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Posturing while giving $5 million to contraception-providing and abortion-lobbying "Charity"

How about a "Fortnight for Apologizing to the Faithful" now?

From LifeSiteNews:

U.S. bishops’ relief agency gives $5.3 million to major contraception-providing charity

July 17, 2012 - In the epic battle between the American Catholic bishops and the Obama Administration over being forced to pay for contraceptive coverage, the efforts of the bishops have been undermined time and again by individual Catholics and Catholic entities that support contraception. One major example of this is within the Bishops’ own jurisdiction.

Catholic Relief Services (CRS), “the official overseas relief and development agency of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops” has recently given millions to an organization that doles out contraceptives, including abortifacient ‘emergency contraception.’

The most recent CRS annual returns (2010) indicate that the largest CRS grant — $5.3 million — went to CARE, an international “relief and development organization,” that actively promotes and provides contraceptives for women in developing countries, and supports pro-abortion groups and legislation.

According to the 2010 990s, CRS gave $5,380,466 to CARE, which is noted on page 86 of the filing.

The HLI [Human Life International] president noted that that CARE has made “‘reproductive health’—which typically includes contraception as well as abortion—a cornerstone of their ‘development’ strategies.” Because the revenues that CARE receives are fungible, he said, any funds given them would automatically support their whole program—including abortion lobbying and contraception. 

Regardless of one's opinion of the present U.S. Administration, do not things like these make the USCCB campaign at least look like mere political posturing, and undermine the positive view many non-Catholics have of it?

[Image from CARE's family planning and "Sexual and Reproductive Health" leaflet. Tip: reader]