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La Terreur of the Church in America
Fr. Marcel (!) Guarnizo receives gift from Chancery

Speaking of persecution during the French Revolution (cf. Rorate Caeli, Open thread: Book suggestions for Lent), is it our impression or does it seem that some dioceses in America are repeatedly acting against priests who do their priestly duties merely due to what amounts to a pseudo-canonical version of the Law of Suspects?

We have resisted speaking of the Fr. Marcel (first name watch!) Guarnizo affair, mostly because we have not been able to hear directly his side of what happened in that fateful funeral Ordinary Mass for which he became a name well known in America and around the world.

But, as unclear as things may seem, why does the Diocesan Law of Suspects appear to weigh in only regarding conscientious priests?'

The Church cannot go on like this, leaving scandalous heterodox priests in place while rigorous and stern orthodox priests are "prohibited from exercising any priestly ministry" when, even according to the most partial reports, the worst thing of which they can be accused is a slightly imprudent action. Until when will the Jacobins rule over the Washington Archdiocese?

On the good side, a Priest true to his heart and to his mission will never fear injustice and persecution: so the Chancery Jacobins are providing Fr. Guarnizo with a wonderful Lenten present. Sacrifice is a priest's life and call. [Tip: Abbey roads]


  1. Two words: Selective enforcement.

    And this has gone on since the Council.

    A famous method, a certain Julian once used it.

  2. Anonymous8:28 PM

    Signed by the monsignor "SIncerely in Christ". Come on.

  3. Gravitas8:56 PM

    Barry Knestout is more of a businessman than a priest. He'll gladly give Christ to rabid proaborts like Nancy Pelosi and Chris Matthews but throw a solid priest under the bus who refused to offend God.

    God will not be mocked, your UnExcellency.

  4. The Roman Church has gone absolutely and certifiably mad. If you don't want this fine priest, send him back to Russia. We will take him with great joy.

  5. Anonymous9:54 PM

    Just what exactly is "intimidating behaviour"?

    Does Father G. parade about the parish with a whip, disciplining staff with threats, insults and the like? Does he curse and swear? Does he sexually approach the parish staff with suggestive mannerisms and innuendos? Does he berate, ridicule and harass the staff? Really? How so?

    It certainly leaves the impression that the Archdiocese is implying that Father G. is mentally ill, an emotional powderkeg and an all-around sonuvabitch bully.


    And, it would seem that such "credible allegations" might indeed be the cause of a relevant investigation concerning Father G's behaviour, but it hardly seems time to suspend him.

    What's next? Will the Archdiocese attempt to strip him permanently of his priestly faculties?

    Why don't they just shoot him, or excommunicate him, or otherwise throw him out on the street immediately, telling him to pack his bags and hit the road and go to hell?

    I don't remember Jesus treating Judas in quite the same way Father G is being treated.

    Is it any wonder that no sane parent would EVER want his child to become a diocesan priest?

    Until the Vatican rids itself of its Lavendar Mafia, these shenanigans will not stop.

  6. I'm intimidated and need my mommy!10:03 PM

    The Archdiocese has learned to master the old Clinton "Nutz 'n Slutz" smear technique.

    Apparently, according to the Archdiocese, Father G. is fairly mentally ill and must be removed for the safety and good of all.

    His "intimidating behaviour" implies/suggests, according to the Archdiocese, a level of such seriousness that Father G. MUST BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY!!!!

    What? Really? Does he carry a gun? Does he smoke crack? Does he belong to the KKK and host meetings in the rectory?

    My hunch is that he doesn't kiss arse quite enough to some parish staffer who thinks that he or she is really running the parish.

    Or, just as likely, the Lavendar Mafia has spoken: Father G MUST go!!!!

    God in Heaven: WHEN will this madness end????

  7. Francis10:07 PM

    As sickening as this is, it shouldn't surprise anyone. The people running this Archdiocese, as are many in the conciliar church, don't care about upholding the traditional and orthodox teachings of Christ and His Catholic Church, all they care about is promoting and upholding political correctness and the NWO. These people like Barry Knestout don't care about offending God, they're more worried about offending the sodomites and any other group on the leftwing and secular reservation protected by the corrupt and anti-Catholic main stream media who might call them "homophobes" and give them bad press. Cowards! And these are the kind of people that the SSPX are going to be in "full communion" with?

