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A Call from the FSSP French District: offer up your Lent for Catholic Unity

Offering up our Lent for Catholic Unity
(Last modification: 02.24.2012, 0827)

In this Lenten season, some among our friends have taken the initiative of offering up their struggles and sacrifices for reconciliation and unity between all Catholics.

At a moment in which the dialogue between the Society of Saint Pius X  [SSPX] and the Holy See reaches a decisive point for the future, the District of France [of the FSSP] encourages its friends to double their fervor in prayer.

P.S. reading material to enrich our meditation: the Message of Benedict XVI for Lent.


  1. I am joining their call.

  2. I will dedicate my rosary to unification.

  3. I will over up all my prayers with all my heart and soul!

  4. Gregorian Mass7:07 PM

    Yes we are all giving prayers for strength to the Holy Father and the SSPX. They are needed in the Church and it is time to put an end to this unfortunate time in the Church's history. We need to move forward with the SSPX squarely in Rome's corner to help restore some of what has been lost.

  5. Ferraiuolo7:08 PM

    Storming heaven!

  6. Andrew8:37 PM

    I was at an Eastern Catholic Mass this week. In the Eastern liturgy is a prayer that asks God's blessing and protection on "all orthodox Christians".

    In this secular/dissenting age this prayer has more meaning than we know. The blessing of God and unity of all orthodox Christians is needed now more than ever!

  7. Also in the Traditional Mass, in the beginning of the Canon, in the special "In primis" prayer for the Hierarchy: omnibus orthodoxis, atque catholicæ et apostolicae fidei cultoribus...

  8. I'm hopeless at Lent (so far I've broken it three times) but I'll offer up whatever I merit.

  9. I've said before, but I really do believe, that a full re-integration of SSPX into the lifeblood of the Church would be an adrenaline shot to her faultering heart.

  10. Bill M1:05 AM

    Not sure how much else I can put into a day right now. I'm doing 3 Novenas and 10 Rosaries dailey for Bishop Fellays requests and have been for almost 5 years but I'll try harder.

  11. Oremus1:06 AM

    Full kudos and gratitude to the FSSP for their wonderful show of unity with the SSPX. God willing, both societies plus the ICK, the SSPV and all other trad clergies and religious will unite in full communion to correct the terrible damage caused by the liberals. We need all the soldiers we can get.

  12. Anonymous1:36 AM

    Prayers ...

  13. Ora et Labora5:04 AM

    Count me in.

  14. Dear friends of Rorate Caeli,

    We'd be very pleased if you may promote our hotsite dedicated to Juventutem participation at next WYD in Rio. The adress is

    Thank you very much and congratulations for the good journalistic work done by your site.

    Just a maybe interesting remark: the music you can hear in the hotsite is a novena in honor of Nossa Senhora do Pilar (Patroness of the city of Vila Rica) by Brazilian composer Francisco Gomes da Rocha (1746-1808, Vila Rica, Minas Gerais).

    Oremus pro invicem!

    Juventutem Niterói

  15. Confusius10:10 AM

    The life of the Church has been riven with divisions since the Dividing Council of Vatican II. Perhaps the worst aspect of this is the all too evident disunity amongst traditionalist Catholics, which has done the cause great harm. So this gesture from the FSSP is to be applauded.
    It sometimes looks as if some chastisement on a grand scale is what it will take to jolt the Church back onto the tracks. If we read the signs of the times, there are many indications that such an event might not be so far off. The Vatican II hierarchy has allied itself so closely to modern trends that it will collapse when this hollow and rotten society does. It lacks the supernatural vision needed to survive, and has abandoned the notion of a Church Militant. As far as the Vatican II hierarchy is concerned, the real enemy consists in those groups of unreconstitued Catholics who hold to the time honoured teachins and practices of the Faith. the trads need to get their act together now so that they are prepared for whatever comes.

  16. Lee Lovelock-Jemmott11:35 AM

    I'm in. I pray by the Grace of Our Lord, I may say payers for this unity to come forth !

  17. Ligusticus5:36 PM


  18. Bill M:

    You don't have to add one more Novena or regimen to your list. You can have all your intentions in just one Novena if you wanted to. There is no stipulation you have to have only one intention per Novena.

    Here's a perk. Go to Mass for nine days specifically as a Novena offering up your all there and then. The Graces which come from that regardless of the answer is tremendous.

    Just an FYI. God bless you in all your efforts anyway.


    Shane, praying for you too. :-)

  19. Ceolfrid of Dealganburg11:40 AM

    This is a very charitable intention. I would just like to suggest that call for Unity be changed slightly to 'Unity in Truth'.


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