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Sore loser

All signs seemed to indicate the election, by the General Chapter of the Institute of the Good Shepherd (IBP), of Father Roch Perrel, rector of the Institute's seminary, as its new Superior General. It was too much for the first Superior General of the Institute, Father Philippe Laguérie, who released the following communiqué today:

July 10, 2012: "On the advice of Roman canonists and of my ecclesiastical lawyer, the Rev. Fr. Hervé Benoît, chancellor of the Diocese of Belley-Ars and vice-official [magistrate] of [the Archdiocese of] Lyon, I am able to officially communicate the following:

The results of the elections of the General Chapter held from July 2-6, 2012, and their decisions having been contested, I have decided to bring the affairs into the hands of the Holy See, so that it may decide and allow the Institute of the Good Shepherd to continue its work in peace and unity."

Father Philippe Laguérie, [self-declared] Superior General [Source, in French]

Sad, sad...


  1. Carlos9:34 PM

    New Catholic,

    Did you read what Fr. Laguerie wrote in his blog?

    Maybe he is not the "sore loser", maybe the sore losers are others that have act against canon law and reversed the result of his election.

  2. Carlos9:45 PM

    So why do you suggest that he is the sore loser?

    Do you know what happened? He says that it was something against canon law. But you seem to have made your judgement yet, so you don't believe him.

    Do you have more information on this case?

  3. Dear friend,

    Either he lost the election, or, if there was a prior election, he lost the argument inside the Institute - in any event, he is the one with the brilliant idea of bringing an outside source to force an intervention in a very young and fragile Traditional institute. Sometimes, even one who thinks he is the rightful winner must bow out before bringing outside intervention into a fragile institution. Fighting for Tradition is one thing, fighting for a position is something else entirely. It is not worth it, even if he is completely right in law.


  4. NIANTIC9:59 PM

    Whatever the reasons are, this is a very bad situation. Sowing discord, disharmony within a Traditional Institute is bad, bad, bad and not from God. Enemies of Tradition will be most pleased. Lord have mercy.

  5. Carlos10:00 PM

    Yes I understand your point. But to allow that kind of internal coup can also weaken the institute.

    The election of Fr. Perrel is not good news. He was the superior of the IBP in Brazil when they made the first attempt to settle here and I can tell you that it is preferable that Fr. Laguerie fight for his election if he is right.

  6. Carlos, your concern is about one single personality - ours is about the institution itself. Nothing will weaken it as much as forcing outside intervention. Fr. Laguérie is making a huge mistake - no wonder members of French chanceries who just love the IBP are his advisers in this matter...

  7. If i remember correctly this happened years back with the FSSP election with Rome stepping in and overruling the votes of the members of the FSSP at the time. So it's deja vu again in traditional circles. Will they do this if the SSPX is regularized and they vote Fellay Out, we will wait and see.

  8. rodrigo10:14 PM

    Well, now that all in the Church is holy and good, and Modernism has finally been vanquished, why shouldn't traditionalists form a circular firing squad? It's not as if there's anything more important to be doing...

  9. Did not "outside forces" force this vote anyway? What difference does it make now?

  10. Yes, the FSSP experience was very painful, and it is simply amazing that in this case it is the former Superior General himself who is calling outside intervention, helped by French chanceries.

  11. Carlos10:23 PM

    New Catholic,

    Ok. Maybe you are right. I don't know the case of FSSP.

    I really have a concern about the elected. But Fr. Aulagnier was elected the first assistent and this is more auspicious. Let's see how will work the balance of forces.

  12. RogerThat10:44 PM

    Let's not forget that this case also had its shameful leaks.

  13. Fr Roch Perrel was only 2 years ago still with the SSPX. He was not one of the founders of the IBP. I've had dealings with him and he is not a particularly nice guy. Very rude, very domineering and very self important bending others to his will. He without any probabtion was placed in charge of the seminary where he has been able to establish himself and his personality. Fr. Laguerie has been marginalised and Fr Perrel taking authority slowly ignoring Fr Perrel's authgority and decisons refusing to act as requested and building a group dependent on his good favour!

