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Big Mass in the Big Apple

The bad news is only one priest was ordained for the Archdiocese of New York this year.

The good news is that priest offered a traditional Latin Missa Solemnis as his first Mass.

The Society of Saint Hugh of Cluny has photos here.

Note the homilist -- an extremely rare appearance by an Opus Dei priest at a traditional Latin Mass -- in this case, the vice secretary.

Let us pray for the Reverend Father Patric D'Arcy and for many more priests to offer the traditional sacraments.  Mary, queen of the clergy, pray for us, pray for our priests, religious and deacons. Obtain for us many more!


  1. Congraulations to Fr. D'Arcy.

    The good news is very good - but I somehow find it hard to go past that shocking number: one priest ordained in 2012 for the second largest diocese in America, with over 2 million nominal Catholics?

  2. P.K.T.P.7:10 PM

    As we can now see, the dreamy nostalgics are not the traditionalists but the adherents of the krazy luv Mass of the sixties. They sit there taking in the jazzy tunes from the choirloft and dream of the universal culture of brotherlove. God is putting a flower in the barrel of a rifle. Come with.

    The dreamy nostalgics are the NewMassers. They yearn for the sixties (which was really only a five-year period from 1966 to 1971). They are middle-aged (and older) silly old fools, and all their rock stars are dying off now from cocaine overdoses. If we can get past the next ten years, we can advance our programme to restore all things in Christ.


  3. What a tremendous indictment of the New York Archdiocese and its leadership over the last decade. And much else besides in the Church.

    Congratulations and prayers for Fr.D'Arcy. He will need them, just like all priests do.

  4. Jason C.7:22 PM

    While we shouldn't count our eggs before they've hatched, seems like more good news is coming: according to the link, the MC and subdeacon are both Archdiocesan seminarians.

  5. Yes, this is a great hope for the whole Church. Despite the bad news, the choice of Fr. D'Arcy is more than telling and inspiring. It really demonstrate the way that our Ecclesia Militants (as Benedict XVI has reminded his cardinals yesterday) will proceed further in her way "Instaurare omnia in Christo!".

  6. Kevin B.7:38 PM

    God bless Father D'arcy.

    The progressive crowd may think this is a sign the Church is moving backwards. I say may God grant that it be so, and faster please. When you've hit a dead end, going backwards is the only way to go forward again.

  7. Beautiful photos. Many Years to Father Patric D'Arcy, what a cool name!

  8. Gregorian Mass8:55 PM

    I live in NYC and that is a shame. 1 Ordained. And no TLM ever offered in St. Patricks Cathedral. It is my understanding that the last time it was allowed was 1996, at which time it was so well attended that the Cathedral was full and people were on the streets and sidewalks in full support. It was almost chaotic the turnout. It was declared at that time that it will not happen again. And it hasn't. For all the talk about how friendly the new Cardinal Dolan is to Tradition the actual atmosphere is dismal. Nothing is in Dioceasean papers, nothing new and nothing is mentioned about the 1962 Missal. They are content to leave the situation as is. They reap what they sow, no wonder there are no new Priests coming from NY. For the few and far between Churches that offer the 62 Mass it all comes from the people, but the Hierarchy does nothing to promote it. So much for equal footing and a chance for everyone to experience the Church's Traditional Mass. NY leads in alot of things, but Church matters it is a bleak and banal. Very sad.

  9. RS Salazar9:54 PM

    Gregorian Mass: so true. Dolan and his blowhard predecessor Egan are not fans of the TLM.

  10. To be fair to Cardinal Dolan, this is Cardinal Egan's responsibility. I expect more ordinations to come under Dolan.

  11. Nothing is in Dioceasean papers, nothing new and nothing is mentioned about the 1962 Missal.

    That is factually incorrect and it's entirely unhelpful to portray the situation as worse than it actually is.

  12. Thorin11:00 PM

    This is the Archdiocese's explanation for the fact that only one man was ordained this year: “The archdiocese hopes to ordain eight men in 2013, five in 2014, and perhaps 10 or more in 2015, Father Sweeney said. This year, because of a change in the seminary program, only one priest is expected to be ordained. Father Sweeney [director of archdiocesan ordinations] explained that the seminary formerly had a five-year program: one year of philosophy and four of theology. In 2006 the U.S. bishops asked for two years of philosophy; inserting the extra year caused a “gap year” in which there were no candidates.”

  13. VANCOUVER, Canada too!

    Solemn High Mass on Trinity Sunday

    Deacon Pablo Sta. Maria-Watson will be ordained to the priesthood for the Archdiocese of Vancouver on Saturday, May 26. He will celebrate a Solemn High Mass at Holy Family at 10:30 a.m. on Trinity Sunday, June 3.

  14. Hell Thorin,

    That's helpful. It even makes sense.

    It is worth noting that New York ordained nine priests in 2011. If what the Archdiocese says is true, they seem to be averaging about a half a dozen, perhaps a bit more, per year, making this year an outlier. That is certainly better than . . . one.

