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The hysterical mafia

Italian daily La Repubblica published a report of further leaks of confidential documents of His Holiness sent to the paper - this time, three documents, one a letter sent by Card. Burke on the approval of the Neocatechumenal liturgy, and two personal notes signed by the Pope's private secretary, Mons. Gänswein. This time, the leaks were sent with a strange threatening cover letter (see our note below). 

The following is the main excerpt of the article:

MILAN [June 3, 2012]  - "Drive the true culprits from the Vatican. Once again, the only one to pay is the scapegoat. Who is a better victim than the Holy Father's butler. The truth must be searched in the central power." The mole is still in the Vatican. He circles, he observes, and he hits, while Benedict XVI is on official visit of three days to Milan, searching for a moment of calmness amidst the resentments that encircle him. The mole delivers new documents by surprise. Three, to be exact, of which La Repubblica is in possession and that it presents today. But, the source soon warns, we have "hundred" of letters such as these. He writes it in a cover letter - that comes before the documents - typed in a computer. Showing, as if it were still necessary, that the Pope's butler accused of being the carrier of the letters that appeared from the Holy See in the past, "the scapegoat", as the letter says, is not at all the only one. Because the mole is, in reality, still active. "The truth - he denounces - is to be searched in the central power." And he explains: "That is, in the private archive of Mons. Georg Gänswein, private secretary of the Holy Father, from which numerous documents reserved to Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone appear continually."

A harsh accusation, that the source makes his own, against the private secretary of Benedict XVI, a man for which the Pope has, instead, the utmost trust, and that for several years has been the person on which to rely for matters not only of personal, but also of spiritual and political nature. In the past years, in fact, monsignor Gänswein has notably increased his influence within the [Papal] Apartment, growing into a role, certainly informal, but nevertheless tangible and clear to all, as advisor to Joseph Ratinger, who is also his fellow countryman. The mole adds in his cover page of the three letters: "Things not always move in the right way, and there have been uncontrolled passages of very reserved documents and acts between Mons. Georg and the Cardinal." As if to say: the internal documents and acts that move from the papal Apartment to the office of the Secretary of State, and viceversa, at times take different paths. And control over them is lost.

The mole thus presents "three of the hundreds of documents in our possession." The first is a "top secret letter" addressed to Bertone by the Cardinal Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal for the Apostolic Signatura [Card. Burke], and that deals what is branded as "the shameful event of the Neocatechumenals, on which there is a long note written by hand by Benedict XVI himself." The other two are letters with the apparent signature of Monsignor Gänswein. And that deal, it is said, with "some regrettable and shameful events within the Vatican." The two notes bear on top the arms of the Holy See with the words "Città del Vaticano". And in the bottom the signature, by hand, of "don Georg Gaenswein".  Under them, the stamped words, "Segretario Particolare di Sua Santità Benedetto XVI". One of them is dated February 19, 2009. The text of the letters was deleted. The mole explains: "We will not publish it in a complete fashion to avoid offending the Person of the Holy Father, already put under great stress by his close collaborators." And he warns: "In order to be fair, we reserve the unabridged publication in case they persist in hiding the truth of the facts". He then concludes: "Drive out of the Vatican those truly responsible for this scandal: Mons Gänswein and Card. Bertone". Very strong unproved accusations, and not detailed here.

[Rorate note:] This report raises two interesting points. First, while it is almost certain that the arrested butler is not the only one responsible for the leaks, letters from 2009 do not disprove that he may have been the original source of documents originating in the Papal Apartment itself - documents written since the time of his arrest would, but it is clear that only a small part of the leaked documents have been published. 

Second: This kind of writing and this particular style of trying to force things to go one's way are strange, are they not? This hysterical enmity does not sound like something real men would do. Perhaps that is why some thought there was a woman involved... 

No, we definitely do not think there are women involved, but obviously some kind of hysterical "advocacy group", whose interests are being affected. If this source attacks what he calls "the central power", that is, the Secretary of State and in particular the Pope's personal secretary, than it is obvious that THEY are not the problem. THEY are not the ones being accused, but,  rather, by threatening them, the mole himself makes clear that there is some kind of personal move against His Holiness. Clearly, some things done by the Pope must have upset the hysterical group, no wonder only serious men with serious concerns (Cardinal Burke, exposed in his opposition to the Neocatechumenal liturgy, and Mons. Gänswein) have had their letters revealed in today's leaks. So now, as the tone reveals, it is a personal struggle between the Pope and the men who are of his mind (as Mons. Gänswein and Card. Burke), and this hysterical mafia: what does the hysterical mafia want?

