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[Update: Communiqué from the General House of the Society of Saint Pius X]


  1. It is difficult not to get excited when our sources for this news focuses heavily "positive response" and not on "with modifications that have yet to be reviewed"

  2. Nicely non-presumptuous, measured and respectful!

  3. Francis2:30 PM

    This reminds me of here in the USA when Congress plans to vote on an important bill. The outcome of the vote is determined weeks in advance behind closed doors. They know the bill will pass yet they still go through the official motions (like debating the bill on the U.S. House or Senate floor) the outcome is known. I can't help but think that this situation between the SSPX and Rome is basically the same thing (I mean in going through the official motions in any bureaucracy not in importance). Just my opinion.

  4. This is a game.

    They're going back and forth like this to make certain SSPXers feel like Fellay "didn't take the first offer," like there was some hardball or negotiation to win the SSPX concessions.

    And, I suppose, it is good to make things look that way, so everyone can save face rather than this look like the SSPX just submitting to a unilaterally demanded Vatican preamble without compromise.

    But the modifications do not seem like they will be rejected.

  5. What a cold shower.

  6. Hieronymus2:42 PM

    It is good to see that both parties are at least on the same page as to where things stand. In terms of Church diplomacy, this is still lightning speed--unfortunately in the internet age it seems glacial

  7. Marty Jude2:44 PM

    It is difficult to not get 'carried-away' - but as I messaged the other day, Bishop Fellay has previously warned the faithful not to take notice of media comments - to rely on the SSPX [Menzingen] website and the Vatican website.

    For me little has changed. The SSPX Superior General has submitted his response - now we wait for the Holy See to make their judgements [or continue the negotiations].

    I still think of St Padre Pio...Pray, Hope and Don't Worry!

    St Jude, please use thy powerful intercession before God for a good outcome.

    Sancta Maria, ora pro nobis

    O Lord, please guide our Holy Father and the SSPX so Thy Will may be done.

  8. Ferraiuolo2:47 PM

    Tornielli deception once again detected!

  9. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Folks, take it from someone who did politics for years: these statements are nothing but a way to calm people down and keep people on both extreme ends from flipping out.

    The reporters have it right. Just give H.E. Fellay and the Holy Father some time to work details out and make a proper announcement.

    This isn't an announcement that's going to be a press release and that's it. It can't just be tweeted out. A lot of planning and coordination must occur -- and that takes time.

  10. Kathleen2:51 PM

    This is still wonderful news.

    It is the best that I had hoped for at this point -- that Bishop Fellay would manage to keep things on track.

    That by itself is a tremendous accomplishment -- there are tremendous forces bent on bringing these talks to naught.

    His Excellency must navigate a veritable minefield to keep the discussions open. And again our Loving God has blessed him with the grace to manage it.

    Deo gratias!

  11. CMike3:00 PM

    It is more likely that none of us will live to see the SSPX and Rome "fully reconciled" than for us to see an agreement. Someone mentioned that this is a game; indeed, and the back-and-forth puts the public pressure on the SSPX to "agree with Rome" even though the details of Rome's requirements and the SSPX's response are not public. Sure, we all want to see positive progress because it would be good for the Church but the fact remains that many powerful liberals are still in positions of power in the Church and can block making the SSPX "officially" part of the jurisdictional structure. The important task for the SSPX is to remain true to the eternal Truths of the Faith and not make compromises on Faith or Morals for the sake of public opinion. The task for us is to pray that whatever happens will result in the greater number of souls being saved. If and when a final deal is reached we can be sure that we'll see the news on a multiplicity of blogs, twitter feeds, in our friends' Facebook statuses, as well as dozens of emails and probably phone calls. In other words, if we keep our heads down in prayer we're not going to miss the news if something relevant happens.

  12. A Sinner,

    I don't think either the SSPX or Vatican see it as a game. The key problem is that this is the digital age and people are so impatient and think there's something wrong if you don't respond to any email at any time of the day within 5 minutes of recieving it. It's *only* been two and a half days since the submission and people are jumping the gun and reacting either with "it's a done deal" or outright skepticism at "the delay". These things take time, as they should. The issues involved are not trivial issues, and as many people have stated (with reference to the Vatican II documents) words are important and the full implication of those words need to be evaluated. Have patience. Keep praying. Leave the rest up to God and the Church.

  13. Our Lady of Good Counsel's little child3:08 PM

    "Veni Sancte Spiritus". . ."the fruit of the Spirit is charity, joy, peace, patience. . ."

    Our Divine Master instructs: "Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called children of God". It is in these most humble steps of peaceful, patient, charity in communication with the Vicar of Christ that we behold with certainty the revelation of the walk of a faithful child of God with his Eternal Father.

    Unveiled is the consolation we seek, the "hand" of Our Father on His faithful priestly son. There, drawn to Eternal Wisdom by his "Fiat", H.E. Bishop Fellay will receive the Divine bestowal of graces - the channel of the "water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding from the throne of God and of the Lamb."

    "Veni Sancte Spiritus". . .let us remain patiently kneeling before the throne of Our Lady of Good Counsel in humble supplication for her intercession that the Will of the Holy Trinity be accomplished in the lives of the Vicar of Christ and H.E. Bishop Fellay - A.M.D.G.

  14. Marty Jude3:09 PM

    A Sinner said...

    'This is a game.

    They're going back and forth like this to make certain SSPXers feel like Fellay "didn't take the first offer," like there was some hardball or negotiation to win the SSPX concessions...'

    I feel there might be something in this - from Day 1 of this Ponificate, it has seemed to me that the Holy Father has being dealing with most matters tactically, swiping politicial moves, to engage those he feels may not quite like his words...initially!

    He is a clever man, but I also feel this is good for The Church. He needs to behave this way to duck the assaults of the wolves!!!

    St Michael pray for Pope Benedict, The Church and us mere mortals

  15. "This is therefore a stage and not a conclusion."

    That sentence is clear as daylight. While couched in diplomatically ambivalent language, the General House itself there shows a decidedly extremely optimistic sentiment.

    I don't think I'm reading too much into this one. Or am I?

  16. Remember that the doctrinal differences between Rome and the St. Benedict center are not solved, and may never be.

    There is a difference between dogma and doctrine; dogma is never pliable, doctrine sometimes is (though all dogma is also doctrine, doctrine is usually nondogmatic).

    So I hope and pray Rome and Econe can agree to disagree.

    Why is it so important that either side bend on such non-essential and novel doctrines as religious liberty? I get the sense that many in the SSPX and most in Rome want the other side to bend before they regularize. That's just never going to happen--at least not in my lifetime.

  17. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Groan. Enough with the game paying SSPX. Get on with it!

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