Rorate Caeli

Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society (fifty-sixth posting of souls)

Below, please find the fifty-sixth posting of enrolled souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society, which has 15 holy priests saying regular Traditional Latin Masses for the souls. It's pleasing to see souls from new countries against this week, even from each region of Africa.

How to enroll souls: please email me at and submit as follows: "Name, State, Country." If you want to enroll entire families, simply write in the email: "The Jones family, Ohio, USA". Individual names are preferred. Be greedy -- send in as many as you wish and forward this posting to friends as well.

Please consider forwarding this Society to your family and friends, announcing from the pulpit during Holy Mass or listing in your church bulletin. We need to spread the word and relieve more suffering souls.

Please pray for the enrolled souls and the 15 holy priests saying Traditional Masses for the Society:

"For all the souls enrolled in the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society: Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the Faithful departed rest in peace. Amen."

Then ...

Almighty and ever living God,
we ask Thy blessing upon the priests
who offer Masses for the Purgatorial Society.
Give them a greater awareness of the grace
that Thou dost pour out through the Sacraments,
and by their devout celebration of the Sacred Mysteries,
increase in them a love for Thee.
Give strength to Thy priests, O Shepherd of the flock;
when they are in doubt, give them the assurance of faith,
and in Thy goodness confirm them as heralds of Thy Truth
to all who seek to follow in Thy path.
We ask this through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Eternal Priest,
Who lives and reigns with Thee in the unity with the Holy Ghost,
God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Enrolled Souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society:

Robert Arthur Fritz, Iowa, USA
Fr Joseph Breidenback, IC, Newport
Emmanuel Mwalyego, Mbeya, Tanzania
Monica Haizeki. Mbeya, Tanzania
Michael Emmanuel, Mbeya, Tanzania
Jacob Gonelemale, Mbeya, Tanzania
Michael Gonelemale, Mbyea, Tanzania
Edwin Emmanuel, Mbeya, Tanzania
Waziri Emmanuel, Mbeya, Tanzania
Suzana Emmanuel, Mbeya, Tanzania
Charles Colson, United StatesCapitolo Giuseppe Ernesto, Castagnole Monferrato (asti), Italy
Franco Giupponi, Torino, Italy
Paolo Fontana,Torino, Italy
Teresio Fontana, Torino, Italy
Enrichetta Gamba, Torino, Italy
Gemma Maggiora e Michele Gamba, Torino, Italy
Rita Brusasco, Torino, Italy
Sofia Ventrella,Torino, Italy
Giovanna Ventrella,Torino, Italy
Gina Giustetto,Torino, Italy
Giulio Giustetto,Torino, Italy
Giuseppe Pianta, Castagnole Monferrato, Italy
Boiardi Castelli Adele,Torino, Italy
Venturo Maria in Chiusano,Rivarossa (torino) , Italy
Teresio Mussio, Refrancore (asti) , Italy
Maggiora Luigi, Refrancore (asti) , Italy
Rubatto Parodi Maria, Torino, Italy
Carlo Gavazza, Castello d'Annone (asti) , Italy
Luigina Orecchia, Asti, Italy
Milano Carlo, Torino, Italy
Maggiora Pietro, Refrancore, Italy
Savio Carlo, Castagnole Monferrato, Italy
Casarola Piero, Pontedell'Olio, Italy
Ferdinando Cico, Torino, Italy
