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Pilgrimage to Chartres: setting off

The great Pilgrimage to Chartres is setting off, from Notre Dame in Paris, where we have had Mass. We usually only have a blessing in the cathedral, and Mass at lunch time; this marks the 30th pilgrimage.

I am with the British chapters (we have two); I've seen the Australians, and Dr John Rao from the American chapter, who will be giving a talk at the LMS Conference on 9th June; he is a great supporter of the Chartres Pilgrimage.

I have also seen some of the Sons of the Holy Redermer; I spotted Fr Anthony Mary processing in the with the priests into Mass; the phots above is of one of a couple of postulants with banners.

Mass was a Missa Cantata, with a sermon, and blessing of the Pilgrims at the end, by an auxiliary bishop of Paris.

Although I was in the North aisle, with a restricted view, Mass in Notre Dame was very impressive, with scores of priests and chapters with their banners processing in and out.

Now comes the difficult part: walking 75 miles in two and a half days...

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