Rorate Caeli

On the Feast of Saint John Mary Vianney:
Thank you, dear Priests

We ought also to fast and to abstain from vices and sins and from superfluity of food and drink, and be Catholic. We ought also to visit Churches frequently and to reverence clerics not for themselves, if they be sinners, but on account of their office and administration of the most holy Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, which they sacrifice on the altar and receive and administer to others.

And let us all know for certain that no one can be saved except by the Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ and by the holy words of the Lord which clerics say and announce and distribute and they alone administer, and not others.

Saint Francis of Assisi
Epistola ad Fideles II (Letter to the Faithful II)

[Reposted: thank you, dear Priests!]


Julia of Arc said...

St John Vianney please protect and bless my priest with all your gifts!
A gentle bow to both of you!

Julia of Arc

Kenneth J. Wolfe said...

Does anyone happen to know the story on why his feast day (pre-Paul VI's calendar reforms) is August 9th in older missals yet August 8th in the 1962 missal?

I cannot find how/why/when the day switched from August 9 to August 8.

Allan said...

The good (great!) Cure is my favourite Saint. Although he is the patron of parish priests, lay people should consider him as their first "go to" Saint. After all, for whom did St. Vianney toil in his earthly life? Was it for his fellow priests, or the sanctification of the lay people of Ars? Exactly.

St. John Vianney - the (unofficial) Patron Saint of oridinary lay people! Ora pro nobis....

Rubricarius said...


The perpetual transfer of the feast from the 9th to the 8th is to be found in the 'New Rubrics', 'Changes in the Roman Breviary and Missal to Conform with the New Code of Rubrics', Ch.1., Changes in the Calendar, 10b. 10a transfers St. Irenaeus from June 28th to July 3rd.

The idea was to free up the Vigils of SS Peter and Paul and St. Lawrence.

Kenneth J. Wolfe said...

Ah, very interesting. So 1960 was the change, effective 1961.

Many thanks for that citation, Rubricarius.

That is the same document, on page 183, that says a Gloria should be said/sung at a Nuptial Mass -- a change in former practice. It is perhaps the only document that says this.

Quite the valuable document for these sorts of things!

Peterman said...

The "Little Catechism of the Cure of Ars" is excellent. It is my go to book on my shelf when I need a spiritual book to read. Nobody could explain the faith better than this simple man. I visited Ars last year, it was incredible, he is still there looking after his people. I prayed for a while and then exited the Church to find my 4 year old playing soccer with some of the kindest French girls. They were older girls but they took the time to show her how to kick the ball and play. It really impressed me and I wondered if I would ever ever witness something similar in the US.

LeonG said...

Like Padre Pio - 16 hours a day or more in The Traditional Confessional made them sacrerdotal heroes. How much we need such great men of God to restore the true beauty of the soul and train it in perfect contrition.