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Muslim Brotherhood grabs the Egyptian presidency... long before the Copts are forced out of their homeland? 

Let us pray for ALL of the Christians of Egypt. 


Francis said...

No surprise that the Muslim brotherhood would fill the power vaccuum to take control in Egypt. The masonic and leftist promoted "Arab Spring" is of course a farse. People without agendas knew it would fail, as it had in other parts of the Muslim world. The people that suffer the most are Christians. And what will the Vatican and Cardinal Tauran say? Nothing! Or at the very least they will say that we need more "inter-religious dialogue". Which will be very nauseating to hear.

sam said...

The "Kissinger Plan" continues to be implemented in the Middle-East, but now it also includes the amendments based on Obama's special area of concern.

The Christians as always are expected to be the receiving end of the consequences.

Gratias said...

Turkey, Irak, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and Syria next. Christians persecuted everywhere and the US government celebrates the expansion of Sharia.

Knight of Malta said...

The blood of the martyrs has always been the life-blood of the Church, but the Copts are going to suffer much.

Dymphna said...

How soon before they are slaughtered? What country will give them refuge? Israel. I doubt it. The US? Unlikely.

LeonG said...

Egypt has been betrayed by westerndom and its so-called democratic idol which disguises materio-centric pluralism falling increasing under a marked centrist tendancy. The entire Near & Middle East has become a political environment hostile to Christianity and a war ground for American and European subversion and meddling. In the meantime, while this policy bankrupts the western nations rendering inescapable socio-economic dysfunction, The Church continues on its disastrous ecumenical and interreligious pathway towards systemic internal division and consequential de facto schism.

Timothy Mulligan said...

To all those who think elections solve everything:


Timotheas said...

He only won by 2%. That is very telling. Don't believe the slanted tone of headlines that make it sound as though the majority of these countries are supporters of this illigimate creation of the French, British and USA governments. Morsi may be in (if it isn't contested and it may well be at a meager 2% win) but he's not embarking on a cake walk by any means.

Malta said...

This Morsi supporter is showing a bit too-much face methinks!

William said...

The abduction and forced conversion (raped if they refuse to convert) to Islam of Coptic women is a serious problem in Egypt.

I know a young Copt woman whose family spent all their money to send her to the United States to avoid the above-mentioned situation.

The plight of Christians in the Middle East is pathetic.

It is simply a matter of time before the Maronites are finished in Lebanon.

During the 1999 European Synod of Bishops, Giuseppe Germano Bernardini, then-archbishop of Izmir, Turkey, presented a sober assessment of the plight of Christians in the Middle East.

I recall that he urged Churchmen to cease "interfaith" visits to mosques.

Such vists, he said, were viewed by Muslims as signs of weakness in that Catholics acknowledged the legitimacy of Islam.

Additional information...

Bishop: Islam Expanding Conquests
AP , Associated Press AP News Archive Oct. 13, 1999 7:22 PM ET
VATICAN CITY (AP) _ Islam is driving into predominantly Christian countries in a new campaign of expansion and conquest, a bishop at a Vatican synod claimed Wednesday in a warning to his European colleagues.

Giuseppe Germano Bernardini, archbishop of Izmir in Turkey, spoke at a synod of European bishops on what he said was Islam's growing challenge to Christianity, even on its home ground.

"The 'domination' has already started with petrodollars, used not to create jobs in poor countries in North Africa and the Middle East, but to build mosques and cultural centers in Christian countries ... including Rome, center of Christianity," Bernardini declared.

"Who cannot see in this a clear program of expansion and reconquest?" he asked.

The dire tone of his warning contrasted with repeated overtures to the Islamic world by Pope John Paul II, whose comments on Islam frequently stress the values it shares with Christianity.

The archbishop was one of several at the synod to express frustration in dealing with the Islamic world, however.

Others in the weeklong session have spoken of the need for cooperation between Muslims and Christians.

Bernardini suggested the church call a synod specifically on the theme of Islam in predominantly Christian countries.

As a first, practical step, he said, Catholics must see to it that none of their churches are ceded to Muslims for practice of their faith.

GQ Rep said...

I hope the Vatican speaks out against any persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt. They have a very close bond to them.

But I have always been relieved that the Vatican does not speak out against the persecution of so called evangelical bible "Christians" when their "churches" are torched etc.

This is happening all over the Middle East and parts of Africa and Malaysia/Indonesia as well.

Apparently these bible-based "Christians" are not popular with many people in the region. They are no friend to Catholics, and deserve no defense from the Vatican or others.

So far, there has been none. Thank God!

But the Vatican is concerned for the Copts. We should all pray for their safety, and that the new government of the Muslim Brotherhood upholds it's pledge to represent all Egyptians...not just those like them.

These posts speculating about the Copts and Catholics having to flee Egypt is fear mongering. It's not a responsible thing to write at this time. Pray and wait and see is better.

Pray in solidarity with the Coptic Christians, Catholics, and other Orthodox CHristians in Egypt.

Grumpy said...

With all due respect folks, while I don't doubt that Copts have had and will continue to have their share of problems, the fact remains that Muslims have controlled Egypt for well over 1,000 years. There's no reason to believe that Copts face any greater threat now of extermination or mass explusion than they have in the past.

GQ Rep: Seriously? What's with the condoning of evangelical church burnings in the Muslim world?

Adfero said...

Grumpy, what happened was ther were slaughtered.

If you mean recently, men like Mubarek, the Husseins, etc, were secularists more than Muslims. So the Christians under them were protected.

Grumpy said...


What I'm suggesting is that the Coptic community would have disappeared a long time ago, if there had been wholesale extermination or expulsion. The community still exists and has existed in some form all along, best as I can tell.

If the Ikhwan says they are committed to the basic safety and regard of the Coptic community then let's hold them to it, instead of automatically assuming the worst.

The Iranian model is far from perfect with regard to Christian freedom and rights, but those Christians haven't been murdered or expelled en masse in over 30 years of Islamic theocratic rule.

Brian2 said...

The best practical or realizable state of affairs thing for Christian minorities is stability. They are at most risk when lawlessness runs rampant.

In any case, the Army is really running Egypt. They have veto power over every article in the yet-to-be-written constitution, over the budget, over cabinet appointments. and, of course, all the guns. There is a high likely hood that the new president will be slightly more powerful than the Queen of Jordan.

Athanasius said...

Well, given that the Muslim Brotherhood is run by the CIA and American intervention in the middle east has as its aim the eradication of eastern Christianity, I would say their days are numbered.

Knight of Malta said...

...the Muslim Brotherhood is run by the CIA...has as its aim the eradication of eastern Christianity

Can't agree with you there! I have spent time at Langley, and I can tell you there are many devout Catholics there (as well, of course, Mormons), who would be horrified to see anything happen to the Copts. One of the ex-directors of the CIA has a statue of the Virgin Mary in his office.

Barbara said...

Charmimng GQRep!What an UN-Catholic way of reasoning! What does it matter who hates us? Are we not commanded by Our Lord Himself to love our enemies -difficult as that may be?
But I am not a pacifist and I beleive in self-defence against Islam. I posted this a couple of weeks ago in the comment box:

"Muhammad Morsi, of the Muslim Brothers and candidate for the presidency declared that if elected he will force conversion on the Christians (dhimmi[ which includes Jews]), make them pay taxes (jizya) or force them into exile. He wants Egypt to become completely Islamic. Morsi said that, they (the Coptics) must know that conquest is coming and Egypt will be Islamic and that they will have to pay the jizya or emigrate.

Adapted from La Stampa. (Marco Tosi)