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For the record: "The Pope will decide in May"

For the record of events, we present the relevant portion of an article just published by the Italian news website Affari Italiani, hosted by daily Libero:

THE POPE WILL DECIDE IN MAY - Now, despite the fact that the Lefebvrians are still moving in very cautious steps and describe the message of their superior as "one step" in the dialogue with Rome, a decision by the Pope is expected regarding this response which could be taken towards mid-May, after which other meetings with the Fraternity will be possible. [Source, in Italian]

[Update - SSPX German District: "Decision in Rome towards mid-May", in German]


  1. Patience. More time for prayers and fasting.

  2. R. John1:19 PM

    Remember, this Rosary Cursade ends on Pentacost (May 27th).

  3. Francis1:23 PM

    First it was mid April, now it is gone to mid May before the Pope makes his decision "after which other meetings with the Fraternity will be possible". This is starting to resemble a religious soap opera. This bureaucracy is frustrating, but like any other large religious or political system, is inevitable. All we can do is to keep praying.

  4. May is good. 'Tis the month of our Mother.

  5. Chris1:31 PM

    Bless your Church here on Earth, O Lord. May we inherit the SSPX charism of militantly safeguarding Your liturgy, and may the SSPX inherit the confidence of Peter's embrace.

  6. As Malachi Martin wrote in his book "The Jesuits. THe Society of Jesus and the Betrayl of the Roman Catholic Church", the principal of working of Roman curia is the following one: 'cunctando regitur mundus". Thus, patience, prayer and personal sacrifice for that sacred cause. Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam Beatae Virginis Mariae Honorem!

  7. Ferraiuolo1:47 PM

    One thing I've learnt from these dialogues, Roman Bureaucracy is unlike any other of the world!

    Slow and steady wins the race so said the tortoise.

  8. Okay, so in reality this was actually just one more clarification deadline so they can move ahead with one more analysis to be made regarding the preamble...?

    Well, I guess another month won't hurt since this has been going on for thirty years.

    Continued prayers.


  9. To the impatient in regard to the Rome-SSPX "soap opera" which, seemingly, is unending, please consider the following:

    The book "Harvard To Harvard" was written in 2006 by Rt. Rev Gabriel Gibbs (R.I.P.).

    The book features a great deal of inside information in regard to Father Leonard Feeney.

    On pages 144, 145 and 146 of said book, Abbot Gabriel stated that several attempts were made by the Saint Benedict Center to seek "reconcilation" with Rome in regard to the "Feeney Case."

    On one such occasion, Father John Feeney, brother of Father Leonard Feeney, "approached Rome on the matter sometime in the mid-1960s - and was rebuffed by Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani."

    The book documents the "unsympathetic" manner in which Cardinal Ottaviani treated Father Leonard Feeney.

    To even consider whether any censures would be lifted against Father Feeney, Cardinal Ottaviani demanded that Father Feeney "would have to go to the doorstep of the apostolic delegation in Washington, call in the newspapers, and, on his knees, say that he was wrong in opposing Church teaching on doctrine, that he was sorry and that he was ready to do penance."

    Cardinal Ottaviani informed Father Feeney's brother that "then, and only then would the lifting of any censures be considered."

    Abbot Gabriel reiterated that for years, the Saint Benedict Center's "involvement" with Cardinal Ottaviani was unpleasant.

    On September 8, 1970, Bishop Humberto Sousa Medeiros was appointed Archbishop of Boston, Massachusetts.

    Archbishop Medeiros distanced himself from Cardinal Ottaviani's stance toward Father Feeney.

    In 1972, thanks to Archbishop Medeiros' peaceful efforts to bring Rome and Father Feeney together in dignified fashion, the so-called "Boston Heresy Case" (heresy, of course, was not the case), was consigned to history with Father Feeney's profession of the Athanasian Creed (Father Feeney's choice).

    I believe that a similar happy, peaceful ending will come about in regard to the SSPX.

    As with Father Feeney, when high-ranking Churchmen for years made peace between Rome and the Society difficult to obtain, then all seemed hopeless.

    But when a man filled with great mercy and justice (Archbishop Medeiros) entered the picture, then peace between Rome and Father Feeney was obtained.

    Pope Benedict XVI is akin to Archbishop Medieros in that as a man filled with great mercy and justice, he is determined to obtain peace between Rome and the Society.