Pino Carlo, Castagnole Monferrato, Italy
Zaccaria Giancarlo, Torino, Italy
Gippa Gualtiero, Torino, Italy
Dabbene Costa Maria, Torino, Italy
Dabbene Piera, Torino, Italy
Margherita de Giorgi Socci, Torino, Italy
Giovanni Socci, Torino, Italy
Angelina Santi Socci, Torino, Italy
Giovanni Perona, Torino, Italy
Polli Vittorio, Torino, Italy
Giovanni Conoggia, Asti, Italy
Maggiora Pietro, Refrancore (asti) , Italy
Albino Marengo, Castagnole Monferrato (asti) , Italy
Ercole Maggiora Caterina, Refrancore (asti) , Italy
Ercole Maggiora Paola, Refrancore (asti) , Italy
Bartoletti Giuseppe, Torino, Italy
Enrichetta Curato Pino, Torino, Italy
Orecchia Natale, Castagnole monferrato (asti) , Italy
Grasso Orecchia Rosa, Castagnole Monferrato (asti) , Italy
Orecchia Maria Rosa, Torino, Italy
Bruno Orecchia Teresa, Castagnole Monferrato (asti) , Italy
Maria Maggiora Raviola, Aosta, Italy
Caglio Pietro, Torino, Italy
Eugenia Mosso, Trofarello (Torino) , Italy
Evasio Bottino, Castagnole Monferrato (asti) , Italy
Te deceased of the Cinotto family, Canischio, Italy
The deceased of the Ferro family, Canischio, Italy
The deceased of the Mighetto family, Refrancore, Italy
The deceased of Orecchia family, Castagnole Monferrato, Italy
The deceased immigrants from Canischio, South Wilmington, IL, USA
Giovanna Giovannini, Canischio, Italy
Maria Giovannini, Canischio, Italy
Reverend don Giuseppe Bosco, Canischio, Italy
Rita Gili, Canischio, Italy
Umberto Sponzilli, Canischio, Italy
Father Arturo Maria Piombino, Genova, Italy
Nicola Fusco, Turin, Italy
Father Reginaldo Giuliani, Turin, Italy
George Lundy, Louisiana, USA
Sarah Burke Bushfield, Ontario, Canada
Racquell Lynch, Alaska, USA
Crispin Lomonggo, Louisiana, USA
Sandra Adams, Louisiana, USA
Bruno DelaVega, California, USA
Michael Ainsworth, Louisiana, USA
Jeffrey Zaslow, Michigan, USA
Billy A. Sutton, Mississippi, USA
Savannah Hardin, Alabama, USA
Ashley Long, Oregon, USA
Joanna Ramos, California, USA
Daniel Parmertor, Ohio, USA
Demetrius Hewlin, Ohio, USA
Russell King, Jr., Ohio, USA
Lynn D. Compton, Washington, USA
Thelma Ceralde Supnet, Metro Manila, Philippines
Andrew Breitbart, California, USA
Steve Bridges, California, USA
Nick Zoricic, Ontario, Canada
Ray Mendoza, California, USA
Richard Nappi, NewYork, USA
Stephen Arceneaux III, Louisiana, USA
Louis Adams, Louisiana, USA
Cynthia Harrison, Florida, USA
Brian Banks, Jr., Louisiana, USA
Ernest Kador, Jr., Louisiana, USA
Antoinette Dorsey, Louisiana, USA
LaVonne Alexander, Arizona, USA
Isaac Azrate, Oregon, USA
Indra Asrul, Johor, Malaysia
Phillip Sheriff, London, UK
Lukpan Akhmedyarov, Uralsk, Kazakhstan
Dannaer Fields, Oklahoma, USA
Bobby Clark, Oklahoma, USA
William Allen, Oklahoma, USA
Modesto Steve Bañez, Mountain Province, Philippines
Catherine Seager, Louisiana, USA
Kenneth Gabriel, Louisiana, USA
Roger Daniel Gillis, British Columbia, Canada
Brother Francis MacDonald, British Columbia, Canada
Bruno Mannella, British Columbia, Canada
Helen Marie Minshull, British Columbia, Canada
Patricia Lillian Niska, British Columbia, Canada
Shelagh Mary O'Dwyer, British Columbia, Canada
Pasqualino Ranallo, British Columbia, Canada
Louiselle Watson, British Columbia, Canada
William Yang, British Columbia, Canada
Lucille V. Homan, WI, USA
Joan Hoffman, WI, USA
Ted Doziol, IL, USA
