Rorate Caeli

Prayers for the Philippines

Please, remember in your prayers or Mass intentions the victims of severe floods affecting the most populated areas of the Philippines. A great portion of the nation's capital is under water and at least 23 deaths have already been recorded, with thousands of refugees and millions affected. (Several news sources.)


David L Alexander said...

For those who wish to help: An Appeal From The Philippines

Ben Vallejo said...

More than half of Manila is underwater. In my diocese, the only Holy Family parish church where the EF is regularly celebrated is serves one the worst hit communities. The flood in that community is 20 feet deep. The church which is on higher ground now serves as a shelter for the Nearby across the river from this Catholic parish church is the Episcopal/Anglican Cathedral of Manila. It also is a shelter. Please say a prayer for them.

BroHenry said...

Is not the Philippino President promoting a legislative bill that promotes contraception? Perhaps GOD is attempting to get his attention?

There may be many victim souls in the process.