    Bishop Fellay is akin to Father Feeney in that he longs simply for peace with the Apostolic See.

    I am confident that soon, Rome and the Society will enter into a state of peace and goodwill with each other.


  10. Elizabeth2:09 PM

    Once again, a journalist is being taken way too seriously. Yes, this is taking too long for us, but I've all but stopped paying any attention whatsoever to supposedly definitive statements made by the Italian journalists.

    I agree with the other commenters ~ more prayers, fasting and the Rosary!

  11. May May be the end to maybes!

  12. Francis,

    It has nothing to do with bureaucracy. The impact of the requested changes to the preamble need to be evaluated and their full implications need to be understood. This assessment takes time and reflection. A rushed decision is in no-one's benefit (there have been too many of those in the post-Vatican II era) and actually shows the SSPX that Rome is not serious about doctrine.

    Assuming the assessment proceeds, there are a whole lot of practical details that need to work out. Do not expect that everything will be resolved and that the SSPX will be fully integrated into the Church by the end of the year. It's no big deal, life will go on in the Catholic Church and SSPX until the full reunion. In the mean time, pray.

  13. Samuel2:21 PM

    Why does everyone blame the Roman bureaucracy? A preamble was submitted to the SSPX; they replied with a modified version rather than with the preamble they were given. Of course studies must be made of those modifications and they must be understood before an agreement is reached. Is not care necessary in resolving such a long-term distance?

  14. A bit misleading, there will be a decision in May which may lead to other meetings and then decisions and then... so bassically no one has any idea when or what the Pope will actually decide

  15. Brian2:44 PM

    It has nothing to do with bureaucracy. The impact of the requested changes to the preamble need to be evaluated and their full implications need to be understood.

    I agree.

    We do not know what the preamble says. If, however, the preamble addresses the degree of obedience required by the documents of Vatican II and the extent to which a faithful Catholic may criticize those documents, this preamble could have profound historic and theological significance.

    Clarity in Truth is worth waiting for.

  16. While this, seemingly inevitable back and forth Roman beauracracy takes place, souls continue to be placed in jeopardy since the SSPX cannot in most cases absolve sins and until faculties are officially acknowledged for them by the Holy See, this waiting game is dangerous.

  17. Bartholomew3:28 PM


    In most cases, SSPX absolutions are valid. I would direct you to John Salza's conclusions on the subject, but I doubt if you'd be interested. As I recall, this subject has been hashed out before.

  18. Francis4:11 PM

    Anil Wang,

    It is about bureaucracy. The SSPX and Rome have been in dialogue for two years, there's plenty of behind the scenes activity that we're not privy to. Everyone basically knows (Bishop Fellay, the Pope etc) how this is going to turn out. In the meantime souls are being lost because of this procratination and bureaucracy by Rome. And maybe some in the FSSPX also. It's time for them to close the deal.

  19. Bartolemew,
    Thank you.
    I have seen all the canon law contortions that many, including John Salza go through to justify "ecclesia supplet" and common error, but there is still no proof from official Holy See sources that the Society has supplied jurisdiction in most cases via these routes.
    I have been told by three bishops and several traditionalist priests that the SSPX cannot absolve sins other than absolute ignorance on the penitents part or imminent danger of death.
    It is still playing with fire to rely on non authoritative interpretations of canon law on this matter.

  20. The Good Shepherd's little lamb6:03 PM

    Prayerfully observing the events unfolding before us, our search is for the signs of the increasing sanctification of the "Shepherds" Divine Providence has elevated to protectively lead the "little sheep" to the Eternal refuge of our Heavenly Homeland. These "signs" allow us to prudently differentiate the true "shepherds" from the prophesied "wolves".

    Our Divine Master, the Good Shepherd our bishops are to reflect, instructs: "Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth."

    Chromatius (4th cent.) expounds upon the Word Incarnate's perfect succinct instructions: "The meek are those who are gentle, humble, modest, simple in faith, patient under all injury, who set themselves to follow the precepts of the Gospel and imitate the Lord's example of meekness. Therefore, the meek are those who rule over impatience, anger, envy, vengefulness and other disturbances and troubled movements of the soul, and do not murmur against God when He permits adversity, nor become indignant at injuries caused by neighbors, nor seek revenge upon those who harm them, but bear all things placidly in God's providence, who orders all these things to His glory and for their salvation, when they practice resignation and acquiesce in them. This is why the meek, by the sweetness of their manners, reconcile to themselves the souls of all."

