Rorate Caeli

Austria, Ireland... His Holiness is moving.

Following the Holy Father's strong words during Chrism Mass against the rebel priests of the Pfarrer-Initiative in Austria (words that have been accompanied by strong secret letters ordering the Austrian episcopate and its leader, the incredible Cardinal of Vienna, to take real charge of the matter), now the most outspoken and influential rebel-priest in Ireland is also on the receiving end of Roman orders. Not only is he under investigation, as we first reported on April 7, he has in effect been silenced during this same investigation:
Just days before Easter, Flannery, a prolific and longtime columnist for the Redemptorist Order’s monthly magazine, Reality, was told he can no longer write on any of the church-doctrine issues. ... Reality editor Gerard Moloney has also been reprimanded for allowing Flannery’s prose to make it into print. Future editions of the magazine will now have to be reviewed by a Vatican-approved theologian. In the meantime, Flannery has reportedly been sent to a monastery for six weeks of prayer and contemplation.
[From the Daily Beast, and several secular sources.]

We wish Fr. Flannery weeks, months, and years of silent contemplation - very contemplative and, especially, very silent!


John L said...

What are this priest's offences exactly - can anyone explain?

quirinus said...

Insults against the Holy Father instead of support and prayerful gratitude for his efforts despite his being surrounded by wolves in sheep's clothes wil start in 5,4,3...

Father JCL said...

Why was it that we ditched the 'index librorum'? I suppose that in modern times with communication being the way that it is, especially with the Internet, an 'index' wouldn't exactly be possible. However, the broader use of a 'nihil obstat' and then enforcing it within the various media really should be explored.

It's sickening how emboldened dissenters and heretics have been allowed to become over the years while Church officials simply winked and then looked the other way.

"you reap what you sow"

GQRep said...

"Why was it that we ditched the 'index librorum'? "

Because it was seen as "unecumenical" towards our Protestant "brothers"

I am happy to hear that very strong letters were sent to this wimp (actually a dissenter and heretic himself) Cardinal Schonborn,OP (aged 67) and the rest of the Austrian bishops . Probably they were told to squash this radical movement, or the Vatican will.

I hope the Pope goes even harder:

1). Force Schonbron's resignation
2). Put in traditionalists in all Austrian bishophrics regardless of how liberals howl
3). Supress any radical ecumenical, inter-religious initiatives in the Church world wide
4) Laicize the radical Irish priests and disband their ACP, a group of 800 radical dissident Irish priests.

5) Approve the SSPX and give them a mission to establish themselves strongly in Ireland and Austria to counter the Vatican II rot there.

These proposals are not entirely all as unlikely as you might think!

Manfred said...

Recall that the ink was barely dry on Pope Benedict's papers when he demanded that Fr.Thomas Reese step down as the editor of AMERICA magazine. Reese is still the darling of the Catholic Left and he still voices his opinions. But think of the bright side-Fr. Charles Curran, the main opponent of HUMANAE VITAE, has been at Southern Methodist Univ. for decades growing old and forgotten.

P.K.T.P. said...


I wish you were right but your proposals are unthinkable, given the clear policy of this Pope. Why is de Aviz in the curia? Why is Levada there, where he can do the most damage? This Pope clearly believes it to be his duty to keep the liberals and conservatives and traditionalists all in the same inclusive cafeteria. Hence the approval of the Neo-Catatonic pagan rites. Hence "Summorum Pontificum". Hence the continued 'celebration' of that grand mistake, Vatican II. We're all in this together, whether we like it or not.

The Pope believes, I think, that the most effective way to save the ship is to calm the waters and then lead by example. The strategy is not wrong in itself. If it be wrong, it is only because the circumstances are too extreme to make it work, and determining that is a matter of judgement. We have a right to our opinions but I'm afraid that it is the judgement of the Pope which is primary. Let's pray that his judgement be nourished in his own devotional life and led by the Holy Ghost. In the mean time, we do have a right to raise our voices in complaint if it is done to protect the Church.


New Templar said...

Don't fret folks, there are more where he came from.

Jacob said...

Do you all think there would be support for some kind of petition to Ignatius Press for the removal of Cardinal Schonborn's books until he recants his support of/turning a blind eye to heresy in his church?

Shane said...

I'm very glad that 'Reality' is being monitored (not before time!). This depressing news shows how much damage liberal clergy have done for the past 50 years:

clergy aren't any better:

Ora et Labora said...

These rebel priests and deacons in Austria and now in Ireland need to be STOPPED.

The harm they can cause the souls of the faithful under their care could be irreparable.

These rebels need to be disciplined and if they don't recant of their errors excommunication would be the only way to rid the Church of this open revolt.

Let us pray to the Lord for the Church everywhere but especially in Austria and Ireland.

Mary Help of Christians, pray for us!!!

SamWiseGamgee said...

It's amazing how the dissenting Priests are obedient (to some degree) when it comes to being disciplined. It's like the unruly child who never gets his hands slapped with a ruler finally gets told to "shut up" by his father and he's silent. Hopefully Rome takes note that even the dissidents sit up and listen when chastised and start doing a lot more of it. this monastery equipped with a prison?

Matt said...

Yawn. We'll see. There are so many more elements Rome should have been dealing with long ago but all of a sudden these two circumstances need addressing right away? Why would that be?

What about the Neocatechumenal Way (to Hell)? We'll see how much soggy pasta Rome is going to be regarding them. Just watch.

Now, how about that kooky bishop in Brazil, Machado? Any Roman admonitions going his way, getting lost in the wind as usual?

In the end, notice how it's always the priests getting it? Why doesn't Rome ever slam any of the bishops? Sorry, Malingo doesn't count.


Matt said...

P.K.T.P. said, "The Pope believes, I think, that the most effective way to save the ship is to calm the waters and then lead by example."

I think Captain Schettino led by the same example.


thomas tucker said...

I think we are well on our way to a smaller, more faithful church that remains in communion with Rome and will see mass defection by priests and laity in places like Ireland and Austria to a "contemporary Catholic" church that is NOT in communion with Rome.

Peterman said...

I am Catholic today because of my Irish forefathers ability to stick to the faith come hell (famine/english oppression)or high water (three month sea voyage in a rickety wooden boat to the new world). So the link goes all the way back to Patrick. Here we are in 2012 and this sorry excuse for a "priest" rebels against the Church and Rome. What a low point for the Church in Ireland after all these hundreds of years. But, thankfully this "priest" and his ilk won't get the last word.