  8. Confusius10:21 PM

    Shame on the Archdiocese of Washington. Father Marcel is a Good Priest

  9. Bill P.10:53 PM

    You might want to explore the history of Cdl. Wuerl. He was to succeed Abp. Hunthausen of Seattle after he had been removed by the Vatican in 1986. Wuerl was shunned by the chancery and priests and he had to leave to become, eventually the Abp.of Pittsburgh. As someone on another site suggested, someone must have information on Wuerl (I know about it) that would be very detrimental. These young priests are paying for years of Vatican neglect of bishops.

  10. Ligusticus10:54 PM

    Meanwhile, in Switzerland...:

  11. Anonymous10:57 PM

    Please, all, stop posting as anonymous and follow the instructions above the comment box. We will not allow any more anonymous comments. Thank you.

  12. Join me in writing to bishops when things like this are perpetrated upon traditional priests. Say things like this: "You make me sick. You're a stinking wolf."

  13. Cor Unum11:17 PM

    My daughter and her family belong to St. John Neumann. It was through Fr. Marcel's preaching and priestly witness that she and her husband and their children began keeping the Monday morning prayer vigil at the late-term abortuary in Germantown, Maryland. Please pray and fast for this good and holy priest.

  14. Anonymous11:23 PM

    Pox, normally I'd ban this comment, but this is so crazy I had to publish it!

    Please tell me you're joking ...

  15. Gratias11:42 PM

    This is amazing. Cardinal Wuerl gives pride of place to a Lesbian Bhuddist who demands Communion right after introducing her same-sex lover to the priest at a funeral mass. The Church has been damaged greatly by the homosexual agenda, and now this.

    Cardinal Wuerl represents the Church in Washington D.C. This show of weakness will only encourage Obama in his quest to deny religious freedom to Catholics. Who knows how many more attacks will be staged by Gays inspired by this example of pusillamity.

    If memory serves this is the same Cardinal Wuerl that cancelled the Traditional Latin Mass in the DC Cathedral last year. It was to mark the anniversary of Summorum Pontificum or Benedict XVI's birthday, I think. So Cardinal Wuerl is quick to punish Traditional Catholics or good Father Marcel Guarnizo, and welcoming of the Party of Abortion and Homosexuality in our Capital. In addition there is no new every-Sunday TLM in his Archdiocese. Cardinal Wuerl has been a terrible appointment.

  16. frustrated Catholic12:06 AM

    Don't forget Pope Benedict appointed Cardinal Wuerl delegate for the establishment of the English ordinariate in the United States. What a joke!

  17. DefensorFidei12:37 AM

    Cardinal Wuerl is also going to be the relator for the Synod of Bishops on the New Evangelization later this year.

  18. Adfero, I'm not joking. More than once I've written to sold-out bishops and told them in unvarnished terms that they're wolves, traitors, whitewashed tombs, and are therefore worthy only of nausea and the greatest contempt. I've then quoted Ezechiel 3 and 34 to them.

    The time for diplomatic pussyfooting around is over. These swine must be radically opposed.

  19. xavier rynne1:43 AM

    I think everyone with eyes to see knows the kind of bishop Wuerl is.

  20. Anonymous1:54 AM

    Pox, I'm not sure what country you're from, but no bishop in America will give that type of letter any of their time. You may want to re-evaluate your tactics.

  21. Poor Father. I alays thought there was something dubious about Wuerl!


  22. Adfero:

    Regarding your reply to Pox (" bishop in America will give that type of letter any of their time. You may want to re-evaluate your tactics."), I understand greatly your concern and possible change of tactics. Yes, being cordial is always the best approach, but at the same time one wonders whether it's time to take to the air waves and launch campaigns. It seems to work very well for the Left and and everyone else is left gaflenching and cowering.

    By way of an adult inquiry, would not this be a tactic to begin using? If not, why not? Once again, it works well for the Left so give it back to them as they would dish it out.

    Thank you.


  23. Shameful. If D.C. doesn't want Father Guarnizo, there are plenty of other dioceses in need of good priests. Maybe my bishop will extend him an invitation.