    The Eternal High Priest, the Good Shepherd Himself closes: "Learn of Me for I am meek and humble of heart." May He share with His servants, the Sovereign Pontiff and H.E. Bishop Fellay, His own Spirit so that all the little "sheep" may confidently follow on the heels of their illumined steps.

    "Veni Sancte Spiritus" through the intercession of Our Lady of Good Counsel.

  21. Bartholomew7:08 PM


    Thank you for your civil reply. We are going to have to agree to disagree.

    Canon law CLEARLY permits WIDE latitude here, and the fact that Rome knows that many of the faithful assist at SSPX chapels to fulfill their Sunday obligation (with Rome's permission) and has never expressly forbidden these Catholics to confess their sins there, is all anyone needs to know.

  22. Cruise, then look at the pre conciliar manuals, they are all rather clear about it, unlike the SSPX or others they are not bias or influenced by the situation. To paraphrase, yes the SSPX can even if they are wrong about the necessity argument, which I doubt many people could argue against.

    Also just because does or doesn't say it doesn't make it true or vice versa how many times were we told the old mass was banned, that the orthodox were part of the Church just like we are etc... all wrong and the former they now admit was never true.

  23. 1. It took decades for Opus Dei to get its prelature.

    2. I grew up in the Archdiocese of Boston, so I remember Medeiros fairly well ("Remember your Servant Humberto"..I can still recall the priest saying that, circa 1974. Medeiros was a gentle, strong soul who would not, ever, be in a photo-op w. a pro-abort politician. He's like Benedict XVI in many ways. I will pray to him for meekness on the part of the parties involved, a meekness that partakes of the strength of Christ.

  24. All our recognition to Cardinal MEDEIROS as well, may he rest in peace, his attitude towards the Feeneyites was most commendable.

  25. Francis9:28 PM

    Mike and NC, yes, I grew up in the Archdiocese of Boston as well and Cardinal Medeiros was one hundred times better than his predecessor; the modernist Cardinal Cushing

  26. What's with the "slow and steady"?

    May is 1 week away!

    If I had to guess, I would say May 13 to coincide with Our Lady of Fatima.

    And after that, expect the discussions on the organizational logistics. And who knows, may be that will be "in June" to coincide either with the anniversary of the 4 consecrations or the feast of Sts Peter and Paul.

    The word that the SSPX would respond within days did happen. And though it did not sound like fireworks, there was not a single negative word stated. Which means things have to be progressing well.

    Otherwise Tornielli of all people would be ranting about the "Schismatics" all over again.

    Be of good cheer. The Christ has already overcome the World.

  27. Peterman11:37 PM

    Yes, the month of our Lady.

  28. Peterman11:48 PM

    I remember growing up in Suburban Detroit in the 70's at the NO mass and the priest before the consecration would say "It will be shed for you and for ALL, men and women, boys and girls, so that sins may be forgiven..."

    That was circa 1978. The NO started the year I was born. We've come this far, just another month or so.

  29. Gertrude Jude2:02 AM

    I am a member of the TO/SSPX and have really stepped up my rosaries and other prayers. I trust Bishop Fellay. The best thing I can do in this situation is to pray, pray, pray!

  30. To paraphrase, yes the SSPX can even if they are wrong about the necessity argument, which I doubt many people could argue against.

    The preconciliar manuals also say that it is gravely forbidden for a priest without faculties to hear confessions, even if he knows they will be valid (because of common error, etc.). So while SSPX priests' absolution may be valid, they sin objectively by hearing confessions since they don't have faculties.

  31. To The Good Shepherd's little lamb, thank you for a beautiful post.

    MKT said: "And who knows, may be that will be "in June" to coincide either with the anniversary of the 4 consecrations or the feast of Sts Peter and Paul."

    Don't forget that June also has the feast of the Sacred Heart and is indeed the month of the Sacred Heart.

    V. Iesu, mitis et humilis Corde.
    R. Fac cor nostrum secundum Cor tuum.

    V. Jesus, meek and humble of heart.
    R. Make our hearts like to Thine.

  32. Ligusticus2:55 AM

    Remember the core of the real news of last days: Fr.Lombardi telling that Vatican people involved in the dossier, after a first-sight assessment of these latest SSPX "clarifications", judged them "substantially different" than the previous two responses.. Intelligenti pauca.

