Rorate Caeli

The Patroness arrives

The Holy Father arrives in the largest island in the Caribbean today to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the finding of the image of the Patroness of Cuba, Our Lady of Charity of El Cobre, in 1612.

This is not a Traditional Catholic video, of course, and one would not be expected from Kirche in Not (Aid to the Church in Need) - though we could not notice the kind of liturgical aberrations present in the pseudo-multi-culti-fest of a certain Religious Education Congress. But how not to be in awe and deeply touched by the faith and intense joy of the people in each small and poor community when the pilgrim image of the Patroness of Cuba arrives in her pickup truck?

After so much isolation and persecution, they still care deeply for their Mother, who has never abandoned them. And, thanks to this same Pope and Summorum, even the Traditional Mass has returned to La Llave del Nuevo Mundo.