Rorate Caeli

"Evil cannot thwart the divine plan of salvation"

Cathedral-Basilica, León, Guanajuato 
The people of Jerusalem and their leaders did not acknowledge Christ, yet, by condemning him to death, they fulfilled the words of the prophets (cf. Acts 13:27). Human evil and ignorance simply cannot thwart the divine plan of salvation and redemption. Evil is simply incapable of that.... I encourage you to continue to share freely the treasures of the Gospel, so that they can become a powerful source of hope, freedom and salvation for everyone (cf. Rom 1:16). May you also be faithful witnesses and interpreters of the words of the incarnate Son, whose life was to do the will of the Father and who, as a man among men, gave himself up completely for our sake, even unto death.
Benedict XVI
Cathedral-Basilica of Our Lady of Light, León, Guanajuato
March 25, 2012


DTC said...

Something about this Papal visit makes me smile. Despite the other article noting the decline in faith there, even the cartels and drug lords took the day off.

Tom said...

I was unable to watch EWTN (or news) coverage of Pope Benedict XVI Apostolic Visit to Mexico.

Does anybody know as to whether the Holy Father's Masses in Mexico featured Latin and Gregorian Chant?

During at least one of his Apostolic Visits to Mexico, Venerable Pope John Paul II called upon Mexicans who had abandoned the Catholic Church for "sects" to return to Holy Mother Church.

In that regard, did Pope Benedict XVI follow Venerable Pope John Paul II's lead?

Thank you.


Brian said...

The people of Jerusalem and their leaders . . . condemning him to death . . . evil and ignorance.