  14. OMG, put the matter into the hands of the Holy See?

    He has got to be suicidal.

    I mean, who tinks The Holy See is trustworthy?

  15. Peterman12:00 AM

    France teters on the abyss and these traditionalists are squabbling? Have they ever read any of the nightmarish prophecies about what's going to happen in France?

  16. P.K.T.P.12:24 AM

    I don't much care who is right here. This is just a sad thing to happen when there is so much other trouble. Traditionalists are becoming more and more divided. Progressivists, in contrast, seem united, regardless of their decline.


  17. Precisely, P.K.T.P. This is what makes this sad.

  18. Between the appointment of Mueller and this intrigue, I feel like I'm watching the end of a Godfather movie: hit after hit against Tradition.

  19. PharmacoChemist12:51 AM

    Emperor Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus has the perfect prescription for all of today's problems. Pay close attention to the first line here:

  20. It's time for us Traditionalists to form a united front in all our groups. This will give us a voice that the Holy Spirit can use.

    Infighting, especially now, is happening at the worst time possible. First the SSPX and now the IBP.

    Lets pray to the Most Holy Trinity to protect our Holy Church and our Holy Tradition from all evils.

  21. Dear Sam, The Holy Ghost does not speak for any group or sect opposed to The Magisterim.

    That is Tradition.

    The idea the Holy Ghost speaks for those opposed to The Magisterium is tradition; Protestant tradition

  22. Prof. Basto2:06 AM

    Today is a bad day for the Church, and not only for this reason.

    May the Cardinal Protopriest of Holy Roman Church rest in peace.

    As for the IBP controversy, it seems to me that Fr. Laguerie is not exactly a "sore loser".

    It is very much likely that he is right in Law, but that his decision to contest the election was nevertheless imprudent, in view of the superior needs of the Traditionalist movement. Now, Prefect Müller and Vice-President DiNoia will decide the fate of the IBP.

  23. I Am Not Sfart said:

    "The idea the Holy Ghost speaks for those opposed to The Magisterium is tradition;Protestant tradition"

    "Illusion is the first of all pleasures." (Oscar Wilde)

  24. Gaius2:36 AM

    Just when I thought there was little, as late, that could present Traditionalists in ever poorer light to the Church at large. Regardless of which side is in the right on this, more confusion and in-fighting is exactly what the enemies of Tradition must be praying for. How long until the next splinter group, from out of the last splinter group, of the other splinter group, who has left the previous?

    The Liberals unite marvelously around falsity, destruction, and lies. I am amazed that so many in Tradition are so easily divided away from the Light and Truth.

  25. Benedict Carter6:22 AM

    For the sake of the ignorant on this matter (me), would someone be so kind as to explain as succinctly as possible the background to this story and the facts of the story itself? I haven't got a clue what all this is about.


  26. Fr. A.M.6:45 AM

    From what I read in

    Fr.Laguerie should uphold the result of the election if all the canonical criterea was satisfied. He is quite right to call the assistance of the Holy See. We must pray for IBP and not loose heart. The truth will be known in time. (and let us not forget to pray for FSSPX at this time).

  27. Prof. Basto and Fr. AM have jumped the gun... We do not know who is right; he may possibly be right. As for the prudence of calling outside intervention, Prof. Basto is surely correct, and Fr. AM is surely mistaken. And, which is worse, it reveals tensions that cannot be resolved by the parties themselves in an Institute younger than this Pontificate and whose entire membership fits in a small classroom. It is obvious there will be an implosion of the IBP sometime soon.

  28. Dear "I am not Spartacus",

    Do you distinguish between the words "Tradition" and "tradition"?

    Do you believe that the Magisterium of the Church can be opposed to "Tradition"?


