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The crisis of the Church is a crisis of Bishops
The "Season of Pride"?

At least they are in full communion  - with Abp. Vincent Nichols of Westminster.
And no women in the sanctuary, as far as we can tell.

Abp. Nichols - this is your church. This is a worldwide scandal. This is a mockery of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Pure Redeemer and Savior, His Cross, His Most Holy Body, His Precious Blood, His Immaculate Mother, His Saints and His Angels, His Holy Church of all times and places, His perennial Doctrine. This is your responsibility. These are the souls you shepherd. Could you take charge of your diocese, your priests, and your buildings, please?

This is not about merely receiving Communion, as you tried to make it seem when questioned about it by the BBC last year. There is no need to be disingenuous. This hurts the Church and implodes her credibility. This destroys the unity with Peter, from Saint Peter down to Benedict XVI, more than a thousand unresolved doctrinal discussions. We ask this with filial love: please, do not let this go on anymore. 

Tip: Father Finigan.


  1. I can go here to validly recieve absolution but I cannot go to the FSSPX???

  2. Roman Catholic10:27 PM

    I had thought that RC had turned over a new leaf - but no. You're still posting articles designed to cause scandal and stir up and upset trads. It's the old Marxist mentality: You get people to be divided, and pretend to be on one side, when really you are on the other side - and the controllers work both sides so that both sides can be controlled. It's an old story, and it's from Satan himself.

  3. Roman Catholic - we are Catholic, we are not ostriches.

    By the way, is Father Finigan, of The Hermeneutic of Continuity, from whom we got this moments ago, also doing "Satan's" job? Is he a "Marxist"? Could you please post your silly comment there as well? Thanks!


  4. Roman,
    New Catholic only reports the truth.
    If you have a prob with that go to WDTPRS.

  5. This is a major scandal. The faithful need to know about this so they can pray, and if so moved, act. Posting this video may lead to pressure on Nichols to finally take some kind of action (doubtful, but hope abounds). Yes, New Catholic was very critical, but I think rightfully so.

    What would you have him do, Roman Catholic? Ignore it? Post it without comment? Post it but note all the wonderful things Nichols has done (uhhh....having trouble thinking of any)? What kind of post would satisfy you, or was this simply a convenient club with which to beat a blog you disagree with?

    Or is it Church Doctrine you disagree with?

  6. Lee Lovelock-Jemmott10:53 PM

    I rue for the day when Abp Nichols is dispatched with. What a useless and feeble Bishop. What a shame on the faith of Latin Catholics and Catholics in general.

  7. At least he wasn't made a cardinal, its the small things!

    But really Abp Nichols is bringing shame on all his illustrious predecessors

  8. Say a prayer for these two people and the priest. I don't know how they'll feel if/when they find it goes public.

    However, hurting someone's feelings is not grounds for doing/not doing anything. I think it's right that this has been made with public. Don't play with fire if you don't want to get burned. They have taken it upon themselves to take part in a Mass that at least seems more about their lifestyle that Calvary.

    Nonetheless, pray for them.

  9. Tradical3:50 AM

    In watching this video, reading about the issues in Austria - I can't help thinking that God is going to give the 'basket' a big shake very soon.


  10. This video shows a manipulation of the Church and the Mass so as to subvert. The intercessions are often manipulated for political/ ideological reasons in some parishes. Here we have a gay manipluation. This group has been active since the 1980's. It is quite common for "boyfriends" to prepare "liturgies". The aim of all of this is to subvert. The priest should refuse to say Mass for the group. The other problem is that there is a group of homosexual clergy who also wish to subvert the Church's moral teaching.They hide behing a facade of assumed celebacy and yet do not sometimes keep it. They use their positions to let it happen. It is the same pattern that produced sex abuse of minors. But now it is for those over 16 (legal age of consent). =legal but mot moral.

  11. Barbara9:43 AM

    Roman Catholic,

    It is obvious you do not frequent this blog very often. Rorate Caeli's strength is that it draws attention to the these scandals (along with the vast amount of articles devoted to the many other wonderful Catholic realities ) while remaining faithful to The Holy Father and Holy Tradition. The 'turning over a new leaf' as you put it regarding the tone of certain comments was simply to preserve and strengthen its primary purpose.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, NC.

