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Catholic News Service interviews John Rao

Professor John Rao is interviewed by the USCCB Catholic News Service (CNS) about the Church today, Tradition, and the Roman Forum - full playlist below (just play and all parts will load automatically):


  1. Melchior Cano6:17 PM

    Wow. I'm not surprised at Dr. Rao's interview being good, or dealing with those questions. Dr. Rao has been a solid force for Tradition for years and years.

    What I'm surprised about, again, is the quality of CNS' interviews and their willingness to jump into the fray and let Tradition actually speak. I'm thinking of the non-aggressive interviews with Bishop Fellay where he was given a chance to present the Society's positions, or the excellent, but short interview with Cardinal Burke on the Old Mass, and on the SSPX.

    Was there some massive change at CNS that is causing this? Anyone know?

  2. mrstd1952@aol.com7:00 PM

    With all due respect to Pro Rao These so called outside mystiques were anything but outside . They resided insidiously in these infiltrators whose grand purpose was to destroy from within.

  3. Johannes de Silentio8:02 PM

    For some reason, his is the only faculty profile that is not accessible on St. John's University faculty page. I've been wondering why that is?

  4. "With all due respect to Pro Rao These so called outside mystiques were anything but outside . They resided insidiously in these infiltrators whose grand purpose was to destroy from within."

    And I am sure Dr Rao knows this and is referring to the mystiques of the world, the flesh, and the devil that infiltrated men in the Church, not the Church Herself, and as not being of the Church these "mystiques" are outside Her.

  5. Beretta8:24 PM

    What happened to the Church in the sixties was much more subtle than a document here and this or that interpretation of said document there. In 1957, Sister Lucia of Fatima told Father Fuentes, "God is about to chastise the world in a terrible manner. The chastisement from Heaven is imminent." The chastisement was the removal of "He who restrains" (2 Thess 2), the Holy Ghost. As Our Lady of Good Success said so much more eloquently 391 years ago, "In the middle of the twentieth century, the lamp of the faith will go out in the Church." Our Lady of the Rosary at Fatima was just as eloquent, "Whoever embraces this devotion (to the Immaculate Heart of Mary) I promise salvation. Those souls will be cherished by God, as flowers placed by Me to adorn His holy throne."

  6. Consecrate Russia NOW!12:48 PM

    If Dr. Rao wants to thank someone for the release of The Mass from bondage he should thank the Blessed Mother and the SSPX for invoking her aid with their Rosary Crusades. Plus...making The Mass officially and freely available to ALL priests without any restraints or conditions even from their bishops was a stipulation given by HE Bishop Fellay to the pope in order to show good faith on the part of the pope. Given Rome's track record in recent decades especially with regard to how they shamelessly deceived every other traditional group (breakaways from the Society), this stipulation was necessary because Rome could not be trusted and they were told exactly that. "We cannot trust you."

  7. Dear NC. Many thanks for posting this and Prof Rao is spot on about keeping Communion with The Pope/Rome if one is going to be justified in calling ones own self a traditionalist (which is contrary to the teaching of Pope Benedict XV, but that's another matter).

    I bought his book, "Black Legends" from The Remnant Press but I have yet to read it but the mere skimming of several of its chapters was impressive and, for me, intimidating.

    I am doing to really have to work hard to read it because it is dense with his profound and exhaustive knowledge and he is light years ahead of me in all ways that I can see

  8. A Mom1:26 PM

    I am happy to see this. I have learned a great deal by listening to Dr. Rao's talks and I am so thankful for his work. Thanks for posting the videos.

  9. The chastisement was the removal of "He who restrains" (2 Thess 2), the Holy Ghost. As Our Lady of Good Success said so much more eloquently 391 years ago, "In the middle of the twentieth century, the lamp of the faith will go out in the Church."

    God will never leave or forsake His Church, so God the Holy Spirit will never remove Himself. Nor is it possible for the lamp of faith ever to go out in the Church. The Church is immortal and indefectible.

  10. Paulus1:47 PM

    The Center for Catholic Studies at Nassau Community College, Long Island, (claiming to provide quality programs in the area of Catholic Studies to the college and the community)was founded by Dr. Joseph Varacalli, the center's present director.