  29. Ceolfrid10:31 AM

    P.K.T.P. said:
    "Traditionalists are becoming more and more divided. Progressivists, in contrast, seem united, regardless of their decline."

    This is true and well said. However, we must remember that the source of unity here on Earth is the Holy Father himself, and as a de facto Modernist he "belongs" to the Progressivists.

    What would help? Setting aside this specific issue regarding the I.B.P., and speaking in a pan-Traditionalist sense, what would certainly be helpful is if the Holy Father would celebrate, publically, incorrigibly, and unapologetically the traditional Latin Mass. Sure, he's "liberated it" (for lack of a better term), but he hasn't lended it any legitimacy by the force of his personal example.

    What else would help? How about appointing traditionalists, or at least conservatives, to posts such as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, or Vice-President of the Pontifical Commission “Ecclesia Dei”, or how about President of the Pontifical Commission “Ecclesia Dei”

    Or, how about just recognizing the F.S.S.P.X. as Catholic, no strings attached, give them their own bomb-proof canonical structure, and leave them alone to help restore Tradition to our Holy Church?

    I mean, really, this isn't rocket science. If the Holy Father truly has a will to fix the situation in the Church, he could easily fix it.

    sam said:
    "It's time for us Traditionalists to form a united front in all our groups."

    Really? There was such an united front, represented almost exclusively by the F.S.S.P.X. until the F.S.S.P., the I.B.P., the S.S.P.V., & c. decided to break away.

    So, they did. And now they're running their own show. And obviously they can't handle it. So, now they're calling for help.

    Very impressive. Not.

  30. I don't see anyone "calling for help"... Well, one person in the IBP is.

  31. Ceolfrid10:37 AM

    New Catholic said:
    "I don't see anyone "calling for help"... Well, one person in the IBP is."

    That's what I meant. I'll try to spell it out a little more clearly for everyone's benefit next time.

  32. P.K.T.P.10:40 AM

    One of the priests here told me that I need to restore a peace of soul. So I turned to prayer and to Bach, of course, the greatest composer who ever lived. This helped immensely, and it got me off the blogs for a bit. Let's ask our Lady to step in in favour of tradition. More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.


  33. Dear Sam The Catholic Church can not oppose Tradition; it can,and it has, modified and even eliminated ecclesiastical traditions

  34. In less than forty years we have seen the intellectual scission of Mons Lefebvre lead to a movement to preserve Tradition and which movement has itself been fractured and split into various sub-schisms; from the SSPX to the SSPV and now into various SSP2.5's.

    It is almost as if Pope Blessed John Paul II was right in what he had said to Mons Lefebvre.

    Oh well, who cares what The Pope says?

    All he does is speak for Jesus whereas those who refuse Communion with him and those who refuse to obey him claim they speak for Tradition.

  35. Brian2:31 PM

    The Catholic Church can not oppose Tradition


    Beginning with "get behind me Satan" Peter, however, a given Pope at a given time can, indeed, oppose Tradition.

  36. I am not Spartacus, would you calm down again, please? I do not wish to delete another one of your comments.

  37. St. Helen, pray for us4:45 PM

    The FSSP suffered meddling in the appointment of their superior general and seminary program and keep the peace by silence in the face of heresy. The former Redemptorists live in a grey twilight. The IBP suffers internal fracture from as yet unknown stresses. The fate of traditionalist who put themselves under the control of modernists is perilous. Next up: the SSPX.

  38. Dear "I am not Spartacus",

    Excellent, we agree that the Magisterium of Church can't oppose "Tradition".

    I would classify that the primary "raison d'être" of a Traditionalist is to preserve intact and transmit the received "Tradition". As a matter fact that should apply to all faithful Catholics.

    Let's take a simple example. Say there's a Dogma that says "there's only One God" that is part of the received "Tradition". And say we have as part of the liturgy a prayer that says "There's only One God". Now say there's a formerly Catholic group that now believes that there's three gods and not only One God. And say the Church would like to bring this group back into the fold. Which of the following changes to the liturgy holds properly to "Tradition" and why? and which doesn't and why?