  33. Rosaries Storm Heaven3:25 AM

    Please join the Rosary Crusade, which lasts until Pentecost Sunday, May 27. The need for prayer becomes more relevant and urgent.

  34. Off topic: a couple of weeks ago you have posted about freemasons in a Philippines procession
    Now a Bishop here in Brazil is praising Freemasonry and lecturing in their meetings. I´ve posted news and photos on my blog:

  35. P.K.T.P.7:39 AM

    Well, we already knew this. Now the 'Vaticanologists' will report the obvious as if it were secret information conveyed to them.


  36. Now that SSPX has sent out its clarification of the matter and it appears we have to postpone the bubbly, perhaps we could nevertheless do some of the work we were hoping the Society would conduct from the 'inside.' I do not know what that inside work is very well, since I go to an SSPX chapel. I do personally take traditional books around to bus stops and outside churches after masses (from TAN, cheap but good). If one goes to a novus ordo church where abuses are still happening, perhaps one could leave traditional books in the rear, or speak again to the pastor, or start a study group. If one goes to a reverent indult site, maybe he or she could 'adopt' a close by novus ordo, and stop in now and then and do what might be done, a reverent example, insisting on receiving on the tongue and kneeling, looking good in suitable attire. And of course on the web there are all kinds of opportunities to address doctrine, if one takes the time to get a handle on the issues on the table, which the most recent 'questions from a theologian' John RT Lamont(SSPX website, in yesterday's DICI mailing, it's really clear about what must come next in terms of the issues)lists once again as collegiality, the nature of the Church, religious liberty, and ecumenism. Same ole same ole.

    If everyone reading this site would do that, and suggest same to others, a little wind might carry a larger ship, especially if the considerations of SSPX's full position, now complete with the clarifications that were requested, take months, or years. And they might, we must be prepared for it, and use the interim profitably and even helpfully (there's a lot of talent here!). It is not bureaucracy, is it, but just theology. We would rather the matter be thoroughly understood, wouldn't we? And not just 'done' for political gain.

  37. The Good Shepherd's little lamb2:56 PM

    To "Mar"

    Let us mutually thank the Good Shepherd Who Omnisciently watches over His flock and asked that His guiding, protective words be placed before us anew, a consolation from His Wisdom.

    "He that hath ears to hear, let him hear". . . "Thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them to little ones. Yea, Father; for so hath it seemed good in Thy sight."
    (Matthew chapter 11)

    "Veni Sancte Spiritus"...kneeling at Our Lady of Good Counsel's throne, with our prayers and humble "fiats" we implore her intercession before her Son, the Good Shepherd, for the Papal Shepherd He has called to visibly "feed" - to rule over and tend to - all of His little lambs "simple, faithful souls" and sheep "teachers, pastors and bishops". The Holy Father's docile, humble yet confident "Fiat" will evoke the Divine Graces for H.E. Bishop Fellay's own faithful "Fiat voluntas tua".

  38. Ligusticus3:56 PM

    I have to correct my last comment: Fr. Lombardi didn't use, about the "third Fellay's response" , telling that it's different from the previous two, the adverb "substantially", but "sensibilmente" ("significantly/noticeably/markedly").

    That said: looking at the calendar this May, the 13th falls on a Sunday. The Sunday after Wednesday the 9th, i.e. after three possible feriae quartae of the CDF from now...

  39. Dear @I am not Spartacus,

    One really must take exception with your argument, which seems intended to attack the teaching, integrity and indeed faith of the Holy Father. Much as this blog rightly requires courtesy, it is hard not to see you comment as intending to give offense.

    The fact is indisputable that at both Lourdes and Fatima, the vision of Our Lady was reserved to the chosen visionaries. That is to say that the other bystanders saw nothing. Thus the Holy father averral that the vision was "interior perception", that is She was truly present to them, but not physically so in way which the world can measure or discern empirically.

    This is why the Holy Father states that it is a real presence of Our Lady to them, as opposed to a spiritual vision or awareness. It does not deny the possibility, had opportunity occurred, of the visionary being able to touch the vision, but it would have remained an interior, mystical contact, not a question of physical matter.

    i cannot see how this is in any way incompatible with the Faith normal Catholics hold about Fatima. Indeed, it seems to me that it mirrors, in a wonderful way, the truth of the Real Presence of the Blessed Sacrament. that too is really there, and we see this through the eyes of Faith as a reality, but it cannot be discerned by scientific analysis, to which these acred species remain under the veil of wheat and wine.

