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Another bishop toowoombed

Bishop Francesco Micciché, 68, of Trapani (Sicily, Italy) suffered today the same fate of Bishop emeritus Morris, of Toowoomba, Australia. From the Bollettino of the Holy See Press Office:

The Holy Father, Benedict XVI, has dismissed from the pastoral care of the diocese of Trapani(Italy) H. E. Bishop Francesco Miccichè and has named Apostolic Administrator ad nutum Sanctae Sedis of the same diocese H. E. Archbishop Alessandro Plotti, emeritus of Pisa.

Bishop Morris is now, of course, part of the dissenters's speaking circuit. Micciché's problem is of a different kind: over a million euros have disappeared from two diocesan foundations, and the bishop is being personally investigated for this by the local prosecutor's office.

[Update: for the record of events, letter of Bishop Micciché, in which he claims innocence and questions if this outcome might have come from his stern words and action against the Mafia and Freemasonry.]


Hidden One said...

It is good to see that Pope Benedict has again taken strong action for the sake of the flock, although unfortunate what that had to mean. Let us pray for all parties involved in this matter.

Hidden One said...


May justice be done, whatever that amounts to.

Petrus Radii said...

It is interesting that Bishop M. claims he is being framed for opposing the Freemasons and Mafia. That is indeed possible, if he has been outspoken, and they are capable of doing it, with the co-operation of the many Freemasons, including many Cardinals, in the Vatican. If he is a good bishop, it would not be the case that he stole money.

On the other hand, while I certainly do not accuse, but only show the possibilities, if he is guilty of the theft, and is perhaps himself a Freemason, then the removal makes sense. Apparently Italy requires that all Freemasons register with the government, and so it would be a matter of public record, which one could obtain, whether or not Bishop M. is a member of the Lodge.

These sorts of things are the evil fruits of the reign of Paul VI, who opened the doors of the Church to Freemasons.

Anonymous said...

Ahh yes...Masonic conspiracy theories! Ever so entertaining. If only the world were really THAT interesting. Be busy about the Lord's work and, perhaps, leave the judgments to the One Just Judge. Now that sounds like a good idea to me!

But regarding the original article, this is a very good thing that the Pope has done. Long have members of the episcopate seen themselves as "above the law" so to speak. For example, think of the way that the USCCB has severely policed the presbyterate with "Protecting God's Children" without any policing of themselves. It's good for them to know that they, too, are subject to Papal episcope (oversight).