    Please continue to post these type of articles - these scandals need to be exposed and known world-wide - SOMEONE , SOMEWHERE HAS TO PUT A STOP TO THEM.


  12. John Fisher says:

    "homosexual clergy who also wish to subvert the Church's moral teaching.They hide behing a facade of assumed celebacy and yet do not sometimes keep it."

    Hiding behind a facade of assumed celibacy is also the case with priests who are having sexual relations with women, including all the possible added layers of contraception and abortion. Alongside this, many laypeople are giving all these behaviours their understanding and acceptance, because they or their children / grandchildren are also living inconsistently with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

    When is the Church going to excommunicate the likes of Joe Biddon, who last year got Kenya to pass pro-abortion legislation before the USA would give them "aid". see Michael Voris of yesterday

  13. It is good at last to see this being highlighted hopefully the Arch-Bishop willget hisact together and finally bring this priest into line. After the Holy Father's visit the Bishops gushed about showing our Catholic identity publicy. shame he does not "walk the walk"

  14. Well, at least the Eucharist is prominently kept in a Tabernacle! (I'm just trying to be glass half full about this)

  15. Call Me Ishmael5:06 PM

    Haha, I am the same way about my diocesan Church, Knight of Malta.

    "Argh, communion in the hand!" - "Well, at least we have proper pews with kneelers."
    "Another sermon about nothing but being nice, liking immigrants and abortion being a silly thing we shouldn't do because it's 'violent'." - "Y'know, the Mass is in latin..."
    "Ugh, another woman scurrying about the altar!" - "Hm, at least we don't have any actual altar girls."
    "What a dreadful tabernacle."* - "Eh, at least it has a prominent place."

    What was that? The money-plate you say? Well swoosh it went right by me so fast I just didn't notice.

    * it's some kind of painting, blue, with modernistic renderings of the fish symbol with the host itself in the down right corner of the painting making it esthetically and mentally out-of-center

  16. Gratias6:06 PM

    The admission of Gays to the Seminariy after Vatican Council II caused so much damage. Now they come for more. Marxists never give up because the Church is the institution they most fear.

  17. anabel11:46 PM

    It used to hurt to watch this stuff. And thinking about the bishops drove me nuts! But no more. I have come to understand that these are not Catholic Churches and these people are not Catholics - they are just another protestant sect with a Catholic name. These do not cause scandal to the novus ordo worshipers because most of them do not know the faith, nor do they care. And the trads - well they're practicing the true faith and ignoring these devils. The Holy Father said it himself - we may have to consider that we will be a different Church - smaller, leaner. Dear Holy Father - as you know, we already are.

  18. Picard12:38 AM

    "...Dear Holy Father - as you know, we already are..."

    "the crisis of the Church is a crisis of the bishops"
    "Abp. Nichols - this is your church... This is your responsibility. These are the souls you shepherd. Could you take charge of your diocese, your priests, and your buildings, please.."

    - but then the crisis of the bishops is a crisis of the Popes.

    Your Holiness - this is your Church... This is your responsibility. These are the bishops you shepherd. Could you take charge of the Church, your bishops, please!"

    Bl. Katharina Emmerick: "There will be a younger, more severe Pope, deposing many priests and bishops..."

    De Falco for Pope - subito!

  19. Bill G.3:51 AM

    What, no giant puppets or clowns? Yawwwn!

  20. Many have been writing about the Soho/Nichols scandals for a very, very long time. Notable among them are the British publications APROPOS and CHRISTIAN ORDER, who have written eloquently on this unspeakable scandal, not to forget the Pro Pontifice group. I myself have addressed it on my little blog. But Rome appears deaf to this.

    Even Dolan in New York has one of these scandalous masses going strong.

    There is a "rumor", for what that's worth, that Nichols has been instructed to put a stop to this but is supposedly waiting for an "opportune" time to do so. I cannot vouch for the truth of that. But if it is true, what is he waiting for? And also if it is true why isn't Rome coming down on him with both feet?

    But we at least, with this, see the epicentre of the problem in our holy Church. Until Rome gets serious about such egregious acts of public scandal we can expect very little of them on other issues.


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