    Never once, to the best of my knowledge, was Dr John Rao ever invited to speak at the Center for Catholic Studies; never once.
    Here was have an excellent resource in Dr Rao and he has been shamefully overlooked by the Center.

  11. Paulus,

    Well, the Diocese of Rockville Centre is barely Catholic...

  12. This guy is spot-on.

  13. Gregorian Mass1:13 AM

    Excellent video...It is so good to hear the many good things that are happening in the Catholic world in regards to the recovery of Tradition. Dr Rao is very concise in this interview. Growing up and in the Diocease of RC, I can attest to the fact that is pretty much as wasteland. There was and still is very little regard for the Traditions of the Church. There appears a collective attitude that everything that happened before the Council has been done away with. A speaker like Dr. Rao on LI would shock the community in my opinion. No wonder he has not been invited to speak. Dr Rao says it well when he states people should be grateful to the Holy Father for his wisdom and the liberation of the 1962 books. It is the one thing that has put me more in touch with my Faith now than I have ever been in my formative and adult years. And I did not grow up with the Tridentine Mass. I wish I had but am extremely grateful for the fact that I can now attend, and I do, all because of Pope Benedict XVI, Summorum Pontificum and God's Grace.

  14. Julia of Arc2:06 AM

    I am not so impressed by the explanation of Pro Rao.What happend in the sixties was a "revolution". What we face now is the consequences of the disobedience that Pope GregoryXVI warned in MIRARI VOS. The restoration of the Latin Mass and the SP of the Pope is a beginning. We must follow with the strenghtening of the priesthood (maintainig its office and celibacy) importamt traditional "pegs" that are still under attack.
    And yes I agree! Pope Pious
    XII was an exceptional soul,his heart was broken while he was the servant of all.

  15. Dr. John C. Rao11:08 AM

    I would sincerely request that critics of my interview remember that those parts which were were posted represent ten minutes or so of several hours of in-depth questioning dealing with many points brought up in this forum. Still, I want to reaffirm one theme with a great number of consequences: namely, that most Catholics are not sufficiently aware of Church History, and that it is this lack of awareness that makes it seem as though everything only "went wrong" because of Vatican II. Rome has often been "asleep" and a "problem" for thinkers and saints.
    Popes have often done both good and bad things and driven zealous believers to despair. More to the point, Enlightenment ideas have had a huge influence everywhere in the Church since the mid-1700's. Church authorities---the popes included---have experienced great problems since the early 1800's fighting against more open "socialist" manifestations of the Enlightenment without falling into the hands of its more subtle, materialist, individualist, economic libertine, constitutional forms. Packaged under the name of Americanism and Pluralism, and in possession of a world-wide missionary zeal, it is this more "moderate" anti-Catholic force that has had an overwhelming influence over much of the globe since 1945---well before the Council began. Personally, one of the most tragic facts of Catholic life in America today is the fact that many well-meaning traditionalists do not realize that they are supporters of this moderate Enlightenment individualism---and therefore of a vision that can never allow Christ to rule over man and society. The dominant spirit at Vatican II played with both forms of the Enlightenment. Both worked against the Traditional Mass. In addition to fighting for the victory of the Mass of the Ages and the overturning of the horrible consequences of the Council, defenders of the faith must fight for a recovery of the whole of the Catholic Tradition. That's a tall order and it involves a self-purgation of a lot of individualist, materialist Americanist "customs" as well as a battle against Marxism and Islam. Nothing is going to change with a snap of the finger. John Rao

  16. John M.9:56 PM

    Dr. Rao,

    Thank you for your interview with CNS and comment here at Rorate Caeli. I believe you are absolutely right regarding the need to support the whole of Catholic Tradition. The Traditional Mass, as the center of Catholic life, is where we must begin, but other Catholic ideas must be defended vigorously. In my opinion, the Social Kingship of Christ is at the top of the list. Thank you again for all you do.

    By the way, will your entire interview with CNS be released at some point in the future?

    John M.
    Diocese of Beaumont, TX

  17. "There were [prior to Vatican II] a lot of unclear points with regards to Church-State relations."

    Really? Then Dignatitis Humanæ's very existence made things worse.

    He thinks Vatican II's convocation "was understandable." Yet many bishops considered convoking a council in the middle of the Church's fight against Modernism to be very deleterious.

    I liked part 3; he really explained well the self-destructive nature of Vatican II.


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