Reginald Maddox, WI, USA
Ruth Whyte, Denver, USA
Jeanne Botz, WI, USA
Daniel Ryan, WI, USA
Michael Schmidt, FL, USA
Silvia Leon, TX, USA
Robert Klemm, NE, USA
Edward Benik, WI, USA
Mary Ann Sanders-Tellez, WI, USA
Charles William Summers II, WI, USA
Lila L. Callow, WI, USA
Ricky Ware, WI, USA
Tanya Shidagis, WI, USA
David Hamburg, WI, USA
Dennis DeLoria, WI, USA
Donald Hogan, WI, USA
Raymond Kleinowski, WI, USA
Nancy Pollard, WI, USA
Edward Koling, WI, USA
Kevin Baker, WI, USA
Lorraine Mathews, WI, USA
Hortencia Alvizo, WI, USA
Carl Bielewica, WI, USA
Dennis Saulys, WI, USA
Jon Swift, WI, USA
Milo Pike Jr., WI, USA
Albert Pitts, WI, USA
Brad Evans, WI, USA
Shawn Stuart Mulroy, VA, USA
Denis Marrin, Springfield, Illinois, USA
Peter Andrekovics, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Martin Szemak, Tevel, Tolna province, Hungary
Charles Colson, United States
Cecil Chaudhry, Lahore, Pakistan
Thomas A. Payson, CA, USA
Albert Payson, CA, USA
Jennie Payson, CA, USA
Johnny Payson, CA, USA
Alice Payson-Levos, CA, USA
Helen Payson, CA, USA
Richard Levos, CA, USA
Francisco Maciel, Tijuana, Mexico
Esther Maciel, Tijuana, Mexico
Joseph B. Murphy, CO, USA
Kevin Murphy, MA,USA
Edward Leschinsky, CA, USA
Jean Leschinsky, CA, USA
Hugh Allard, NY,USA
Betty Allard, Ohio,USA
Franciso Vega, CA, USA
Eva Vega, CA, USA
Dan Kelleher, SJ California, USA
William I Rice, SJ California, USA
John D Rice, California, USA
Catherine C Rice California, USA
The Rice Family, California, USA
The Kelleher Family California, USA
The Hunt Family California, USA
The Philomena Family, West Africa.
Edna,Lorraine,Justice, Nigeria
Hanatu,Chioma, Nigeria
The Udochi Family
Walter Augustin, Florida, USA
Thomas Hess, NJ, USA
Fr. Steve La'Rossa, OSA NJ, USA
Joaquín Patricio Barros Demarchi, Metropolitana, Chile
Ada Correa Demarchi, Metropolitana, Chile
Pedro Pablo Latorre, Metropolitana, Chile
Carlos Euler, Metropolitana, Chile
Tomás Rubilar, Metropolitana, Chile
Luisa Figueroa, Metropolitana, Chile
Juana Rubilar Figueroa, Metropolitana, Chile
Filomena Rubilar Figueroa, Metropolitana, Chile
María Rubilar Figueroa, Metropolitana, Chile
Patricio Marabolí, San Luis, Argentina
Gert Hamacher, Cologne, Germany
Ryan Roscoe Spencer, Riverton, Illinois, USA
Dorothy McAleer, Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Luis Jalbuena, Metro Manila, Philippines
Margaret Crocker, British Columbia, Canada
Joao Rosa Frazao, British Columbia, Canada
Antonio Ricci, British Columbia, Canada
Cornelia Semp, British Columbia, Canada
Amelia de Vita, British Columbia, Canada
William Earl Fetherstonhaugh, British Columbia, Canada
Michael Johnson, British Columbia, Canada
Angela Rita Sestito, British Columbia, Canada
Weronika Kobylinska, British Columbia, Canada
Antonio Larosa, British Columbia, Canada
Micky Bor Shyong Wang, British Columbia, Canada
Silvana, MG, Brazil
Heitor Villa-Lobos, RJ, Brazil
Mozart Camargo Guarnieri, SP, Brazil
Francisco Mignone, RJ, Brazil
Lorenzo Fernandez, RJ, Brazil
José Antonio Rezende de Almeida Prado, SP, Brazil
Quentin Carbone, New York, USA
Bernarda Carbone, New York, USA
Donato Carbone Sr, New York, USA
Donato Carbone Jr, New York, USA
Mary V Carbone, New York, USA
Francis Carbone, New York, USA
Concetta Carbone, New York, USA
