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Nuptial High Mass on video

It is now easy to find traditional Latin Mass videos in every form -- low, sung, sung with incense, solemn high, requiem, pontifical and so on.  Sancta Missa has several of these here.  The quality is often outstanding.

Other (publicly administered) sacraments, though, are still difficult to find on video, such as traditional baptisms and nuptial Masses.  Many parents, spouses-to-be and priests are in need of such videos as they plan baptisms and weddings.

To that end, I invite readers to my wedding video, uploaded by my wife today.  It is a very simple turn-on-a-camera operation, so please forgive the video/audio quality.  But for those interested in seeing a traditional Latin order of marriage and solemn high nuptial Mass in one complete video, complete with three priests (with an additional priest hearing confessions before Mass), twelve servers, a men's schola, a male choir and two organists, you may watch/listen here.

When it comes to traditional Latin weddings, it is surprising how many customs there are -- and how silent the Roman Ritual and Missal can be on many of the components of a wedding.  Exactly where the bride and groom are to be married, where they are to kneel for the blessing, when they are to sit/stand/kneel during the Mass, to-cope-or-not-to-cope for the priest witnessing/administering the marriage, and so on and so forth.  Different countries have different customs (including the U.S. and England) and even within the countries there were differences on how to do things long before Vatican II.

Some things we did to assist the congregation were to print a complete program with Latin and English, to have one of the priests make announcements/explanations before the processional, to order and hand out chapel veils for the ladies and to instruct everyone in the pews to follow the (knowledgeable) groomsmen for sitting/standing/kneeling.

Please feel free to forward this to any engaged couples.


  1. That is a brilliant idea Kenneth, so many will be able to benefit from it.

    I didn't watch it because a) I don't have 2 hrs + to spare and b) I can't download it.

    My very best wishes to you and your wife.


  2. Confused Priest9:25 PM

    I know the couple is traditionally inside the sanctuary, but why? It seems against all the rules. Any clarification very welcome!

  3. Our solemn Nuptial High Mass was not inside the sanctuary. We were seated in front of the communion rail.

  4. @Confused Priest: "I know the couple is traditionally inside the sanctuary, but why? It seems against all the rules."

    The sanctuary is a symbol of the Garden of Eden, of paradise before the fall; thus, the couple being inside the sanctuary shows that Original Sin does not touch the Sacrament of Matrimony.

  5. Matthew Rose2:15 AM

    To Confused Priest and Alan Aversa,

    I understand the rationale given by Mr. Aversa, but I still think there is something to be said for the historic Christian practice that laymen, much less a laywoman, never belong in the Sanctuary. Even male altar servers are a substitute for men in minor orders, and we would do well to not forget this.

    Mr. Wolfe,

    Thank you for sharing. This looks beautiful. Makes me wish even more that I was married in the Traditional Rite.

  6. Gratias6:02 AM

    Dear Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wolfe:

    Wish you the same happiness we enjoyed from our marriage. It is a beautiful video. A Solemn mass like this makes the Angels in Heaven happy. Brick by brick. I wish I could offer my funeral mass to God, but this is forbidden in my Diocese. I will have to stick around until the Archbishop relents. Brick by brick.

    Your wedding contributes much to the new evangelization of formerly western Christian countries a sought by our Pope. If one wants to restore the Faith then bring back the Mass of always.

    These are good times in which individual efforts, such as this happy occasion, can really make a difference. Every time any one of us travels to our nearest Traditional Latin Mass we improve the Catholic Church, in my view.

  7. For anyone who has need of it, the full text of the Nuptial Mass is available as a Word document from

    I prepared this document for my wedding a few years ago, so the vows are the Irish ones but as the document is editable that wont matter too much.

    Lovely video by the way!

  8. Romulus3:28 PM

    Congratulations and best wishes to Mr. and Mrs Wolfe.

    When Mrs. Romulus and I married (Solemn TLM, about a year before Summorum), we were not admitted to the Sanctuary. As I recall, Fortescue does permit entry but for the vows only.

    A word to the liturgically-minded who're planning a wedding video: instruct the videographer ahead of time to stay focused on the liturgical action and not let the camera wander aimlessly about the church during the "boring" parts of the Mass. Our wedding video was a great disappointment to me in that respect.

  9. Prof. Basto3:42 AM

    God bless Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wolfe. Best wishes.

  10. We were married in the traditional rite as well back in 1999 at St. Mary's in Rockford, IL by the ICRSS.

    We have had our video up for viewing as well here:

  11. Since we're posting Nuptial Mass videos, here is the link to our Nuptial Sung Mass:


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