    But not a lot better.

    And it is hard to see how this will be even close to what New York needs. They have several hundred archdiocesan priests, many near or over retirement age, all serving over two million Catholics in over 400 parishes. 5-8 priests a year won't cut it.

    New York isn't the only diocese to suffer this problem. But it may suffer the effects more severely than most, if something is not done quickly. Fr. D'Arcy can only serve so many parishes at once.

  15. I am a resident of Staten Island,NY and I think Cardinal Dolan is doing a pretty good job.I do hope he gets behind the reform of the reform and brings more Tridentine Masses to NYC esp here to Staten Island where we have none.We really need to get good orthodox orders of nuns back into our schools here...lets get a petition together!Ryan

  16. Anonymous12:06 AM

    Mr. Perkins, you think there are choir lofts in NO churches? ;)

  17. Cool. Opus Dei should be more involved in the TLM as their Saint-founder refused to say anything but.

  18. It is better to have one priest celebrating the Mass faithfully and with great reverence than to have 10 priests who commits sacrilege in their masses.

  19. This is AMEN! no matter what happened we need to move on and continue to serving God in all our might. Catholic faith

  20. Gratias4:39 AM

    Great news. This illustrates that Summorum Pontificum is working exacly as intended by the Holy Father.

    New York Archdiocese has given one young priest and two seminarians (second deacon and master of ceremonies) to tradition. In our diocesan Latin mass here in California we had great difficulties in the past finding priests for the TLM/EF. Now we have three.

    The FSSP graduated five priests this year. Training diocesan priests, as Una Voce does, is a great way of increasing those numbers.

    Soon the limiting factor in the US will be the number of faithful, not priests. For this reson the most important thing we can do to restore the Church is to show up in Church, no matter how far the Latin Mass might be.

  21. semper idem7:31 AM

    Cool. What can we do to get Opus Dei to fully support the TLM? Should we maybe write to Bishop Javier Echevarría?

  22. Ora et Labora7:31 AM

    Great news!!!

    Congratulation and all the best to you Father Patric D'Arcy.

    May our Good Lord Bless you for being so courageous, and may Our Lady cover you with her mantle!!!

  23. vivailpapa11:59 AM

    to the commenter that said Dolan and Egan are not fans of the TLM. I think in the Archdiocese there are actually several available traditional masses. Granted the huge population of the Archdiocese and there should always be more TLMs, but this is unquestionably more generous than in other areas. Even if what you say about their Eminences was true, this is not about convincing the old guard, but rather the younger front line of priests. The more of them that offer or even at least want to offer the TLM, the less the old guard will be able to stifle tradition. Moreover, even if they are not fans of the TLM and it was not as well publicized as some would have liked, just read the headline: Priest offers Missa Solemnis for first mass... was this not unthinkable even a few short years ago? Who would have permitted this? Someone would have probably lynched a seminarian before he could have been ordained if he ever even let slip that he wanted to publicly celebrate the TLM for his first mass. This is good news!

  24. vivailpapa12:01 PM

    Also, not to go down a rabbit hole, but see
    "In recalling his childhood, Father D’Arcy told how serving as an altar boy affected his vocation journey. His father was an altar server as a boy, and when Father D’Arcy learned that, he likewise wanted to serve. The experience made an impact right away.

    “When I started to serve Mass during the week, that’s when I started praying and fell in love with the Mass,” he said.",7507

    is that not reason alone to get rid of girl altar boys and to encourage men to serve to foster more vocations?

  25. There are things that could be improved in the NY Archdiocese, but, Considering it is in the North East Corridor, it is WAY better than many of the other dioceses (Except maybe Philadelphia) in the area. Try living in a liturgical wasteland like Rochester, the NY Archdiocese is by comparison Paradise. It would be nice if every mass was a TLM and the bishop said regular Pontifical Masses...but...this is reality. Cardinal Dolan is an incremental improvement over Egan. He is enthusiastically Catholic, and as far as I know does not suppress Tradition as others of his age. He doesn't seem to be against the younger priests offering the mass in the old form. I think it wise to look to the young priests who have no baggage. We should encourage and pray for them.

  26. semper idem,

    Every Opus Dei priest has full liberty and opportunity to celebrate TLM whenever he wants. Father +Javier Echevarría cannot force them to do so, nor can he forbid them to celebrate Novus Ordo.

    One of the main principles in Opus Dei is that everyone is free to do what ever he or she wants, as long as it is not forbidden by The Church. The Founder called that "in libertate filii Dei": in the liberty of children of God.

  27. Anonymous9:58 PM

    I find it rather interesting how this seminarian who was likely trained to celebrate only the new Mass should have had the idea to celebrate an EF Mass as his first Mass. I am curious to know how he even learned to say the old Mass--and the Missa solemnis at that. Are there more seminarians like him in the Archdiocese of New York?


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