Margie Carbone, New York, USA
John Carbone, New York, USA
George Carbine, California, USA
Evelyn Carbone, California, USA
Vincent Carbone, New York, USA
Helene Carbone , New York, USA
Charles Carbone, New York, USA
Angela Carbone, New York, USA
Gloria Carbone, New York, USA
Lena Triola, New York, USA
Josephine Triola, New York, USA
Florence Morini, New York, USA
Rocco Morini, New York, USA
Peter Morini, New York, USA
Vincent Lanese, New York, USA
Rose Lanese, New York, USA
Louis Lanese. New York, USA
Mary Jeanette Alvarez, New York, USA
Joseph Alvarez, New York, USA
Louis Alvarez, New York, USA
Judith Robeson Kipnis, CT, USA
Dorothy Snyder, New Jersey, USA
Henry Malin, CT, USA
Frances Malin, CT, USA
Felicia Barbarito, New Jersey, USA
Thomas C. Low, Alberta, Canada
Bp. Agustin Roman, Florida, USA
Mr Franklin Wilbanks, Mississippi, USA
Mr Basil Childress, Kentucky, USA
Colin Brignall, Bexhill-on-Sea, England
Fr Eddie Murphy,IC, England
Jose Antonio Ticzon, Metro Manila, Philippines
George D. Tan, Metro Manila, Philippines
His Beatitude Cardinal Ignace Moussa I Daoud, Syria
Cardinal Luis Aponte Martinez, Puerto Rico
Thomas Kinkade, California, USA
Luigi Tito Rocco, Naples, Italy
Angelina Bove, New York, USA
George Trevino, Texas, USA
Buck Price, New Jersey, USA
Baldomera Maligaya, Batangas, Philippines
Amparo Maligaya, Batangas, Philippines
Dr. Adonis Peren, Batangas, Philippines
Gaudencio Macaraig, Batangas, Philippines
Estefanio Argall Luceño, Pagadian City, Philippines
Susan Prevost Bergeron, Louisiana, USA
Mary Louise Roos, Louisiana, USA
Fernando Montes, Metro Manila, Philippines
Ryan Roscoe Spencer, Illinois, USA
Mike Wallace, USA
Tommaso Canosa, British Columbia, Canada
Sophie Marie Friestadt, British Columbia, Canada
Corrado Giuseppe Gastaldo, British Columbia, Canada
Mary Herbert, British Columbia, Canada
Hazel E. Kennedy, British Columbia, Canada
Antonio Larosa, British Columbia, Canada
Enza Romano, British Columbia, Canada
Cristina Testani, British Columbia, Canada
Ivan Zelenika, British Columbia, Canada
John and Ellen Egan Milford, PA USA
John Joachim Miranda Milford Pa USA
Egan Family-brooklyn NY USA
Federle Family Cinc OH USA
Egan/Power Family Galway, Ireland
Merle Watson--North Carolina USA
Ira Yarmalanko N. Carolina USA
Eleanor Levin Connecticut USA,
Robert Shaw Connecticut USA,
Gloria Giuliano Arizona USA
Angelo Messina Connecticut USA
Roger Brune USA,
Davis Williams Connecticut USA
Ed McCallum Connecticut USA
Tracy Passaro New York USA
Sue Passaro New York USA
Frank Accousti Connecticut USA
Bill Accousti Connecticut USA
George Cassario Connecticut USA
Aaron Tessman New York USA
Bruce Tessman New York USA
Paul Zimoulis New York USA
Paul Bouchard Connecticut USA
Mary O'Neil New Jersey USA
Josephine Macpherson, NSW, Australia
Richard Lundy, NSW, Australia
Ronald Dawson Perry, NSW,Australia
Phyllis Fallins, NSW,Australia
Robin Claire Nesbitt, NSW,Australia
Madge Gwendoline Fairhill, NSW,Australia
Lance John Fairhill, NSW,Australia
Anna Quaglaita, NSW,Australia
Aldo Quaglaita, NSW,Australia
Lance Austin Salmon, NSW,Australia
Valda Eileen Salmon, NSW,Australia
Douglas William Turner, NSW,Australia
Mark Christopher Hyde, NSW,Australia
Marthe Elliot James, NSW,Australia
Cyril John Roche, NSW,Australia
Betty Rowan, NSW,Australia
