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Pilgrimage to Chartres: setting off

The great Pilgrimage to Chartres is setting off, from Notre Dame in Paris, where we have had Mass. We usually only have a blessing in the cathedral, and Mass at lunch time; this marks the 30th pilgrimage.

I am with the British chapters (we have two); I've seen the Australians, and Dr John Rao from the American chapter, who will be giving a talk at the LMS Conference on 9th June; he is a great supporter of the Chartres Pilgrimage.

I have also seen some of the Sons of the Holy Redermer; I spotted Fr Anthony Mary processing in the with the priests into Mass; the phots above is of one of a couple of postulants with banners.

Mass was a Missa Cantata, with a sermon, and blessing of the Pilgrims at the end, by an auxiliary bishop of Paris.

Although I was in the North aisle, with a restricted view, Mass in Notre Dame was very impressive, with scores of priests and chapters with their banners processing in and out.

Now comes the difficult part: walking 75 miles in two and a half days...

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New Catholic said...

Thank you, Dr. Shaw. Great images!

Jon said...


My 17 yr old son, who, has served the TLM since he was 11, is with the American contingent. I woke up this morning here in Pennsylvania to the sound of a text arriving on my cellphone.

Our son wrote, "Thus begins the pilgrimage. I have never seen a more beautiful Mass."

Thanks so much for posting Mr. Shaw's pictures. It's a great comfort to us personally.

I ask all readers to please pray for the success of this pilgrimage. This just isn't a long walk in the field. It's success is the Holy Father's success. It's success is our success. It's success is God's success.

Benedicta said...

Wait until your son sees the Holy Mass in Chartres... When the choir sings "and homo factus est",it's absolutely beautiful. I see the weather is perfect for the pilgrims. Let's pray for them and for the Church.

Peterman said...

How awesome, I would love to be there. then start the Camino de Santiago all in the same summer. One year I'll do it God willing.

Gratias said...

Thank you for letting us participate vicariously in this historic pilgrimage. Keep posting please.

The Archdiocese of Paris is welcoming to Traditional Catholics.

This Pentecost we may have wonderful news for the TLM/EF. I can imagine the Holy anticipation among the pilgrims.

Michelle Therese said...

We would not argue if you posted more pictures of "our" monks on the pilgrimage :-))

Michelle Therese
Orkney, Scotland

Konstantin said...

I agree with Michelle Therese, I would especially like to see Fr. Anthony's missionary cruxifix in action!

Anonymous said...

Please say a prayer for the Portelli children from Our Lady of Fatima Chapel (FSSP, DIocese of Paterson, NJ), that they may endure.

Julie Michelle aka Precentrix said...

Wish I was there! I even have to *work* on Pentecost .