Rorate Caeli

Strange sights in a Good Friday procession

A friend from the Philippines shared the following pictures with us. These were taken at last week's Good Friday procession organized under the authority of the Cathedral of the Diocese of San Pablo, south of Metro Manila. 

Leading the procession were these ladies. (At least, no one seems to have called them 'ministers of movement'). 

Then came the statues and scenes from the Gospels on carrozas. They were quite good...

The Cathedral of the Diocese of San Pablo at the background

... but the group that followed the scene of the Baptism of Our Lord was something else:

Freemasons, in the official Good Friday procession of the cathedral of a large Catholic diocese (with more than 2 million faithful), and not merely as bystanders but as members of the procession. (The Freemasonic symbol of the square and compasses is visible on the white apron with thick blue borders of the man at the left in the second of the three photographs above. Click on the picture to see more clearly.)

While we would like to think that the bishop and the clergy of the cathedral had nothing to do with this, this spectacle says much about the "acceptability" of Freemasonry among Catholics.