Charles Rowan, NSW,Australia
Lance Harold Ford, NSW,Australia
Kevin Joseph Bailey, NSW,Australia
Harold Percy Ford, NSW,Australia
Neville George Cleary, NSW,Australia
Thomas Clive Debnam, NSW,Australia
Aileen Veronica Debnam, NSW,Australia
Ronald William Baldock, NSW,Australia
Agnes Baldock, NSW,Australia
Donald Hugh Akers, NSW,Australia
Vida Mary Akers, NSW,Australia
Raymond Edwin Hill, NSW,Australia
William Mylan Hill, NSW,Australia
Bridget Kuczaj, NSW,Australia
Arthur Stanley Condon, NSW,Australia
Borivoje Stankovic, NSW,Australia
Patricia May Ebert, NSW,Australia
Keith Thomas Abel, NSW,Australia
Michael Joseph Fay, NSW,Australia
Kerrie Irene Fay, NSW,Australia
Dallas Gerald Lawler, NSW,Australia
Hilary Joseph Fay, NSW,Australia
John Robert Gorden, NSW,Australia
Ross Brackenrig, NSW,Australia
Daniel Beck, NSW,Australia
Sr. Teresa (John De Rossi) Marquardt, SSND, Missouri, USA
Sr. Veronica Joan Peebles, BVM, Iowa, USA
Sr. Mary Lou (Mary Philip) Durbala, CHM, Iowa, USA
Sr. Virginia (Richardette) Healy, BVM, Iowa, USA
Aaron Talley, CA, USA
Paweł Roztocki, Poland
Barbara Janicka, Poland
Jerzy Sienkiewicz, Poland
Susan P. Bergeron, Louisiana, USA
Thomas Wroblicky, Illinois, USA
Mary Frank; Baltimore, MD; USA
Sr. Letitia Frank; Baltimore, MD; USA
Sr. Clotelle Frank; Baltimore, MD; USA
Tom Rieling; Torrance, CA; USA
Debra Cazazza; Bel Air, MD: USA
Sibong Woo; Los Angeles, CA; USA
Martha Yi; Los Angeles, CA; USA
John McCarty, Missouri, USA
Patrick McCarty, Missouri, USA
Virginia Hershberger, Kansas, USA
Dutch Hershberger, Kansas, USA
Samuel Abraham, Missouri, USA
Iva Kious, Kansas, USA
Joe Kious, Kansas, USA
Lee Teng, Metro Manila, Philippines
Kin Ang, Metro Manila, Philippines
Lily Teng, Metro Manila, Philippines
Fr. Duane Craycraft, Indiana USA
Lorraine Flood, Gauteng, South Africa
Ronald Montgomery, Gauteng , South Africa
George Byrd Pugh, Indiana, USA
Fred M. Venezia, Indiana USA
Isabelle L.Dowdy Raymer, Indiana USA
Isabelle C. Byrd Pugh, Indiana USA
John T. Pugh, Indiana USA
Pearl E. Blacketer Kime, Indiana USA
Dwight M. Kime, Indiana USA
Marjorie M. Kime, Indiana USA
Richard Lee Hutchinson, Indiana USA
Ethel M. Smith Hutchinson, Indiana USA
Frank Venezia, Indiana USA
Josephine Deluca Venezia, Indiana USA
Hazel Brake, Indiana USA
Robert "Bob" Brake, Indiana USA
Smith G. Brake, Indiana USA
Floyd C. Hutchinson, Indiana USA
Ralph A. Hutchinson, Indiana USA
Charles "Bernie" Hutchinson, Indiana USA
Sam Venezia, Tennessee, USA
Salvatore Venezia,, Indiana USA
Josephine "Jimmie" Venezia Spallina, Indiana USA
Phyllis Venezia Harrell, Indiana USA
Anthony "Tony" Venezia, Indiana USA
Joseph Venezia, Sr., Indiana USA
Marie Venezia Tomlinson, Indiana USA
John Venezia, Indiana USA
John S. Hillsamer, Indiana USA
Buster Ray Boen, California, USA
Kevin Hugh Welsh, Tennessee, USA
Amilagi Godinet, Wellington, New Zealand
Ikenasio Vaigafa, Wellington, New Zealand
Limalelei Saili, Levin, New Zealand
John Anjos, British Columbia, Canada
Gio Batta Antoniazzi, British Columbia, Canada
Julien Joseph Boyer, British Columbia, Canada
Nicodemo Cavaleri, British Columbia, Canada
Dora Ducharme, British Columbia, Canada
Bryan Patrick Guiry, British Columbia, Canada
Mary Alexandra Hoffman, British Columbia, Canada
Josephine Pallotto, British Columbia, Canada