  24. This is a surreal world we live in and our beloved Mother Church is more and more sold to its enemies by its leaders. If you had told me years ago that a priest had been reprimanded for refuzing to give communion to a public and known lesbian (which by the way is not even Christian let alone catholic) I would have thought you were lying but nowadays nothing amazes me anymore.

  25. Marie4:00 AM

    This is my parish and it was after attending a daily mass where Fr. Marcel challenged us to be present to pray at the late term abortion mill not far from our church that I made the decision to commit that time every Monday.

    I do not buy the intimidation line. I just don't.

    I will just keep praying and offering sacrifices.

    I will also be letting the chancery and Cardinal know...once I can write...more politely. I hope they have let all of the priests know what the chancery expects when the next wave of rainbow attacks come now that they have made Fr. Guarnizo "chum" to the anti-Catholic sharks.

  26. Richard4:05 AM


    Actually there are traditional (Tridentine) Latin Masses in the Archdiocese of Washington. The parish that is the center of this controversy, St. John Neumann, Gaithersburg, MD offers the Latin Mass every Sunday at 1:30PM. Father LaHood the pastor began this about a year ago.


  27. Peterman4:10 AM

    I hope the good father is dancing for joy. He should welcome this wonderful gift from the Lord. No matter what he can't give Holy Communion to the woman. He has no choice, it's law and beyond that he has to face our Lord. It's similar to the Japanese martyrs who were forced or lets say encouraged to step on the cross.

  28. I'm from the northern Virginia area and I will be protesting this injustice.

  29. Well.

    I guess it comes down to either Father Guarnizo or Barry Knestout.

    Gee that's a tough one......

  30. Gratias6:34 AM

    Richard, I am glad to stand corrected, and that St. John Neuman in Maryland now has an every-Sunday mass that was started during Cardinal Wuerl's watch. I was going by the listings in the indispensable Wikkimissa (listed nearby) under Washington D.C.

    I still submit that Cardinal Wuerl does not understand that the American Church is under attack by Gays, Abortionists and Democrats. Wuerl is in charge at the very seat of American Power and was bested by a Bhuddist Lesbian plot for the sake of ObamaCare. The good priest Fr. Marcel Guarnizo is gone, like Fr. Rodriguez in Texas, and the Gays will be encouraged to spring more ambushes for true priests. Cardinal Wuerl is not a good pastor to his flock. A bad appointment by the Vatican.

  31. Read what Matt Abbot had to say about Cardinal Wuerl when he was appointed to Washington:

  32. Hello Gratias, Richard,

    The archdiocese of Washington has long had two regular Sunday TLMs: 8am at the old St. John's (now a special Polish parish, Our Lady Queen of Poland, which graciously hosts the local Latin Mass Society's services), and St. Mary's downtown in Chinatown. Both are celebrated by a rotating slate of diocesan priests. Both will usually also host TLM's for special feast days, but that's it. There is no full time TLM personal parish, nor any prospect of any.

    The Gaithersburg 1:30 mass is the only new one added in recent years. There have been efforts to add regular Sunday masses at other parishes, as well as to establish a presence by the FSSP. These have not succeeded to date.

    Cardinal Wuerl's antipathy to the traditional mass is...well known at this point, and there are numerous examples of this hostility, I'm afraid (I don't have time to list them all). Nothing is likely to change here until there is a new ordinary.

  33. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Matt, if stronger words are what you or Pox want, then fine, I don't see the harm at this point.

    However, calling someone a "stinking wolf" is only going to get you laughed at.

  34. Does the Bishop of this Diocese ever read the back of his missalette, where it states "Non-Catholic Christians", with the exception of the Orthodox are NOT allowed to receive communion. Your right John the Roman Church has gone Mad!!.

  35. Let's not confuse the Church with its leaders. I am disgusted at this as well. Do not underestimate the rage of Satan when he is denied the opportunity to defile our Lord. I fear that more and more of this will occur. Pray for our Bishops. They are mortal men as well, subject to the same pressures and intimidation that you and I are. Pray that they are strengthened for the approaching storm.

  36. I believe that the worst thing that could happen is for this story to end up down the "memory hole", which would be just what the Cardinal would like.

    An "Open Letter" to the Apostolic Nuncio has been published, and I believe it is worth reviewing.

    Perhaps it will inspire others to write appropriate letters to the right people.

