Rorate Caeli

No "no" announcement

The poor liberal reporter (Jesús Bastante, a.k.a. Enough Jesus) had to endure a Mass in Latin, with the priest with "his back turned to the people", and filled with "women with heads covered by small mantillas"; "no offertory [that he was able to notice], no participation of any faithful in the readings or distribution of communion, no petitions [prayers of the faithful], nor was there exchange of peace" - all this aggravation to no avail. No announcement after all...


New Catholic said...

Yes, we know Jesús Bastante does not mean Enough Jesus.

Tom said...

Man, wish I knew Spanish, I'd love to be able to read the article for some laughs!

Mike said...

Poor man. Literally.

Fr Levi said...

Oh dear. I know it's wrong. But it is hard not to laugh!

Rick DeLano said...

This is wonderful, joyous and consoling news.

I never gave up my Rosary intention for the happy reconciliation with the Society, although I admit to being helpfully reminded once again by this hilarious bit of pseudo-jopurnalism that a lot of "scoops".....


Prayers for the Holy Father and Bishop Fellay to be redoubled!

Nice call on this one, Rorate.

"Grain of salt" indeed!

P.K.T.P. said...

Nobody in the Catholic Church says yes or no that quickly. We are Catholic. It takes us a week just to tie our shoes.


oreoman said...

Wishing does not make it so.

New Catholic said...

We are not saying there will not be a negative answer (we do not know), just that it would be improbable for it to be announced this way - and without considerable nuance.

Miles Dei said...

The article is the usual manipulation of those people.

Look at the beginning in the subtitle:

"La Fraternidad de San Pío X evita hacer oficial su nueva ruptura con Roma para respetar los plazos"

"The Fraternity of Saint Pius X avoids to make official its new break with Rome to respect the deadlines"

Kathleen said...

My bet is poor "Enough Jesus" thinks the portion of the ordinary Mass where some of the parishioners traipse up the aisle in shorts and flip flops carrying up the unconsecrated wine and hosts is the offertory.

Since that portion of the N.O. "entertainment" was omitted (along with the rest of the N.O. wretchedness! Deo Gratias!) he translated that omission as there being no offertory.

May God have mercy on poor "Enough Jesus" -- he needs it.

Miles said...

Dear NC , your comment is delicious. The poor man should change his name to Jesús Poco (Jesus Few). I’m still laughing with this story.

Long-Skirts said...

Rorate Coeli said yesterday:

"we ask you to consider it with a grain of salt while we await for actual documents"


(Jesús Bastante, a.k.a. Enough Jesus)


A grain of salt
And a package of baloney
The same in America
With the likes of Mahony.

A package of baloney
And a grain of salt
Muller on Mary
Psychosexual, gestalt!

Nun worth none
Fr. Bob's in a huff
The Pope won't pilot...
Jesus, enough!!!

Gratias said...

Thank you Long-Skirts! Your poetry is wonderful.

Catherine said...

What is about to happen is not in the least bit funny. It is a tragedy of the worst order, the fruit of seeds that were sown a quarter of a century ago. All those who have cooperated in this hellish situation, and encouraged the participants, need to get on their knees and plead for mercy, and perform as many acts of penance as possible while still in this earthly condition.