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The sounds of normalcy

One does not have to understand a single word of German to enjoy the sights and sounds of the film produced by the German public network ARD and broadcast by its main channel, Das Erste, a while ago on the Society of Saint Pius X: "Revolte gegen Rom".

The film producer follows the Society in Germany through the lives of a young woman, Veronika Fleischer, a student in the St. Teresa School, in Schönenberg (Ruppichteroth, North Rhine-Westphalia), and of a young man, Fr. Elias Stolz, a Deacon in the weeks leading up to his priestly ordination, in the Sacred Heart Seminary (Zaitzkofen, Bavaria).

The most impressive thing is how unimpressive it all looks: there is no secret, it is not a "sect", there is really nothing to hide, in a film produced by a public broadcaster that is not expected to be sympathetic in such matters. The wonder of Catholic normalcy pervades it all: we will not say other things are not Catholic, but this surely looks like it is

[Tip: SSPX German District - this video merits English subtitles!!!]


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  1. This is the past alive and living in the present and thus it is understandable that the V2 generation wants it to surrender to the supercessionism of the new theology that has severed ties with Tradition and that essentialises doctrinal realities that were, admittedly, once considered irreformable but are now just seen as time-bound temporal Papal political responses to particular political circumstance which no longer exist in this springtime of universal love in which mankind has come to its full maturity and in which the Church of Christ does not just subsist in the Catholic Church alone.

    Even though I do not speak German, I can see why such a display of Triumphalism would be so scandalous to the V2 generation.

  2. This is from 2010, when Fr. Sandmark was ordained to the Catholic Priesthood - this is probably the only sound documentary about the FSSPX since it's foundation. I can be seen at 29:42. German TV gives a sound and quite correct description on the relationship between FSSPX and Rom, thus it’s differs from the Swedish public service.

  3. ich habe diesen Film vor einem Jahr mal angeschaut und war davon sehr begeistert. mich nervt dieser Sprecher des Bistums Regensburg aber seine Name habe ich nicht mitbekommen. der redet aber genau wie man sich daran gewoehnt hat mit solchen Typen die an Theologischen hochschulen lehren in den letzten 40 Jahren. man merkt mit dem ARD Sprecher die stichwoerter Toleranz, Pluralismus usw wird hochgelobt.

    I saw this film over one year ago and found it very inspiring. I became irritated listening to the speaker of the diocese of Regensburg. I didn't quite catch his name. He speaks in the fashion that has become normal in theological seminaries in the past decades.

  4. I'm so happy to see that the Pope's picture is out there everywhere! Pray for their return, the Church needs them!

    That is one thing why I think that the title is misleading. They're not rebelling against anything.

  5. Benedicta3:42 PM

    I don't understand German, I obviously missed a lot. However what I saw was young women who do not seem to be "the norm". By that I mean, she seems mature poised, eager to talk rationally. It was refreshing. I am sure it exists in other Catholic schools, as a matter of fact I have met young women like that. But they are not the typical teenagers, certainly not the ones you see in Europe these days outside so-called "Catholic establishments", that are Catholic by name only.

  6. Anonymous3:44 PM

    This is great, but it would be really nice to have English subtitles. I'd love to get even more out of this.

  7. Can anyone identify the bishop standing off to the left side near the very end of the film?

  8. Bernonensis4:33 PM

    O thou who art not Spartacus,

    That is one prodigious sentence, sir. Are you sure you don't speak German?

  9. Born a Catholic in the State of Vermont, I am the same age as Israel and yet in my lifetime my state has disappeared; it is no longer the Vermont I grew-up in ; and the Catholic Church I was born into has disappeared; it is no longer the Catholic Church into which I was born.

    With unimaginable change being forced upon me even in a small rural state like rural Vermont (Even a Hard Cider Hallucination could not have caused me to see such a distance into the future that during my lifetime I'd see Muslim women living in rural Vermont and wearing their Hijabs into country stores) I had always thought that the Catholic Nation I had been born into (a nation within the state of Vt. within the nation of America) would forever be the same nation that I was born into.

    But, the changes forced upon me by the New Theologians who managed to attain to authority within the Catholic Nation has been even more radical than the cultural changes in Vermont and their dramatic impact upon me increases in intensity.

    I never thought I would see the Real Mass kilt and have a Memorial Meal substituted in its place and I never thought my Nation would try to tell me that the Church of Christ subsists in the Catholic Church (and others) and I never thought that my Nation would tell me that Religious Liberty has always been a part of our Nation's History and belief and I never thought my Nation would tell me that the women who wear Hijabs and Saint Thomas Aquinas worshipped the same God...etc etc etc

    Once the Real Mass has been reformed out of recognisable existence and The FSSP is foreclosed on, I can see myself entering the sanctuary of the SSPX without a moment's hesitation.

    I have had it.

  10. Prof. Basto5:42 PM

    A huge thanks to the Rorate Caeli team for all your good work.

    With the assurance of my prayers,

    Prof. Basto.

  11. Barona:

    The man is mgr Jurkovic (or Jorkovic), who is a Franciscan priest from Croatia – friend of the society.

  12. Jack, would you mind picking another name, such as NewJack or Jack2...? It would help us in moderation: thanks!

  13. Clinton R.6:49 PM

    How can it be said that the SSPX has broken away from the Church? It would seem the other way around. The post V2 Church is the one with all the novelties and dissent from traditional Church teachings. Instead of waiting for the SSPX to come around, maybe the Vatican should look at the widespread damage that has been done to the Church Militant over the last 50 plus years and see who really is in schism.

  14. I hate to say but most "catholics" these days are modernist heretics; it is a fact that the majority of catholics deny transubstantiation. Most use birth-control, and abort at the same rate as our protestant "brethren".

    Yet these people believe in Transubstantiation, don't abort, don't contracept, are not modernists, and worship the holy sacrifice (as mass has been known for 2,000 years--please see Davies' Eternal Sacrifice, the early Christians, most of them Jewish, understood mass as Sacrifice, as the Temple itself focused on sacrifice), and not as the memorial meal, which arch-modernist Bugnini thought he could argue historically.

    That is why the modernists, who compromise the vast majority of the Church, hate the SSPX, in a nut shell.

  15. Andrew7:32 PM

    Would some please create English subtitles for this amazing video. This video could do so much good for the traditional Catholics!

  16. So, Konstantin, other than being suspended, you confirm they are pretty normal, then...

  17. Link to translation for this old video:

    (scroll down thread until you get to the translation)

  18. Link to link to newer video about the same school and accompanying translation:

  19. Note about my translation: It is made from a shorter version of the video that does not include the commentary from the heterodox theologian, and well, you really don't want to know what he's saying anyway...

  20. To Konstatin: To what other school in Germany would you prefer to send your daughters? That's a serious question, to which I'd like to know the answer.

    Also, the school is in the midst of fundraising, seeking to relieve the financial burden of running the school from the German district. Unlike comparable private schools in the USA, the school does not rely on massive tuition fees to fund operations. The parents pay as they are able, with voluntary donations from third parties and, yes, financial support from the German district of the SSPX making up the rest of the budget.

    In a land (Germany) where it is illegal to home school your children, the continued existence of SSPX schools is an absolute necessity.

  21. Ted Maysfield10:42 PM

    There are HUGE DIFFERENCES between the German SSPX school featured in this movie and SSPX schools in America, where American priests are not trusted in top SSPX administrative slots, where head coverings for girls and women at Church are not optional -- as they are in the German SSPX -- and where there is a much greater measure of control and surveillance.

  22. Here is a partial translation (in English) of the video featured in this Rorate post. Please note that it is in transcript form, rather than a subtitle file.


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