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Another 401 § 2?...

The Holy See really should consider clearly separating the two causes for early resignation foreseen in can 401 § 2 of the Code of Canon Law - disease or "other grave reason" (and here, other grave reason should be further classified in personal or doctrinal reasons), as a matter of justice, so that those who do resign for health reasons are not tainted by association with those who resign for other reasons...

The Holy Father, Benedict XVI, has accepted the resignation to pastoral government of the diocese of Liepāja (Latvia), presented by H.E. Bp. Wilhelms [Vilhelms] Lapelis, O.P., in conformity with can. 401 § 2 of the Code of Canon Law. [Bollettino]

In his own letter to his Diocese, the Bishop Emeritus, who is 50 years old, does not at all imply a disease, but says he is "pleased" with the Papal decision because he sees in it "the will of God". So we are just left wondering...


  1. Fly on the wall1:52 PM

    Whatever the reason it is not by accident I am sure that the Prime Minister of Latvia was also received in audience today by the Holy Father.

  2. Is it scandalous to suggest that perhaps the ambiguity is deliberate?

  3. No, JMJ, it is not. It is simply taking account of the fact that almost always, in charitable consideration of the faithful, the retiring bishop would make known his cause for retirement. Complete silence concerning it is what is arguably a scandal, since it leaves the faithful of his diocese with no understanding as to why their shepherd asked to be relieved of his duties and commitment to serve. I think the faithful normally deserve explanations for this kind of thing.

  4. The case of death is a grave reason.

  5. Bishop's brother, also a priest, Fr. Vladislav Lapelis was fined for drunk driving two years ago, and lost his driver license for the next 4 years. The first arrested pedophile priest (now Lutheran) in Latvia, Agris Levalds, used to be a Catholic priest and was forced out by Bishop Vilhelms Lapelis.
    Indeed one wonders what happened.

  6. where there's smoke there's fire. but let's not cast any stones until we know for sure. tale telling doesn't help any situations and it isn't very attractive.

  7. carthusian5:37 AM

    Maybe it's just none of our business!

  8. What about Mons. Bargalló (Argentina) surprised with a woman in Mexico? any news from Rome?


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