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A gift for the city of the Immaculate Conception

What a wonderful gift from the Holy Father to the greatest city of Our Lady in France, Lourdes, on her day: a new bishop, very friendly to Tradition.

Bp. Nicolas Brouwet
Bishop of Tarbes and Lourdes

(Image: Mass by the then Auxiliary of Nanterre in Ars, on the altar of the relics of Saint John Mary Vianney - FSSP Pilgrimage, Sep. 13, 2009.)


  1. Confusius4:48 PM

    Thank you Holy Father! This bishop is a true gentleman, a faithful shepherd and a marvellous defender of Tradition. Let us pray for him and for the Successor of St Peter who appointed him. Deo Gratias

  2. Barbara4:53 PM

    Great news and beautiful picture!

    God bless Bishop Brouwet!

  3. So good to see!! St. Bernadette pray for us!

  4. Ligusticus5:33 PM

    Te Deum laudamus!

  5. Gratias5:39 PM

    Excellent news!

    Would like to learn more about Bishop Brouwet, and the current situation of the TLM in Lourdes.

  6. Lucas medicus5:53 PM

    So, being a disciple of Von Balthasar musn't be so bad after all!

  7. Lucas medicus, sometimes the lord works in mysterious ways.

  8. Francis7:01 PM

    Deo Gratias! Brick by brick tradition and orthodoxy will return to Our Lord's Catholic Church. There's still a long way to go before we get there but we have to crawl before we can walk.

  9. Congratulations to the faithful of Tarbes and Lourdes!

    Meanwhile, the Archdiocese of Davao in the Philippines has received, as its new Archbishop, a known protege, student, and puppet of the heretical liturgist Anscar Chupungco, whose teachings have been discussed in this blog more than once. Archbishop-elect Romulo Valles is the long-time head of the Philippines' Liturgical Commission, which has waged open war against the Traditional Latin Mass and the Reform of the Reform. The following statement was made under his aegis:

  10. This is excellent news, Deo gratias! Saint Jean-Baptiste Vianney and Saint Bernadette, pray for him!

  11. That is a disaster, Augustinus, thanks for mentioning it.

    The appointments of this Pontificate are definitely mixed.

  12. Davao is not only the third most-important archdiocese in the Philippines (after Manila and Cebu) with some 1.5 million Catholics. It is also home to a large number of faithful who are showing great interest in the Traditional Latin Mass. There have been some tentative moves to establish regular TLM's there with the belated support of the previous Archbishop, Fernando Capalla (after years of opposition by the same prelate). We pray that the new Archbishop will not listen to his mentor and will not crush the nascent Traditional Catholic community in Davao, which holds so much promise for the whole Philippines.

  13. will he have more traditional masses . . one per week at present . . .pathetic . .

  14. GQ Rep10:25 PM

    "Would like to learn more about Bishop Brouwet, and the current situation of the TLM in Lourdes."

    The last two bishops were etrremely hostile to all Catholic tradition, especially the Tridentine Latin Mass.

    This new Bishop is a wonderful man...100% the opposite of his two notorious predecessors.

  15. Joseph10:57 PM

    Perhaps the best appointment of this pontificate. Lourdes is very blessed. Deo Gratias!

  16. Peterman11:33 PM

    This is great news. Lourdes is such a special place, I love it so, even all the tacky tourist shops.

  17. Ligusticus11:39 PM

    Augustinus, I read that Valles studied Liturgy at the Sant'Anselmo in Rome, so... I understand. But: I read also that he was the Filipino member in the ICEL commission.. So I wonder: how was his stance -for example- about the "New Translation"?

  18. P.K.T.P.2:03 AM

    Remember that Capalla of Davao was the one who declared the S.S.P.X to be in a state of 'spiritual excommunication'. He was 77 years old and therefore ripe. On the other hand, the Pope had just removed two Philippine prelates in November, and it is customary to return to replace more six or eight, not three, months later. I wonder if the Pope was displeased with ++Capalla's attacks on the S.S.P.X?


  19. Francis said, "There's still a long way to go before we get there but we have to crawl before we can walk."

    This is true, but times being what they are, it's through the mud also.

    Peterman said, "This is great news. Lourdes is such a special place, I love it so, even all the tacky tourist shops."

    You're right on both counts, but at the same time some of the best stuff is found at the tacky tourist shops. :-)


  20. Anonymous9:55 AM

    also 11.Feb.2012: Great Pictures from Wigratzbad (Germany): "Ordinations Mineurs et Sous-Diaconales à Wigrazbad, 11 II 2012
    par Mgr Juan Ignacio Arrieta (Opus Dei) Ochoa de Chinchetru, secrétaire du Conseil Pontifical pour les Textes législatifs"

  21. Alsaticus10:29 PM

    Bishop Brouwet is the first positive appointment of a bishop in France since 2008, and the first Ratzingerian bishop named by the new Nuncio (after several disastrous choices).

    Lourdes is a very symbolic diocese, with a small population. However with the world famous pilgrimage and being the city where French bishops are meeting, it gives a special role to its Ordinary.


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