  40. Peterman5:12 PM

    Could this prophecy be so accurate about 2012?

    "One from beyond the mountains shall become the Vicar Of God. Religious and clerics shall take part in this change.
    Outside the true path, there will be only disreputable men; I shrug my shoulders when the Bark of Peter is in danger and there is no one to lend it help...The schismatic shall fall into the scorn of the Italian faithful..." By about twelve years shall the millennium have passed [2012 A.D.] when the resplendent mantle of legitimate power shall emerge from the shadows where it was being kept by the schism. And beyond harm from the one [the usurper antipope] who is blocking the door of salvation, for his deceitful schism shall have come to an end. And the mass of the faithful shall attach itself to the worthy Shepherd, who shall extricate each one from error and restore to the Church its beauty. He shall renew it."
    (Prophecy of *Blessed Tomasuccio de Foligno, Profezie, 14th Century

  41. I don't see why Mary's apparition has to be an interior or exterior phenomena inasmuch as Mary no longer exists in time or space, though she is corporal (unlike the rest of humanity now in heaven.)

    A corporal Mary appeared to the children at the Cove de Iria, just as real water was evaporated at the miracle of the sun.

    So, no, I don't think a ghost-Mary, or an "interior" Mary appeared to the seers, but Mary herself, however in her eternal, resplendent spiritual self.

  42. Peterman,

    I would urge caution against the multifarious 2012 prophesies out there, some are downright New Age.

    That said, the prophecy you mentioned as well as Malachy's and the Mayan's are intriguing, though I personally think 2012 is going to come and go like any other year (which doesn't mean there won't be some drama).

    However, I still suggest folks get a shotgun (the penultimate home-defense weapon), some MREs, etc. Because as Katrina taught us, you can't always rely on the government for your needs.

  43. One of the witnesses to this apparition, Maria Carreira, described how Lucia then cried out and pointed as Mary departed. She herself heard a noise like, "a rocket, a long way off," and looked to see a small cloud a few inches over the tree, rise, and move slowly towards the east until it disappeared. The crowd of pilgrims then returned to Fatima where they reported the amazing things they had seen, thus ensuring that there were between two and three thousand people present for the July apparition.

  44. St. John the Apostle's little friend8:07 PM

    To Peterman: Let us behold the unveiling of mysterious and mystical prophesies while protected by the words of the Holy Spirit Himself:

    "If any man shall add to these things, God shall add unto him the plagues written in this book. And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from these things that are written in this book." Apoc. 22:18-19.

    "Veni Sancte Spiritus" Let us remain at the refuge of the throne of Our Lady of Good Counsel living our own "Fiat" one moment at a time while imploring the same for the Vicar of Christ and H.E. Bishop Fellay who must appear before the same Divine Judge that we must.

  45. Peterman10:32 PM

    St. John the Apostle's little friend. Thanks for the thought but reading and quoting prophecy from saints of the Church is not at all taking away from or adding to the good book. We are free to believe private prophecy (from approved Church apparitions and saints) as we please, or not.

    "In all ages men have been divinely instructed in matters expedient for the salvation of the elect...and in all ages there have been persons possessed of the spirit of prophesy, not for the purpose of announcing new doctrines, but to direct human actions." (-St. Thomas Aquinas: Summa: 2:2:174: Res. et ad 3)

    Knight of Malta, I care nothing and know nothing about the 2012 mayan nutters and the referenced prophecy was apparently first noted recently in 1958.

    As for protection, I rely on my rosary, my holy water, and my prayer to St Michael, Saint Patrick's Lorica, and Saint Joseph, terror of demons.

  46. St. John the Apostle's little friend2:23 AM

    To Peterman:

    You aptly quote the irreproachable St. Thomas Aquinas. Thank you. Please understand, my response to you was based upon your query about Bl. Tomasuccio's quote from the 14th Cent.: "Could this prophecy be so accurate about 2012?"

    However interesting the quote of the Blessed is, applying this 700 yr old quote to these Apocalyptic times could actually fall within the realms that the Holy Spirit has warned against. His caution.

