prayed for his grandmother's soul. All I could think was, "Oh, Father, how could you?"

The next day I put our son on a cold train at 4:30 am to go back to the Seminary. Now why am I doing this if just ANYONE can "handle" the Sacred Body and Blood of Our Lord? Why do we sacrifice for him to have his hands annointed if we can all touch His Body?

Long-Skirts said...

forgot...poem below was written after I left the train station in the downtown area of the dark, cold city...and paid for his train ticket with the last few dollars I rarely have...why?


Dark cold and gray
Under a wave of cement
Wander steel rails
Puffs of smoke
Srpay up
From steel-gray whales
He enters
Willingly -
The steel groans and away sails
To the Cross-road
Of Sacrifice and steel nails.

Anonymous said...

Brian: sorry you had to go through that. Nothing more depressing on Christmas that to sit through that. Give thanks to God there's anyone left going to Mass in those parishes.

Torkay: I'm not saying I 100% believe we should force priests to say the TLM. Yes, it could backfire, in many ways. However, how will people know what to thirst for, if they are never exposed to it? Wouldn't this help introduce the average Catholic to the true Mass and lead to something bigger?

M. A. said...

"Is decreasing Church attendance a trend in Novus Ordo parishes?

Most definitely!

A priest acquaintance told my son that not very many people show up for Christmas day Masses anymore. (He cut out the Christmas day Mass for one of his parishes.) The majority who do attend prefer the vigil Mass. But even those Masses do not fill the church.

Someone else who sings in a N.O. choir told me that his church stopped having the midnight Mass because people did not come.

A friend who is still in the N.O. tells me that the typical Saturday anticipated Mass which she attends has between 40-50 who assist.

It's dying. No question about it.

How's that for good news to start off your New Year?

Tancred said...

It's another opportunity to snag Liberal priests who don't follow the rubrics, and there is a noticeable increase in reverence, but all of the other crazy stuff associated with the New Springtime remains.

Delphina said...


"Now why am I doing this if just ANYONE can "handle" the Sacred Body and Blood of Our Lord? Why do we sacrifice for him to have his hands annointed if we can all touch His Body?"

You have made a good point. Why indeed?

Prayers for your dear son.

Long-Skirts said...

Delphina said:

"Prayers for your dear son."

Thank you and please remember all of our sons trying their vocations in the Traditional Catholic Faith.

Kathleen said...

My sympathy to you, Adfero, on your loss. I will light a candle for your aunt the next time I'm lighting candles (along with my customary one for the those enrolled in the society).

I also must say I am relieved to finally understand that you are the same gentleman that started the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society -- for which I remain deeply grateful. I had worried something had happened and that the founder of the Prugatorial Society had disappeared. I am very glad I was simply confused (a frequent, normal, and comforting realization for me!)

May God comfort you and your family during this time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kathleen!

I am, indeed. Unfortunately, in my line of business, there's a lot of politics :)

Have to keep my name off it. God be merciful on me, a coward ...

Delphina said...

"God be merciful on me, a coward ..."

I pray the same prayer every night...

Anonymous said...

The next day I put our son on a cold train at 4:30 am to go back to the Seminary. Now why am I doing this if just ANYONE can "handle" the Sacred Body and Blood of Our Lord? Why do we sacrifice for him to have his hands annointed if we can all touch His Body?

Because only a priest can consecrate the Eucharist.