Let us pray for His Holiness.


Malta said...

Poor Holy Father; he doesn't need to deal with this!

He is trying to do the right thing.

Manfred said...

"Hysterical Mafia"? Perhaps. Certainly they are the "wolves" of which both Benedict and the Blessed Mother spoke when she asked that we pray for the Pope in order to protect him "from the wolves".

JM said...

I am curious regarding what action, if any, the Holy Father can take against Nuzzi and these other "news" organizations that continue to provide a venue for these leaked documents.

Surely some legal action can be taken seeing that the Vatican is a sovereign nation and Pope Benedict a head of state. Or do the the laws protecting the so-called free press protect against any such action?

Perhaps those more familiar with the Italian legal system and the agreements between Italy and the Vatican can speak to this.


Gratias said...

The enemy is within the gates of the Apostolic Palace, and making threats.

Cardinal Burke was offended at being invited to the approval of the Neochatecumenal Way, which he explains is contrary to what Ratzinger has written about the liturgy. Burke was perfectly in his right to write Cardinal Bertone about this mistaken approval. What a great successor of Peter Burke would make.

As for Msgr. Gänswein, I like him more already. The Holy Father needs someone trustworthy by his side. One can only hope this is not a plot to block the regularization of SSPX.

The Vatican is so tiny that the mole will be found out soon. Very few can come between the Pope' personal Secretary and his Secretary of State. The danger to the health of the Pope is very worrisome. I would think the traitor is paranoid given that bold threats are offered through the press. On the other hand, Freemasons control the press and this could be one of their better anti-Catholic plots.

If they are seeking to sink the agreement with SSPX, the doctrinal Preamble and its negotiations will be leaked next. I hope Benedict XVI signs the agreement with SSPX soon.

Rick DeLano said...

Ahem. There is one prelate, at least, (along with one Pope, btw) who looks better than ever as a result of this.

May I thank His Eminence Cardinal Burke for his very welcome intervention concerning the cited matter.

P.K.T.P. said...

More leaked documents coming at a time when the Pope is considering recognising the S.S.P.X. The timing is interesting.

The recognition was supposed to be given in the later part of May. Then an alternate time was heard: before summer. Summer begins in eighteen days' time. Tick, tick, tick.


Francesco Colafemmina said...

We don't know a lot of aspects of this story. Anyway to publish a document that reveals the independent leadership of the Secretary of State, with his affiliate former Substitute Mons. Filoni, close friend of Neocathecumenal Way, is an important point.

After this letter of Card. Burke the Pope decided to change the "approval of the liturgy" in the "approval of some rituals".

This means that the Pope is informed only through those letters and private communications, otherwise is the Secretary of State to act independently. And maybe someone wants to warn about the role of Mons. Ganswein about the selection of which document is good to show to the Pope and which not, independently from the will to damage the Pope himself.

I think that this should be considered as a real problem not only for this pontificate but also for the future of the Church.

If someone want to stop this strange behaviour of the Secretary of State and those filters between the world and the Pope, I think he's right! And we must interrogate ourselves about the "movens" behind this strategy of document divulgation...

Or they are cowards and enemies of the Pope, or they are people that love the church but can't see any other mean to stop this series of abuse of power against the Papacy than to make divulgation of documents...

Beside this, please consider that a potential innocent is actually in jail and we don't know which kind of documents were found in his home and on which format (paper, files, photos) and why a potential spy should store at home (inside the Vatican) this kind of reserved material to allow so easily the gendarmeria to find it...

Knight of Malta said...

The whole thing is strange ad absurdum; loyalty is one of the chief virtues. All these sneaky parasites adding to the absurdly titled "Vikileaks" make me want to vomit!

Knight of Malta said...

One last thing: do you think a man with the mettle of +Fellay would betray the Pope? Nope. He is the best friend the Pope has in this world.

New Catholic said...

He's not right, Francesco. He's not right, he's not right, he's not right. And, worse, his method is not right. Even if we assume that the leaker's will is the best in the world, it is not only wrong but cruel to subject an 85-year-old man to this kind of public pressure - in any event, morally condemnable, since a good deed cannot be achieved by dishonest means.

I cannot but join the opinion of Father Blake, linking to us today: "Vatileaks has one purpose, it is to damage the Pope, to destroy his effectiveness, to sow mistrust in his judgement, to isolate him, to cause him personal distress. I can't help but compare the present situation with the rumours that surrounded the death of Pope John Paul I, where apparently Vatican officials overwhelmed him with work. With the revelations that have emerged over this weekend, a similar pattern is emerging, where the only 'sleak proof' means of working seems to be face to face communication which will place enormous pressure on the Pope."

