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The Crisis of the Church is a Crisis of Bishops:
Bishop and President of Caritas-Latin America Surfin' Safari

Doctrinal preambles, declarations, professions of faith, discussions without end: it can be quite difficult for a Catholic bishop to prove that he is Catholic.


Caritas in Rio

That is, not if he is the General Secretary of Caritas for Latin America and the Caribbean and President of Caritas Argentina, Bishop Fernando María Bargalló, of the Diocese of Merlo-Moreno, Argentina, responsible for the general administration of resources donated to the charitable activities of Caritas in a vast region filled with grave problems. He was recently seen in one of those endless useless meetings that characterize the post-Conciliar reality, with nothing to show for them - in this case, a meeting of the Latin-American and Caribbean Secretariat of Caritas Social Pastoral Ministry (Secretariado Latinoamericano y Caribeño de Pastoral Social Caritas - SELACC), preparing for some declaration on a current United Nations environmentalist meeting, in which the Caritas group is also present (image on the right, with Bishop Bargalló marked).

He was also recently in Mexico. Doing what? This is how he appeared today in several Argentine newspapers, joined by a representative of the fairer sex:

Caritas in Mexico - the only image that we could publish here [Source and images: several Argentine papers, including La Mañana of Neuquén and Diario Uno of Entre Ríos - thanks to Google News in Spanish.]

(The report in Argentine television is much worse, and what is worse still is that the snarky comments of the presenters are mostly correct - immodesty alert, contemporary seaside attire and amorous gestures in the images.)


Fernando María Bargalló was named Auxiliary Bishop in 1994 by Pope John Paul II and named first Bishop of the newly-created Diocese of Merlo-Moreno, a diocese including over 700,000 nominal Catholics, most residing in the Greater Buenos Aires, in 1997, by the same Pontiff.

Coincidentally: the seminary of the Society of Saint Pius X (FSSPX / SSPX) in South America, Our Lady Coredemptrix, is located in La Reja, in the Moreno Municipality (Partido de Moreno, Province of Buenos Aires), Episcopal See of Bishop Bargalló's diocese.

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