Rorate Caeli

Whose side are you on, bishop?

Luiz Demétrio Valentini, Bishop of the Diocese of Jales (Brazil) since 1982, known as one of Brazil's "Socialist Bishops", went on April 10 to the Masonic Lodge "Colonel Balthazar" in Jales, in honor of its 53rd anniversary. He was received with great honor, as the following pictures attest:

During his lecture, he claimed that the climate is now conducive to fruitful dialogue and rapprochement between the Catholic Church and Freemasonry. Bp. Demetrio noted that at 71 years of age he still has at least four more years as a diocesan bishop, a period that he can use to push for closer ties between the two institutions. 

No, we are not making up this stuff.

Photo sources: Messa in Latino and Missa aos domingos
Original story source: Jornal de Jales