    The latest gambit - the published letter accusing the priest of "bad attitudes" or whatever - is straight from the Soviet playbook. Any time they wanted to justify their persecutions of some poor innocent character they would trump up some allegations about "psychological problems" or whatnot. Clever, but transparent, especially in this case.

    That cute little letter also has the effect of bullying other priests into silence if ever something similar should occur in their churches. Disgusting/

  37. Anonymous6:52 PM

    BREAKING: This was just on CNN. And CNN is saying directly that it was because he denied Communion to a lesbian. Also, Barbara Johnson, the practicing lesbian, did an interview with CNN were she was calling for his removal.

  38. Francis7:17 PM

    Well Adfero that confirms what many of us already knew. I wonder when Our Lord is going to see enough and truly cleanse the modernist apostates who have infiltrated His Catholic Church for the last fifty years and replace them with true Catholics who will courageously uphold the tenets of the Catholic faith and not the tenets of political correctness, the sodomites the NWO and the corrupt, leftwing and Satanic main stream media?!

  39. I’ve written the following letter to the Nuncio for the USA, I highly recommend that others write to the Nuncio as well:
    Subject: Archdiocese of Washington‏

    To Your Eminence Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano Apostolic Nuncio to the United States,

    We Catholics continue to watch with amazement and sadness the deteriorating situation of the Catholic Church in the United States and other parts of the world. A trend in the United States which is also visible in other parts of the world has shown that faithful priests of the Holy Catholic Church are being treated unfairly and thrown out of ministry for upholding the Magisterial teachings of the Holy Catholic Church, while priests,religious, and nuns who are in open dissent against Magisterial teachings of the Church are treated with high esteem by the various Chanceries and their leadership.

    I respectfully ask that you conduct a deep investigation into the situation of Fr. Guarnizo in Archdiocese of Washington, as well as requesting an apostolic administrator for the Catholic Church in the United State that will oversee the various Archdioceses and religious communities.

    In Christ,

  40. Thomas10:04 PM

    One wonders if Wuerl was one of those networked into the Church of which Bella Dodd spoke.

  41. Clinton R.12:20 AM

    The level of apostasy within the Church is staggering. Heaven forbid a faithful priest deny Communion to a homosexual. And a buddhist, no less! If Fr. Guarnizo had given Johnson the Lord's Precious Body and Blood, he would have been celebrated. Instead, the faithful of the Church are persecuted. This is nothing new of course, but now the fiercest persecution is coming from within. Are the end days soon to come? Only God knows, but it is quite apparent that Satan is in a full assault on the Church.

  42. This sounds like something out of the play book from the diocese of Fresno, CA.

  43. Gratias3:09 AM

    There is a war on Catholics.

    It is orchestrated from the top.

  44. Gulielmus5:38 PM

    Father LaHood, who celebrates the TLM at St John Neumann and is a fine, orthodox priest, announced Father G's suspension on Sunday from the pulpit, and without going into details, indicated that the description of intimidating behavior was accurate and that the action taken was justified. Make of that what you will, but it does indicate that this is a murkier situation than many would like to think.

  45. Kathleen11:40 PM

    If I were confronted, in the Sacristy, by a militant, lesbian, Buddhist, who was openly trying to create a crisis to promote the sodomite agenda, I would be very hard pressed to maintain my composure.

    It is not at all a stretch to think that my reaction might be considered "intimidating."

    Father Guarnizo is in my regular intentions from now on.

  46. Anonymous12:06 AM


    Let's not forget that, the day after it happen, Knestout went public blasting the priest for the ACTION, not for intimidating behavior, then he apologized to the lesbian. Don't let them fool you. Even the decent priests under Knestout are company men and carry out their undesirable work.

  47. Barbara6:01 AM

    Well said Kathleen,
    my thoughts exactly. Presented unexpectly with a situation like this I would probably have thrown her out of the sacristy! (I'm kind of an immediate type of person - which is sometimes good and sometimes BAD). Then of course I would have landed in jail - given the present climate on matters homosexual! The "homosexual agenda" (I refuse to use that lovely English word that they have contaminated)is mockery of human life - it can only be described as demonic. This good priest did absolutely right to refuse her - and if he did it Don Camillo style - so what! Our Lord took a whip to the abusers of religion after all!