If this is "help", God protect us from such helpers!


Bartholomew said...

The Curia has become a secular bureaucracy aping the burgeoning bureaucracies of governments in Europe and elsewhere. It needs to be streamlined. For a Pope to govern effectively (which Pope John Paul II was not interested in doing -- hence the immense growth of the Curia under his Pontificate)) there needs to be an administrative structure in place that is easily overseen by the Holy Father.

The Curia has become the vehicle of contradiction for many things in the Vatican over the past 40 years. If the Popes got back to governing in the traditional mode, they wouldn't need what amounts to a massive Public Relations arm that is essentially what the Curia has become.

NIANTIC said...

Regardless of the leaker's motives whether good or bad the act is absolutely evil and a serious injustice to our Holy Father Benedict XVl. I am deeply sorry for the distress our Pope must feel and hope and pray that our Lord will give him all the strength, wisdom and courage he needs to discharge his awesome responsibilities. I hope very much that the Pope will regularize the SSPX as quickly as possible. This matter of the SSPX and Rome may well be the cause of the attack upon this Pontificate at this time. Lord have mercy!

P.K.T.P. said...

On New Catholic comments:

I agree with N.C. here. Let us go back to that wonderful and rare B.B.C. programme, "Yes, Minister" and its sequel, "Yes, Prime Minister". Overwhelming the leader with work is one of the chief methods of disrupting his plans. In the case of the B.B.C. show, they bureaucrats send the P.M. home with a huge number of 'boxes' and with important items near the bottoms of some in the middle of the pack.

I watch the episcopal appointments closely. This Pope makes appointments at a much slower rate than did his predecessor. But even this slow rate was slowed to a crawl from Spy Wednesday, 4hh April to the present. The change has been so dramatic that a certain conact of mine, who is an expert on Vatican proceedures (in my view), has hypothesises that the Pope has de facto raised the age limit from 75 to 78, in accordance with plans set in montion at the beginning of his pontificate. This practice will presumably become policy in due course. Meanwhile the number of vacant sees has reached the all-time high of 150.

At the same time, they send this 85 year-old man in declining health to Cuba, to Mexic, to Milan, maybe next to Timbucktoo. It is meant to wear him out.

They don't like his plans for the S.S.P.X. They don't like his plans to reform the New Mass. They worry that he might ban Communion in the hand. He was put in place to extend the last pontificate's policies and 'hold the line' on more liberal reform. Instead, he has refused to stand firm but has, instead, moved against the reforms which were already established. 'They' feel that it is time for him to go.

Benedict XVI is unsure of how much time he has left. It could be weeks; it could be years. He is determined to get past the S.S.P.X business before taking a rest and considering other projects. One of these would be to turn the New Mass into an unambiguously Catholic Rite. This will mean reforming or abolishing the very scandalous Eucharistic Prayer No. 2 and the New Offertory.


Hidden One said...

Oremus pro Pontifice!

Peter, Belgium said...

The leaker is not blackmailing the Holy Father, but Bertone en Gaenswein.

I find the letter of Cardinal Burke very disturbing. It is clear that the liturgy of the Neochatecumenal Way is not very Catholic.

If Cardinal Burke doesn't approve this liturgy, while he is responsible, Bertone does not have the right to apporve it.

Vatileaks is not an attempt to disrupt the reintegration of Pius X, but a reaction against the failed reintegration of Pius X.

The same people who prevented the reintegration of Pius X, approved of the liturgy of the Neochatecumenal Way.

It is known that the Holy Father wants Pius X in the Church and that he isn't a fan of the Neochatecumenal Way.

So, some Vatican officials are standing up against the will of the Holy Father.

The leaker states: "We will not publish it in a complete fashion to avoid offending the Person of the Holy Father, already put under great stress by his close collaborators."

Well, who are these close 'collaborators'?

New Catholic said...

Peter, I have no side in this struggle between Sodano and Bertone and their representatives.

But obviously an attack on the person who is closest to the Pope, Mons. Gänswein, is almost an attack on the Pope himself. The end result, even if the intent is pure and beautiful, is a general humiliation of the Church and the Apostolic See. Can good be accomplished by dishonest means?


Tradical said...

The more involved this 'attack' gets, the stronger my belief that Pope Benedict XVI is the Pope in the vision of Fatima and the first Pope in Don Bosco's dream of the Two Pillars.