    A) The prayer in the liturgy "there's only One God" is maintained; and during ecumenical talks the Church explains the dogma and follows the ecumenism of the return.

    B) The prayer in the liturgy "there's only One God" is omitted; so that it isn't a barrier during ecumenical talks. And the Church no longer mentions this prayer publicly and gives ambiguous answers when asked about it.

    C) The prayer in the liturgy "there's only One God" is changed to "God is Three"; By changing it to "God is Three" from "there's only One God", they don't deny the Triune but remain ambiguous about whether the "Triune" is "One God" or "Three gods", as such leaving it open for further theological exploration.

    Which of the above do you think a Traditionalist would pursue in ecumenical talks?

  39. John Fisher,
    You write that until 2 years ago Fr. Roch Perrel was with the SSPX. That is incorrect. From the IBP's seminary webpage, one reads the following:

    Father Roch Perrel, Rector

    (Introduction to Holy Scriptures, Spirituality and Liturgy)

    He was born in 1970 in France. In 1992, he entered the seminary of the Society of Saint Pius X in Flavigny (Burgondy) and was ordained in 1999 in Ecône. He started teaching at Saint Michael’s School in France. Then, in Gavrus in Normandy, he spent two years of apostolate with Father Aulagnier. From 2002 to 2006, he served as curate in the Priory of the SSPX in Marseille and also in the Grey Penitents’ chapel in Avignon. On September 27th 2006, he joined the Good Shepherd Institute. And he nominated director at Saint Projet’s school and curate at Saint Eloi’s Parish in Bordeaux. After nearly one year in South America, he came back in France and became teacher in the Seminary of Courtalain. In June 2009, he was nominated Rector of the Seminary.

  40. John Fisher,
    Fr. Perrel has been with the IBP since 2006.

  41. Dear "I am not Spartacus"

    I just wanted to submit to yur attention this brief quote from the now Pope Benedict XVI:

    "In fact, the First Vatican Council had in no way defined the Pope as an absolute monarch. On the contrary, it presented him as the guarantor of obedience to the revealed Word. The Pope's authority is bound to the Tradition of faith, and that also applies to the liturgy . It is not "manufactured" by the authorities. Even the Pope can only be a humble servant of its lawful development and abiding integrity and identity." [Ratzinger, The Spirit of the Liturgy, pp. 165-166.]

  42. Peterman12:50 AM

    "So I turned to prayer and to Bach, of course, the greatest composer who ever lived. "

    A great to be sure but I put him 3rd behind Herr Mozart (1) and Herr Beethoven (2).

  43. Musico5:37 PM

    Peterman, correctly speaking, it's impossible to rank the titanic triumvirate of Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven in any way other than to say that, together, they occupy the most exalted artistic plane. To rank them in a numerical fashion, as you've done, is to commit a grave injustice against the other two. We must always take special care to avoid any injustice whatsoever against any one of these supreme benefactors to humanity.

  44. Peterman2:42 AM

    Musico, A famous saying I agree with: "Bach sits at the left hand of God. Beethoven sits at the right hand of God. Mozart sits in God's lap!"

  45. Fr. A.M.7:23 AM

    (I put something up but it seems to have been lost in hyperspace)

    I should emphasise once more that Fr.Laguerie should uphold the result of the election 'if' all the canonical criterea was satisfied. Recourse to the Holy See - who will have the final judgement on the matter - appears to be the solution to the present impasse, especially as the local diocesan officials have also been consulted, which was prudent. With the help of the Holy See, the truth will hopefully come out with the co-operation of all the parties concerned. I have not taken sides in this issue. I only want to see the matter fairly dealt with. I have some knowledge of similar situations in other religious institutes. It can be the case - especially with a relatively small group - that one 'side' does not accept the election of someone. But if the legal requirements were fulfilled, then they must accept the validity of an election, or seek an alternative form of life elsewhere.


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