  49. Fr. Marcel Responds!

  50. Thursday, March 15, 2012
    Eucharist is not to be given to the Quaker, Lutheran, and Buddhist since they are outside the Church
    If a Quaker, a Lutheran or a Buddhist, desiring communion had introduced himself as such, before Mass, a priest would be obligated to withhold communion. If someone had shown up in my sacristy drunk, or high on drugs, no communion would have been possible either. If a Catholic, divorced and remarried (without an annulment) would make that known in my sacristy, they too according to Catholic doctrine, would be impeded from receiving communion. This has nothing to do with canon 915. Ms. Johnson’s circumstances are precisely one of those relations which impede her access to communion according to Catholic teaching. Ms. Johnson was a guest in our parish, not the arbitrer of how sacraments are dispensed in the Catholic Church.- Fr. Marcel Guarnizo, Archdiocese of Washington D.C

  51. Fr. Pat Dowling12:35 AM

    At a time when Catholics are reeling under the threatened HHS Mandate that would penalize them if they refuse to act against good conscience, are we ourselves inflicting on our priests, under penalty of withdrawal of faculties, similar pastoral practices that violate their conscience?

  52. Friday, March 16, 2012
    Just as Fr. Marcel Guarnizo is put on administrative leave for political reasons the Archbishop of Washington gives the Eucharist to pro abortion politicians for political reasons.Also for political reasons Catholics do not want to discuss the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.

    When Fr. Marcel said ‘If a Quaker, a Lutheran or a Buddhist, desiring communion had introduced himself as such, before Mass, a priest would be obligated to withhold communion.’ he was using the ecclesiology (understanding of Church) of outside the church no salvation. This was the ecclesiology which Pope John Paul II used in Ecclesia di Eucarestia.

    Those who are not baptized, or are baptized but are not living the Gospel according to the Catholic Church are in grave sin. They are not to receive the Eucharist. St. Paul tells us that those who receive the Eucharist in this unworthy state bring damnation upon them self.

    No non Catholic has the ‘right’ to receive the Eucharist .Not because he is condemned already but because he has the opportunity to convert into the Catholic Church and receive the Sacraments which save. Jesus saves through the Sacraments.

    Outside the Sacraments there is no known salvation in the present time.

    For political reasons the Archdiocese of Washington has not announced that the Buddhist lesbian woman will not be able to receive the Eucharist. If she does come to receive the Eucharist during Mass in Washington a priest or Eucharistic Minister will give her the Eucharist. She will receive the Eucharist even though she has not rectified the scandal in public i.e. she has not denied that she is a Buddhist and is a practising, active lesbian living in sin. She needs to make the public clarification and go also for Confession, before receiving the Eucharist.

    The Archdiocese of Washington is not likely to make this announcement. Senator Kennedy never made any such clarification. Neither did the Archdiocese clarify any change in his position on abortion. Neither did the Archdiocese of Boston mention that the Senator received absolution before his death. He was given the Eucharist in Washington and a funeral in Boston. According to the teachings of the Church and the public scandal of which he was a part of, he was oriented to Hell at the time of death.

    The priority is politics and then the Eucharist.The Archdiocese of Boston like Washington would welcome lesbians and homosexuals receiving the Eucharist at Mass. The Vatican cannot apply Canon 915 against the cardinals. Would there be a schism if this done even in the interest of the Eucharist? The Vatican has not issued a clarification on this issue of the Eucharist in Washington.A Deacon of the Archdiocese of Washington will not discuss the issue of extra ecclesiam nulla salus with reference to the Eucharist. Probably if he does, they’ll suspend him too.

    In the media, Catholic and secular, we are getting a canned, politically safe version of the Catholic Faith and sadly it is being extended to the Eucharist.

    According to Vatican Council II (AG 7, LG 14) non Catholics are oriented to Hell and if they are all oriented to Hell then they are not to receive the Eucharist.

    Jesus watches from the tabernacle. At night he is alone in most churches in Washington, if not all the churches. He watches and he knows. He feels.He is left there abandoned and now they are abandoning church teachings. They are allowing sacrilege and sin for the sake of convenience, expedience and politics.The Mass is not just a sacrifice for Jesus, an unbloody Sacrifice, it is a source of pain in so many ways.
    -Lionel Andrades


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