Filippo Giovanni Canonaco, British Columbia, Canada
John Ciccone, British Columbia, Canada
Gerard John Kelly, British Columbia, Canada
Carmela Maria Laurita, British Columbia, Canada
Irene Meszaros, British Columbia, Canada
Jonathan Frederick Reardon, British Columbia, Canada
Richard Ian Charles Rodrigues, British Columbia, Canada
Olga Uhrin, British Columbia, Canada
Gordon Keith Walton, British Columbia, Canada
Donald Lucas, PA, USA
James Lloyd Kelly III, VA, USA
John Patrick Kelly, VA, USA
Cynthia Meghan, VA, USA
Ian Davy, Skipton, United Kingdom
John and Pat Cillo, VA, USA
The Kelly Family, VA, USA
The Lucas Family, PA, USA
The King Family, Willisau, Switzerland
The Archer Family, London, England
Evangelina Alcazar, Morelos, Mexico
Walter M. Banasiak, Illinois, USA
Deborah Banasiak, Indiana, USA
Pascal Lungaro, Michigan, USA
Josephine LaBanca, Illinois, USA
Rose Marie Lungaro, Illinois, USA
Mary LaBanca, Illinois, USA
Raymond Wroblicky, Illinois, USA
Nestor Wroblicky, Illinois, USA
Walter S. Landowski, Illinois, USA
Daniel Graczyk, Illinois, USA
Elizabeth Munro Starr, WI, USA
Reverend Edwin Ewing Hancock, Iowa, USA
David Brehm, WI, USA
Clara Misurelli, WI, USA
Megan Jackson, WI, USA
Patricia Ann Cunningham, WI, USA
Bernadine Ybema, WI, USA
Susan Schliepp, WI, USA
Sam Greco, WI, USA
Mary Bendon, AZ, USA
Jerry Beecher, WI, USA
Stanley Ruzicki, WI, USA
Max Ortiz, WI, USA
Ella Rogall, WI, USA
Anthony Caruso, WI, USA
Nicholas Kaufman, WI, USA
Lois Thibedeau, FL, USA
David Nimmer, WI, USA
Michael Kreuser, WI, USA
Robert Robbins, WI, USA
Charlotte Ruppert, WI, USA
Selman Olive Stern, WI, USA
Raymond Williams, Sr., WI, USA
Robert Carr, WI, USA
Troy Grossman, WI, USA
Shrley Mazzolini, WI, USA
Jody Marie Grams, WI, USA
Phillip Morelli, WI, USA
Dale Waggner, WI, USA
Gloria May Glatz, WI, USA
Mary Lou Hylinski, WI, USA
Dorothy Carr, WI, USA
Joseph Sitar, Jr., WI, USA
Leonard Smith, WI, USA
Dylan Joseph Townsend, WI, USA
Duane Lichtenberg, IL, USA
Sandra Kosirog, WI, USA
Billy Lee Taylor, Sr. WI, USA
Elizabeth McGettigan, Essex, UK
Christopher McGettigan, Essex, UK
Rosemary Harriss, Staffordshire, UK
Leonard Harriss, Stafforshire, UK
Sidney Cooper, Staffordshire, UK
Nancy P. DeChristoforo, New Jersey, USA
Lydia Browne, New Jersey, USA
Patrick Raymond Bartucci, New Jersey, USA
Grace Caffaro, New Jersey, USA
Mary Dovel, Cork, Ireland
Kevin Sinnott, Cork, Ireland
Helen Kelly, Virginia, USA
Irene Sheil, Illinois, USA
William R. Sheil, Sr., Illinois, USA
William R. Sheil, Jr., Illinois, USA
Margaret Sheil, Illinois, USA
Raymond Sheil, Illinois, USA
James Sheil, Illinois, USA
Winifred Sheil, Illinois, USA
Rajamma Thomas, Illinois, USA
Michael Casanave, Illinois, USA
Sam Mack, Illinois, USA
Lorraine Mack, Illinois, USA
Paton family, Glasgow, Scotland
Lyon family, Glasgow, Scotland
Joyce Family, Perth, Scotland
Johnstone family, Perth, Scotland
Ross family, Glasgow, Scotland
Kathy Harris, TX, USA
Clinton Savage, TX, USA
Don Martin, TX, USA
Jim Tyler, DC, USA
Pat O'Malley, TX, USA
Hannah Elizabeth Grawey, IN, USA
Janet Patricia Flahiff Carroll, GA, USA
Gertrude Flahiff, NJ, USA
John T. Flahiff, NJ, USA
Molly Flahiff, NJ, USA
William Johnson, TX, USA
Robert Shady, TX, USA
Louise Nietsch, TX, USA
Joyce Miller, TX, USA
Ed Langley, TX, USA
Ethel Vittas, TX, USA
