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Something "astonishing"

From Vittorio Messori's article today in Corriere della Sera on recent events and ridiculous calls from some quarters in Italy asking for the Pope's resignation. (He will not resign, obviously, and Messori reveals something else.)

[T]he serenity of Benedict XVI comes from the knowledge that, since the beginning - since Pentecost itself - the ecclesial institution has seldom reached the level of its ideal. Imperfection is the rule whenever man are involved. Some have even spoken of a certain apathy of his before the recent, grave events that certainly do not touch upon theology, but harm the institutional machinery, with risk of scandal to the faithful and the loss of credibility of all of Catholicism. There are even some who, saying they speak as friends of the Pope and for the good of the Church, have advocated for a resignation that would lead him to finally go back to his true vocation: that of a scholar, retreated into solitude, alone with his books. Leaving to someone else, more active and attentive to the concrete life of the Church, the administration of things. But these friends of Joseph Ratzinger, whose good faith we do not venture do doubt, fail to understand that, in this way, they are actually playing the game of his enemies, if they truly wish to call him to go away with events such as the leak of private documents. As for apathy, who mentions it ignores that Benedict XVI does is not a friend of uproar, but of patient, meditated work, respectful of persons and that what he has already done, and does, is often overlooked by the media, but is not in fact irrelevant. And soon, it is said, they will have a proof that will astonish whomever accuses him of distance from the facts. [Source: PDF]
He is still a curious analyst... But at least he has very good sources.


  1. Julia of Arc12:24 AM

    Having recently been victim of a personal attack on something that I cared about more than I could tell, I can relate on how the Holy Father feels at present. He has my prayers. You know It was today that he was ordained priest of Christ!
    Julia of Arc

  2. Again, in the words of Bishop Fellay in response to the end of this clip: "So be it"!!!

  3. The servant of the servants of God will be persecuted as was the Master. We must pray much for the Holy Father. May Almighty God bless him and may Our Blessed Lady protect him.

  4. The faithful will not abandon this man, however the wolves howl. In fact, the louder the wolves howl, the easier for the huntsman to spot them. Let them bay.

    God bless and save our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI. May his enemies become as footstools beneath his feet. Our Lady of Victories, intercede for him!

  5. Soon is the Corpus Christi?

  6. Do you think, New Catholic, that this may be connected with SSPX matter?

  7. Someone,

    Considering Messori's usual disdain for Traditional matters (though they have always interested him, he has always made clear that he disagrees with all Traditionalist premises and claims), I would guess it may be something else.


  8. The damage done to the Pope by the criminals involved in leaking his correspondence is minor.

    The damage done by Cardinal Koch in promoting the heresy that the Church and the Jews are one people of God (a direct and flagrant contradiction of Vatican II, as well as every other magisterial teaching on the question) is major.

    Dogma is more important than diplomacy.

    The Pope is here to protect the deposit of Faith, and if He does that, then all else will be subject to the Son, in Whom the Father is well pleased.

  9. Anonymous1:12 PM

    With the mess we have in the Church at this very hour I guess I wasn't out to lunch when I said we as a Church are facing a Crisis of Apocalyptic Dimentions.

    May the Good Lord have mercy on us!!!

  10. Disputator2:20 PM

    Rick DeLano,

    How sure are you that our present pope and the one prior to him have not held the same position regarding the Jews as Cardinal Koch apparently does?

  11. NIANTIC2:28 PM

    "Imperfection is the rule wherever men are involved". We know this is very true. Eventhough at times I get frustrated by our Holy Father's seeming inaction, I do believe that he is involved more than we know. He seems to be taking the long view in any situation and takes action only after due deliberation. So also in the current momentous events our Pope will act only when ready. We need to give him space and pray for him. He is not alone. God will not abandon his Vicar. All will turn out to the good in due time. Pax et bonum.

  12. J.G. Ratkaj3:00 PM

    His Holinnes carries the can for the mere incompetence of the highest ecclesiaticl leadership since the death of John XXIII. He has to cope with an unprecedented mediocre reservoir of human resources in the roman curia.

  13. Father K3:06 PM

    Julia of Arc

    No he was ordained on 29th June, Feast of Sts Peter and Paul

  14. Disputator:

    What I am sure of, is that the position outlined in the recent speech by Cardinal Koch is not Catholic; that is, it does not present the Catholic Faith which comes to us from the apostles.

    Whether a given Pope adheres to Cardinal Koch's heresy as a matter of personal theological opinion is a question, the very asking of which, indicates the real problem we face.

    If the Pope does in fact adhere to Cardinal Koch's heresy, then our problems are very much greater than whether the butler did it.

    However, this Pope does not adhere to the heresy, based at least upon his published comments as a Cardinal, where he affirms that the Mosaic covenant is superseded.

    This still does not satisfy the problem.

    A Cardinal is, in an official position, espousing heresy.

    This is not even, at this point, a particularly unusual event.

    The silence of the Pope (and his predecessor) in the face of the dual covenant heresy......

    That is a real problem.

  15. Julia of Arc5:42 PM

    Thank-you so much FR. K !
    I read that he was ordained in May but.. it must have been a typo.
    In any case it was a fitting day for his ordination.
    As for me June 29th Feast of St Peter and Paul is even a closer date to my heart!!
    Thank you.

    Julia of Arc


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