    Divine Wisdom's words were shared. Now, may St. John the Apostle and Bl. Tomasuccio pray for us and all that we may take each step in union with Our Father's Will!

  47. The comments about Fatima by then-Cardinal Ratzinger are straight out of St. John of the Cross. There are some visions which are seen externally (such as by the eye), and some which are seen internally (such as in the brain's imaging centers), and some which are impressed onto the soul.

    Internal visions can sometimes be shared by several people, or become visible to people who could not see them at first. For example, the big vision in Pontmain, France. Then there are external visions which can be seen by everyone and even by mechanical means, such as the Miracle of the Sun. Most of the Fatima visions were internal and restricted to the three kids, just like Bernadette's at Lourdes were restricted to her.

    The Ascent of Mount Carmel and its sequel, The Dark Night of the Soul talk a lot about this stuff. St. John of the Cross isn't a Doctor of the Church for nothing. Read him.

  48. Dear Suburbanbanshee. Pope Pius XII publicly stated that Mary appeared at Fatima.

    Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger explained that the Seers experienced interior impusles etc etc. which is one way to deny that Mary did appear at Fatima and citing a Doctor of the Church does not reconcile those clearly conflicting statements.

    That is, one Pope believed that Mary appeared at Fatima and one Pope does not believe that Mary appeared at Fatima.

    One Pope is in complete agreement with virtually every single Catholic who thinks that Mary appeared at Fatima and one Pope is in opposition to that entire orthodox cohort.

  49. What exactly SSPX was going to do, 'inside,' that they cannot do 'outside,' has been a troublesome question for me, because it is one which occurs in other contexts, and always is of great import. The communist party, for example, is to this day debating the issue of communist participation in the interim government. Reform of labor unions is another in which the issue is paramount--stay an independent reformist movement or go inside. This morning my SSPX pastor rather clarified the matter in this context, at least for me. Speaking of vocations as is usual for Good Shepherd Sunday, Father said (I am summarizing and paraphrasing)that the generation of priests and bishops who made and carried out Vatican II are now approaching their final judgement. It is tradition's work to fill those positions with holy priests and then bishops. (When I described the sermon to one of my sons, he said, 'Oh, he means, you're going to spam them. Common tactic. Good.') Yes. And it will work, against our particular enemy (variables are different for labor unions or bolsheviks). And if that it the case,it is easier to understand the urgency of those who want so very much to settle up and get on with it, without perhaps so much attention to doctrinal issues as I wish (not a childish inclination to party, as one might easily suspect). Time's a'wastin' in the replace-Father-Banjo tactic. (What a challenge, to have to change the hearts and minds of a liberal parish--but it wouldn't be the first time in the history of the Church that had to be done, if one substitutes 'heretic' for 'liberal' in the equation!) Every day lost is an opportunity lost. And SSPX vocations are up and have been up, Father said, for the last ten years, remarkably so. So the urgency of the 'reconciliation' is clearer to me. Father also said that if you are not already settled, already married, you should consider religious life. He said you should consider the possibility that you have a vocation if you fill three qualifications: ordinary health, ordinary intelligence, and a recognition that the Church needs you as never before. If you fulfill those three conditions, you should go. Father said age is not important, you can be young or old. I wonder to how many of the readers of this list that applies?

  50. Peterman7:10 PM

    Good points by your good priest Jim Baker. Another important thing the SSPX will do inside vs. outside is NOT be subject to a conciliar Bishop's whims. This is of course assuming the SSPX are given the deal we hope for.

    I would like my two young daughters for example to have a traditional first communion and Confirmation. At the weekly (12 noon, bone throw) TLM in our diocese they did a traditional first communion except the regular parish priest (who never once attended or said the TLM) came in to give the homily and distribute first Holy Communion instead of the priest who says the TLM and who runs the TLM. This to me was the biggest joke and a sad joke at that. The other thing that I find slightly occurs when the TLM priest makes his "strongly suggest" statements about traditional fasts during the liturgical calender etc. He tip toes delicately around guiding and instructing the faithful just in case a diocese spy or some non traddie is in attendance. I really consider these priests heroes for saying these things, knowing they could be cut off at any time but still keeping to their mission of leading the faithful.

  51. This will all be settled in favor of the Society's position without doctrinal compromise before the Pope goes on summer vacation.


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