Dick Gullickson, MN, USA
Carl Gruhn, NY, USA
Clara Gruhn, NY, USA
Dolores Aguilar, TX, USA
Mackey Family, New York, USA
McEvoy Family, New York, USA
Hamaday Family, New Jersey, USA
Taft Family, New York, USA
Evans Family, New York, USA
Kopreski Family, New Jersey, USA
Francis Hennessey, New York, USA
Charles McEvoy, New York, USA
James Mackey, New York, USA
Colgan Family, New York, USA
Stoltzfus Family, New Jersey, USA
Nickell Family, New Jersey, USA
Elsayed Family, Egypt
Duggan Family, New York, USA
Deborah Kobus, New York, USA
Kobus Family, New York, USA
Krachman Family, New Jersey, USA
Katherine Evans, New York, USA
Sullivan Family, New York, USA
McGiveny Family, New York, USA
Granata Family, New Jersey, USA
Ginger Smith, New Jersey, USA
Christian Thomas Clopp, New Jersey, USA
Clopp Family, New Jersey, USA
Gerald R. Guirdano, Jr., New Jersey, USA
Stinson Family, New Jersey, USA
Freytag Family, New Jersey, USA
Barbara Jean Lehmann, New Jersey, USA
Charles Joseph Walker, Sr., New Jersey,USA
Joan W. Dagit, New Jersey, USA
Richard D'Alessandro, New Jersey, USA
Anthony Francis Masino, New Jersey, USA
Stanley P. Cielesz, New Jesrsey, USA
Hodge Family, New Jersey, USA
Pagano Family, New Jersey, USA
Donohoe Family, Ireland
James Harvey, New Jersey, USA
Martino Family, New Jersey, USA
Curry Family, Pennsylvania, USA
McSweeney Family, New Jersey, USA
Esposito Family, Pennsylvania, USA
Gearhart Family, Ohio, USA
Collins Family, New Jersey, USA
Mariano Family, New Jersey, USA
Smith Family, New Jersey, USA
Chubb Family, New Jersey, USA
Evelyn Evans, New York, USA
Sparks Family, New Jersey, USA
Denges Family, New Jersey, USA
Hennessey Family, Longford, Ireland
Nilciléia Spinola Gonçalves Ferreira, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Ferreira Family, São Paulo, Brazil
Alice Coquemala, Paraná, Brazil
Luis Felipe Rocha, Paraná, Brazil
Henrique Alexandre Medina, Paraná, Brazil
Ciro Gonçalves, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Augusta Gonçalves, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Arayde Spinola Gonçalves, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Coronel Roberto, Paraná, Brazil
Romano Coquemala, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil
Heitor II Guilherme Medina, Paraná, Brazil
Maria Gloria Mercure, Colorado, USA
The Zacchino Family, New York, U.S.A.
The Oliva family, New York, U.S.A.
Dorothy Klemm, Ohio, United States
John J. Agostin, Ohio, United States
August Jehle, New York, United States
Margaret Jehle, New York, United States
Mary Dagostino, Ohio, United States
Frances Agostin, Ohio, United States
Arlene Behm MO, USA
Roy Behm MO, USA
David Wilcox MO, USA
Vicki Scaletty MO, USA
Raymond Behm, MO, USA
Thelma Behm, MO, USA
Joe Behm MO, USA
Fred DeFeo MO, USA
John Scaletty MO, USA
Betty Bunch MO, USA
Dorothy Norman KS, USA
Wanda Kasperski, USA
Nicole Domingue, Canada
Patrick Colgan, USA
Fr. Dudley Day, USA
Fr. John Bonelli, Italy
Fr. Thomas, USA
Fr. Leo Clifford, USA
Fr. Richard Schendt, USA
Laurene Amy Talledge Gale, USA
Helen Duch, N.J., USA
Shirley Lobosco, Fla., USA
Robert A. Fritz, Iowa, USA
Theodore Hepperle Montana USA
Carol Herbst Montana USA
Wyrick family Montana USA
Gonsioroski Family Montana USA
Thielen Family Montana USA
Lillian Jensen Montana USA